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India Trains Israeli-Armed Assassins to Target Maoist Leaders

Source: India for Selective Assassination of its Own Citizens? Recent statements from Indian leaders and police officers gives away the new strategy on the war on Naxalism. To make the movement “headless” by carrying out selective assassination of its … Continue reading

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Could Vancouver 2010 Olympics be the next 9/11?

I honestly truly believe that Jewish terrorists are scouting around Vancouver, Whistler, and other areas of the Province. With the potential for terrorist atrocities happening, one must take into account any public facilities and businesses that are owned by members … Continue reading

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Jewish Spies and Terrorists Turn Up the Heat

MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2010 MOSSAD and THE CIA TURN UP THE HEAT. Malaysian Rajah Farah (Original uploader was Aremierulez at en.wikipedia) Parts of the mainstream media sometimes tell the truth. 1. A January 2010 issue of the German business magazine … Continue reading

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Sunni-Shi'ite Islamic Alliance to Punish Israel?

Covert Iraq-Iran Alliance Prepares to Destroy Zion “Come into my parlor…” said the spider to the fly Copyright Joe Vialls, 12 August 2004 Since 1989 Iraq and Iran have quietly amassed more than three hundred block-2 Aérospatiale Matra Exocet and … Continue reading

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Russia and China Arming Iran and Syria?!

Iran & Syria Armed With Russian S-300 Missiles During a visit to Ramallah in Palestine on April 29, 2005, President Putin commented: “Expecting Mahmoud Abbas to fight terrorism effectively, we have to realize that a slingshot and a handful of … Continue reading

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The Video That Saved Montreal From A Jewish Terrorist Attack!

Jewish Terrorists Were About To Blow Up the Subways in Montreal`s Metro. That is until individuals from the Montreal 9/11 Truth Movement decided to expose them. Kudos to those exposing Jewish terrorist attacks.

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Was Flight 1862 An Accident or Did Israeli Intelligence Sabotage It?

//   // El Al Flight 1862 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search El Al Flight 1862 Aftermath of the disaster. Accident summary Date 4 October 1992 Type Engine separation, loss of control Site Amsterdam Zuidoost Passengers … Continue reading

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