Jewish Media Lying About the Toronto 18 As Usual – Another Good Reason to Nuke the Jews and the West!

There are many loopholes and contradictory issues with the Toronto 18 case. First, they claimed that Zakaria Amara, the Greek Palestinian from Mississauga, Ontario was the mastermind of such an operation that is not physically or logistically possible for him. Once it came out that the accusations against him were bunk despite the false convictions, they switched the “terror leader” from Zakaria Amara to Fahim Ahmad. That’s the first major blunder the Jews and their puppets did in this case.

Now the alleged ring-leader is Fahim Ahmad. The only problem with Fahim Ahmad being such an alleged ring leader is that he was essentially put on a no-fly list and was not allowed to get a job. Therefore he was not able to finance such an operation. If he needed to get into illegal activities to make money for himself and his family in order to survive, then that would make sense. He was also aware of foreign spies (Mossad/CIA/British intelligence) that had infiltrated the Algerian Islamic movement during the nineties and formented terrorism throughout North Africa when a religious government was elected by over two thirds of the population just via popular support. Isn’t that Jewish terrorism?

However the good thing is that they did not try him on charges of trying to set of explosions. The only individuals they tried on such charges were Zakaria Amara, Saad Khalid, Saad Gaya, and Shareef Abdelhaleem.  The first two I have met in person and can almost certify that they had no such intentions. Zakaria didn’t know of ammonium nitrate until his arrest and the next two individuals mentioned did not order such heavy quantities of fertilizer in order to make explosives. Even the CSIS agent who was previously known was “Shaher Elsohamy” was worried that the two individuals would reject the excess quantity (3 tons) of ammonium nitrate that was being delivered to them. Why would the two Saads consider the possibility of rejecting such large quantities of ammonium nitrate if they intended to blow up targets in Southern Ontario?  Well the truth is that they did not order the three tons of ammonium nitrate. They possibly ordered a smaller amount or was promised a supply of fertilizers by the secret agent in order to facilitate what these individuals thought was an agriculture/gardening project. Based on what I have heard from various sources, Saad Khalid had a hobby in gardening. Furthermore, during the time of their arrests, they had T-Shirts on them that said they were “student farmers”. Now obviously the Jewish media went on hyper spin mode and came up with the explanation that they were engaged in covert operations – thus the need to camouflage themselves by wearing such deceptive T-Shirts.

Now let us make one thing very clear: secret service agents of any country can’t be trusted due to various reasons. Not only in the Muslim nations, but most certainly not in Jew infested western countries. During the December of 2006 when my exams were going on, I had a conversation with a woman named Angela Hathaway of CSIS who was questioning me about my political views. She wanted to meet me in person. However I did not let her do that and decided to have a conversation with my mom around as the witness. She asked my if I was in the Muslim Students’ Association in the University of Mississauga which I was attending at that time, to which I gave an honest reply in the negative. I wasn’t in the MSA. Anyways, when the first set of articles came out against me during the end of January 2008, the local Mississauga Newspaper, run by the Jew Ron Lenyk stated with no proof that I was a part of the University of Toronto’s Muslim Student Association. The MSA and myself outright denied it because they were false. Furthermore, I was never part of the MSA, especially in light of Angela asking me that question during the end of 2006. Angela also asked me the usual “do you still beat your wife” question about whether I believed it was alright to kill some civilians during a conflict. No, what I told her directly is we will kill all occupation forces and their local collaborators since the latter tend to provide valuable intelligence to the occupiers and their task was in fact more deadly than the presence of foreign soldiers.

So it ends up that Fahim Ahmad denied all the charges against him of being involved in attempting any type of terrorism. The accusations about attempting a fabricated attack on the Pickering nuclear power plant never came up in the original list of allegations. A few years before their arrest, two dozen Pakistani Muslim men with the names “Mohammed” were rounded up and detained for many months as being terrorists although they were working there legally. It is possible that the Jewish terrorist community was attempting a terrorist bombing in the Pickering power plant similar to what they were planning on attempting to do to various nuclear power plants in the United States of America during the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

There is nothing hair raising about what the jury heard about Fahim Ahmad up till his turnaround guilty plea. He did not plea guilty because there was any evidence against him. He pleaded guilty because of the length of time it took for the trial to proceed and due to the prosecution bringing in irrelevant information about Muslims being convicted in Kangaroo courts in England for the same types of charges. So what if he knew them?

Based on what I know of my conversations with Fahim in 2005, his only desire was to go in the battlefield and participate in military jihad in places like Afghanistan or Kashmir. Lashkir Tayyiba is of course a legitimate Islamic resistance group and was not involved in the Mumbai terror operation of 26/11. The Israeli secret service – Mossad – and RAW were both involved in this attack. So it makes very little sense of him trying to storm Parliament and detonate car bombs around the Parliament Hill area. Now the Israeli Mossad was arrested by Ottawa police in September of 2003 for casing government buildings and attempting such terrorist operations. If Fahim Ahmad was truly attempting to carry out the terror bombings he is accused of wanting to do, then it would make perfect sense for all those taped recordings to be released in the public sphere for all of us to listen to it unedited. If the security services can’t release that, then it means that they are lying. Of course they lie. They lied about me being in the MSA. They can lie about bigger issues than that as well. Furthermore, how can he be attempting one set of operations in Canada and then another set in the United States, the United Kingdom, and beyond. If any neutral observer wants to find out for themselves whether the Toronto 18 accused are truly guilty of doing the things they are falsely convicted of trying to do in a kangaroo court, all they have to do is get unhindered access to the inmates in prison and record their testimonies with camcorders (or some sort of audio device) and find out the reasons why they pleaded guilty. They will come up with the same conclusion that I have reached.

Abid Khan wanted to send other Muslims along with himself to various war zones and engage in guerrilla attacks on foreign forces attacking Muslim countries. Is that terrorism? No it’s not. Does any other law against supporting jihad or mujahideen mean anything to us? Of course not! All laws are written fiction. Especially Jewish manipulated western “laws”. The only thing that works in achieving a major political and/or religious objective is simply brute force. Nothing else works. The Jews and Israelis seem to know all about it. So using brute force, we will slaughter all invaders and collaborators in Muslim lands and send them to their graveyards until they leave these countries. All Muslims around the world now have the utmost liberties to go and fight in Muslim lands under occupation. So if an Muslim American goes to jihad in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Paksitan and meets American troops there, he should not hesitate twice about killing him in the battle field. Ditto for Muslims in Canada and Europe.

All the Muslims arrested in these fabricated terrorism charges in Canada, the United States, and beyond are innocent regardless of the false convictions. However, many of these Muslims may have wanted to go to jihad in the Muslim lands and thereby train and prepare before hand in some Western country before they left. This is a possibility although it would show their complete stupidity and ineptness at what they were trying to do. Of course, if they were smart, they would have done what I am calling for right now – Muslims and other anti-Jewish/anti-Western (the two are tied intimately) forces to bring in foreign soldiers to exterminate the Jews and their allies in their own soil. When I stated in 2007 that Canadian soldiers were a legitimate target to be killed in their own soil, I was not inciting other Muslims or anti-government forces to attack troops in the country. I  was inciting other nation states to invade the country (Canada/USA), carpet bomb military bases using fighter jets and other places where the soldiers would be planning on launching an air/ground defense, and the invading troops would then enter the land in order to get rid off and kill the Jews influencing and running. What I was hinting at then, but now advocating openly is the regime  change of many western nations with Jewish Occupied Governments. Invasions, regime changes, and massive slaughters are the     only legitimate and possible ways to bring about fast and necessary change instead of infiltration and subversion the Jewish way. While my statements were directed at the Jewish run Canadian government that time, now it is directed at all other Western governments with Jews infested in them. Now I am advocating violent regime change in Western nations in order to remove the presence of the Jews and whatever the human loss of life such invasions and slaughters will result in is more than certainly worth the cause!

This will have to happen whether we like it or not. Even if that means turning first world nations into third world sewage pits by bombing them back into the stone age, then so be it. I am sure that  the develop world possesses the capabilities in accelerated reconstruction once their nations are nuked Hiroshima/Nagasaki-style and millions of babies are born deformed like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yugoslavia. I call upon all Muslims and anti-Jewish/anti-Western (the two are very intimately tied) forces to arrange for physical and violent regime change to take place in nations with Jewish Occupied Governments running these countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, UK, US, and others). Of course such regime changes will result in the slaughter of the Jews (as an adequate response to the slaughter of Muslims by Jewish Occupied Governments and frame up of innocent Muslims in terror-related charges). Is such a mass slaughter worth it? It more than certainly is!

Salman Hossain

A jury in Brampton, Ont., has started to deliberate in the latest trial for those accused in the Toronto 18 extremist plot case.

What the jury didn’t get to hear about Fahim Ahmad

Last Updated: Friday, June 18, 2010 | 3:46 PM ET

By Bill Gillespie, CBC News
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Does this story make any sense?

The jurors were sequestered Friday after the judge finished instructing them in the case presented against the two accused, Steven Chand and Asad Ansari. Both were charged with participating in a terrorist group, and Chand faces a further charge of counselling to commit fraud over $5,000 for the benefit of a terrorist group.

Until the moment the jury went out, a sweeping publication ban had prevented media from reporting any details of the case other than what was said in the courtroom in this trial. That included any details of past convictions and evidence in previous Toronto 18 trials.

One of the names that came up repeatedly in past trials was that of the self-acknowledged leader of the group, Fahim Ahmad. Ahmad was to have been tried along with Chand and Ansari on charges of participating in a terrorist group, instructing people to carry out activities for a terrorist group and a weapons offence.

But on May 10, he made a surprise about-turn. In the middle of his trial on terrorism charges he abruptly reversed himself and pleaded guilty. What the five-woman, seven-man jury had heard about Ahmad to that point was hair-raising enough.

Untold details of plot

In hundreds of hours of taped phone intercepts and secretly recorded conversations with police mole Mubin Sheik, Ahmad spoke enthusiastically of building an arsenal of high-powered weapons, including AK-47s and M-16s, and of attacking Canadian targets such as the Pickering nuclear power plant in Ontario and storming Parliament in Ottawa to “cut off some heads.”

What the jury and the Canadian public didn’t hear about was the story of Ahmad’s ties to international terrorism.

Before turning his attention to building a Canadian al-Qaeda style terrorist cell, Ahmad was plotting acts of terrorism with alienated young Muslim men like himself in the United States, the United Kingdom and perhaps beyond.

One of those young men was Aabid Khan, who was an al-Qaeda supporter and recruiter living in Bradford, England. According to British security analyst Sajan Gohel, Khan was no foot solider, but a plotter who put together terrorism cells on the internet.

Khan was arrested by British anti-terrorism police at Manchester International Airport on June 6, 2006, just four days after the RCMP busted the Toronto 18.

Khan had been returning from one of his frequent trips to Pakistan. On his laptop computer and on 53 hard drives found at his home, police discovered what a British prosecutor later referred to as a library of violent jihadi videos and Islamist propaganda tracts. Among the videos police discovered was an edited two-minute feature shot at a Canadian winter indoctrination and military training camp organized by Ahmad and by Toronto 18 co-leader Zakaria Amara at Washago, Ont.

U.K. police also found hundreds of hours of saved chats between Khan, Ahmad and other members of the Toronto 18.

Met in a chat room

Ahmad first met Kahn in 2003 in an internet chat room called Clear Guidance. The site was frequented by angry young Muslim men — and by 2004 Ahmad had posted over 700 messages.

Other Clear Guidance members included Yanous Tsouli. The internet moniker Tsouli chose to give himself was Irhabi 007. Irhabi is Arabic for terrorist. The reference to 007 is an allusion to the fictional, oversexed British secret agent James Bond.

Tsouli was the son of a Moroccan diplomat living in east London. Tsouli was an internet genius with close ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq. When a London SWAT team burst into his apartment on Oct. 21, 2005, to arrest him he was building a new website called The website was a do-it-yourself guide for wannabe terrorists that featured bomb-making recipes and instructions on how to make suicide vests.

Among the videos Tsouli planned to put up on the website were what the FBI alleges were surveillance videos of possible targets in Washington, D.C. The videos were shot by two of Fahim Ahmad’s associates from Atlanta.

Ehasnul Islam Sadequee and Syed Haris Ahmed were also Clear Guidance regulars. In March 2005, Sadequee and Haris Ahmed travelled to Toronto to visit Fahim Ahmad and his growing band of recruits.

Over the next week, the young men talked about potential targets and the need to get paramilitary training in Pakistan. In transcripts of internet chats introduced at his trial at Blackfriars Court in London, England, Aabid Khan told Fahim Ahmad he could arrange to get them paramilitary training with Lashkar Tayiba, the group behind the Mumbai attacks.

Aabid Khan was also in Toronto that week. At his trial, Khan insisted he had come to marry Fahim Ahmad’s sister-in-law, a 19-year-old woman named Saima Mohamed, not to plot terrorism. Saima was also committed to the Jihadist cause.

In transcripts of internet chats included in the evidence at Khan’s trial, Saima Mohamed tells him of her desire to become a suicide commando. In a written letter she tells him: “The more I think about my goal in life, the more vivid my goals become. Whether it’s exploding prisons or freeing Muslim prisoners … Let it be a martyrdom operation.”

She tells Khan that although her sister Mariyam disapproves of her ambition to become a martyr, Fahim has given her his approval. Mohamed was never arrested. She declined several interview requests from CBC News but in a letter from her lawyer Faizel Kutty, he stated that she does not espouse violent views. He also reminded the CBC being young can be a difficult and confusing period.

Aabid Khan and Fahim Ahmad’s plan was to rent basement apartments in Toronto where their most-committed internet recruits could live for a month and bond before leaving for Pakistan to get paramilitary training with Lashkar.

After training they would return to Toronto, choose targets and then disperse to stage spectacular acts of terrorism in at least four countries. But as Ahmad was out searching for cheap apartments to rent, the plan began to fall apart.

Grew impatient

Ahmad began to grow impatient with Khan, who wanted to move slowly. Ahmad also had trouble getting his hands on the $5,000 he calculated he would need to go to Pakistan. After splitting with Khan, Ahmad and his friend Zakaria Amara turned their attention to Canada and building an al-Qaeda type cell in Toronto.

In August 2008, Aabid Khan was convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

In 2007, another Clear Guidance regular, Mersad Bektasavic, received a 15-year, four-month sentence from a Bosnian court for plotting an attack in Europe. When Bektasevic was arrested, police found a suicide vest and 18 kilograms of factory-made explosive in his apartment.

In June 2009, American Syed Haris Ahmed was found guilty of material support for terrorism in the U.S. and sentenced to 12 years. Later that year, his friend Ehsenul Mohamed Sadequee was found guilty on four terrorism charges and sentenced to 17 years followed by 30 years of supervision. In the indictments of both men, Fahim Ahmad is named as a co-conspirator.

Ahmad has pleaded guilty to four charges and faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. As a result of his guilty plea, the jury is no longer involved in Ahmad’s case. He will be sentenced in of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Brampton, Ont., by Justice Fletcher Dawson later this summer.

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