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Shape Charges from Israel Planted to Kill US Troops

Are Israelis Retaliating for Indictments by Ambushing US Troops? ¬† US Commanders: Bombs Are Not Made in Iraq Laser-detonated¬†Israeli shape charge, planted under the road, fires depleted uranium projectile. 92 US troops have been killed by complex roadside bombs in … Continue reading

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Attempted Terror Attack by Israeli Jews in New York Subways Busted

Source: Tom Flocco News This article comes from Tom CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY subway attack Date: Thursday, October 6 Topic: Bush Corruption CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY … Continue reading

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Jews Covering up for fellow Jews and Israelis in StaAged Terrorist Attacks Against American Interests

US Terror Attacks: Acts of Commission and Omission When submarines are trying to detect the presence, through the use of sonar, of trailing enemy subs, they use a process called “clearing the baffles.” The submarine turns at least 120 degrees … Continue reading

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Psychotic Jewish Propaganda at It's Worse (General Psy Ops)

Source: Cytations via Rense Zionist Myth Of Islamic Jihad Against The West By Impatient 10-2-5 “The Islamic jihad against the West” is a hard sell. There is nothing real about it–it is nothing but Zionist psychodrama. If someone said “Muslims … Continue reading

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