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Jews Frame Innocent Kashmiri Muslim In Psychological Terror Operation!

After reading this article, any Muslims who acknowledge  or play along with this fabricated  “Islamic terror” scam as being a reality deserve to be persecuted and slaughtered (killed off via genocide as well ) along with the Jewish people (who … Continue reading

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Official: Registered owner of car bomb SUV sold it!

Once again a Jew is involved in attempting to blow up civilians in New York City. The Jewish mayor Michael Bloomberg cautioned him to come forward as he may in fact not be involved. That’s right, a Jew would never … Continue reading

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Times Square cleared as bomb found in parked SUV

Jewish Terrorists attempt a bombing in New York City. Obviously they are trying to frame innocent Muslims from Afghanistan and Iraq in the terror plot. Jews around the United States, Canada, and Europe should start getting rounded up and executed … Continue reading

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Russian Jewish Terrorist Arrested With Weapons and Fake Cash!

Did this Mossad/CIA agent and Jew attempt to carry out a terrorist assassination and operation and falsely attribute it to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? What Happened in Unit 701? A tile mosaic replica of the CIA seal was found in … Continue reading

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Yamas Mista'Aravim in Action!

These Mista’Aravim Terror Units Often Engage in Terrorist Operations Throughout the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) and South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan) often dressed up as Arabs and/or Muslims when literally engaging in acts of … Continue reading

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The Sayaret Yahalom: Israeli Engineering Corps.

This is the Secretive Israeli Army Engineering or Explosive Ordinance Team that is often engaged in carrying out Covert assassinations and terrorist operations, like the Kenya/Tanzania embassy bombings, 9-11, 7-7, 3-11, countless terrorist bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and else … Continue reading

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This half-Jew admits the possibility of a terror bombing happening in North America very soon which will be carried out by either the Israelis or Eastern European Jewish mobsters. So even though I don’t very much trust Jews of any … Continue reading

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