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El-Al'eda Terrorists Strike Paris Airport Terminal

Steve Seymour Software DesignRelated Links Concorde Sabotage Fortress Americas Whatshisname Vialls HomeEl-Al’eda Terrorists Strike Paris Airport Terminal The Wall Street terror attack on Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, was designed to weaken support for European Aerospace & the “Super Jumbo” Airbus … Continue reading

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Jewish Terrorists Blow Up Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia!

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Jews Blow Up Australian Embassy With Micro-Nukes!!!

Zionists Nuke The Australian Embassy in  Indonesia  For the first time ever, this report shows a sub-surface micro nuke as it actually explodes in real time on security video. The page is graphic intensive and will take a very long … Continue reading

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Jewish Terrorists Blow Up Australian Embassy in Jakarta!

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Mista'Aravim Involved In Beslan – Jewish Terrorists Hold School Hostage

The Beslan Terror Operation and Siege has been linked to Jews like Boris Berezovsky and those operating within British Intelligence and the Russian Mafia. Credible sources have confirmed that many of the alleged hostage takers from the Caucuses were not … Continue reading

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Beslan Psyops Reminiscent of Jewish Terror Tactics in Occupied Palestine

On 24 August, when two Russian Tupolev commercial airliners were blown out of the sky within four minutes of each other, the New York media vengefully suggested that this occurrence was “Russia’s 9-11”. It was artfully pointed out to Americans … Continue reading

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Foreign Hands (Jewish) Involved in Beslan Seige

Source: Submitted by cybe on September 14, 2004 – 08:46 Submitted by: Anonymous “September 11, 2004 The events at Beslan have a precedent and follow a clear pattern. People are recruited to carry out acts of terror by the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 or Russian … Continue reading

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Hungarian Jew Asher Karni Tried For Selling Triggers to AQ Khan's Network

Asher Karni Case Shows Weakness in Nuclear Export Controls By Jacob Blackford September 8, 2004 Contents Introduction Details of Karni’s alleged scheme Other proposed deals involving Karni Proposed deal for Tektronix oscilloscopes Possibly completed deal for Tektronix oscillators Proposed deal … Continue reading

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