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Jewish Special Operation Terrorists Disguised As Arabs

Source: Mista’aravim – The Israeli terrorists October 23, 2009 · Leave a Comment “We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The Weak point is Lebanon, for the Muslim regime … Continue reading

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Perverted Jewish Propaganda at its Finest

Daily Gut: Transgender and Terror by Greg Gutfeld So a dude at the UN named Martin Scheinin filed a report calling for a trashing of our current counter-terrorism policies. The new plan, he believes, should “abandon the ‘war paradigm’” and … Continue reading

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Rothstein (Jewish terrorist)

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Jews connected to first WTC Bombings – Michel Collins Piper

Mossad Link to First WTC Bombing Raises Eyebrows Eight years ago a prescient article appeared in The Village Voice, which bears noting in the aftermath of the terror of Sept. 11. Exclusive To American Free Press By Michael Collins Piper … Continue reading

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Steve Emerson (Jew) spreads anti-Muslim hatred

Findings of the Muslim Experts under the auspicious of the Crescent International. “Jihad In America” 1. Introduction. 2. Who is Emmerson ? 3. Why the showing of the video in South Africa would be disastrous ? 4. Fact – Checking … Continue reading

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Israeli Jews Supplying Arms to El Salvador

Israel and El Salvador From its earliest attempts to establish itself as an arms exporter, Israel had enjoyed the patronage of the military of El Salvador, which ruled that small, densely-populated country on the Pacific side of the Central American … Continue reading

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History of Jewish Terroism in Occupied Palestine (early 1900s)

Here’s an early history of Zionist Jewish terrorism in Palestine. Ask yourself after reading this file, does it not remind you of various terrorist attacks carried out in Indonesia, Philippines, Trinidad, daily in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, even India-Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, … Continue reading

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