Russia and China Arming Iran and Syria?!

Iran & Syria Armed With Russian S-300 Missiles
During a visit to Ramallah in Palestine on April 29, 2005, President Putin commented: “Expecting Mahmoud Abbas to fight terrorism effectively, we have to realize that a slingshot and a handful of stones won’t do the job.” Then Putin paused, before adding, “Which Israel clearly understands.”
Copyright Joe Vialls, 5 May 2005

Immediately after his arrival in Palestine on Wednesday April 27, 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin lights a candle as he visits the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre, believed to be built on the site of Jesus’ last resting place after his body was removed from the cross in the old town of Jerusalem.

When Vladimir Putin arrived in Palestine recently, the western media was curiously muted, perhaps painfully aware of the fact that the Russian President was one (perhaps the only) head of state, who would not allow himself to be meekly shepherded around the Jewish State on one of Ariel Sharon’s intentionally demeaning whistle stop tours of the ‘Holocaust’ Museum and Wailing Wall.
Put bluntly, Putin has no need to be subservient to those he perceives as vassals of the Wall Street banks – the very same institutions that brought the Soviet Union to its knees in 1989, with a little inside help from Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, who was later rewarded for his treason with matching unrestricted American Express Gold Cards for he and his wife Raisa.  In purely commercial terms then, Gorbachev was an extraordinarily cheap presidential commodity.
With “their man” Gorbachev at the helm, and with Russia in total disarray, the Wall Street bankers ordered their oligarchs in Moscow to start buying up state assets at bargain basement prices, with a view to adding Russia to their ever growing basket of wholly-owned subsidiary nation states. Total control of Russia would finally give the ‘One World Government’ freaks in New York the awsome power they sought – or so they believed at the time.
Year after miserable year, the oligarchs grabbed bigger and bigger slices of the Russian State pie, committed willful fraud on a daily basis, and formed the Moscow Mafia to terrorize Russian residents into submission. Prominent among these oligarchs were Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin, Mikhail Brudno, Vladimir Dubov and Vladimir Gusinsky. All lived high on the hog, right up to the day when Vladimir Putin became President of Russia.
Most readers already know what happened to Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Shortly after attempting to illegally transfer ownership of Russian oil giant Yukos to Exxon Mobil of America, Khodorkovsky was arrested for fraud and tax evasion. His sentence was due to be handed down on April 27, the day before Putin was scheduled to arrive in Jerusalem for a brief visit. This verdict was eagerly awaited in Tel Aviv, where a very nervous Ariel Sharon badly need a bit of ‘leverage’ to use against the Russian President.
Alas, it was not to be. At 10 a.m. Moscow time on April 27, a small white notice was pinned to the door of the Russian Court. It read quite simply, “The sentencing of Mikhail Khodorkovsky had been delayed until May 16, 2005.” This judicial decision could not have been influenced by Vladimir Putin, because of the separation of powers guaranteed by the new Russian democracy. The decision was, however, a body blow to Ariel Sharon and to those who lurked in his large shadow.
The indistinct fuzzy faces lurking in Sharon’s shadow include Leonid Nevzlin, Mikhail Brudno, Vladimir Dubov and Vladimir Gusinsky: all of whom have taken up residence in the Jewish State in recent years as Russia ordered their arrests. That these felons should seek sanctuary alongside indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon is no great surprise, because every thieving oligarch in Russia since 1989 has been Jewish, and all hold valid ‘Israeli’ citizenship and passports for use in emergencies.
Like unquestionaly attracts like, and never more so than here. During the forties the Jews pillaged sovereign Palestine because “God said they could”, then they went on to pillage sovereign Russia as well. Clearly not content with these two massive atrocities, they then ordered puppet George W. Bush to pillage sovereign Iraq as well.
It is a fact that organized crime attracts oligarchs like flies around a rotting corpse, and last year’s intelligence reports show that the Jewish State nowadays controls some 94% of the global (Ecstacy) drug trade, thereby providing mind-altering chemicals on demand for your gullible teenage sons and daughters.
None of this appalling ‘One World Government’ and corruption went unnoticed in Moscow, where for more than a decade senior officials have been quietly organizing the asymmetric destruction of the monstrous Zionist ‘Empire’, by carefully placing key strategic and tactical military assets around the globe, in countries potentially vulnerable to the oligarchs.
Mostly this Russian (and Chinese) activity went unnoticed in the west, and where the oligarchs did ctually notice, they sneered scornfully and failed to respond, because they had come to believe their own propaganda that Russian and Chinese weapon systems were ‘second rate’.
By mid-2004 it was too late to respond meaningfully, because it was suddenly announced that Russia, China, India and Brazil had formally entered into the most powerful coalition on the face of the earth, literally surrounding both America and the Jewish State with a lethal ring of sophisticated weapons.
At the same time, smaller informal coalitions were formed at the boundaries, with  the most ominous (for America), being the sub coalition between Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba.  Across in the Eastern Hemisphere, a second sub coalition was formed between Iran, Syria, India and  China. Within a few months, every main and sub coalition sovereign nation had been armed with weapons easily capable of destroying the awesome portable firepower of both America and the Jewish State.
On the left, seventh-grade Judo Black Belt Vladimir Putin throws a a lesser Japanese adversary to the mat,  while on the right a mighty S-300 PMU races off its launcher, to destroy an incoming tactical ballistic missile. I did consider putting a picture of Ariel Sharon alongside, but feared the image of the grossly obese indicted war criminal would destroy the speed and grace of this photographic montage.

By the time the Zionist oligarchs finally woke up, it was far too late to strike back in an effective manner. So when Vladimir Putin calmy arrived in Palestine to announce that he would be providing the Palestinian security forces with helicopters and a minimum of 50 armoured vehicles to fight “terrorists”, it required very little imagination to work out which terrorists Putin was subtly referring to.
The devil lay in the detail, with Putin artfully making his intent crystal clear with a blunt statement  in Ramallah that, “a slingshot and a handful of stones won’t do the job” [for the Palestinians]. Since the very first illegal invasion and occupation of sovereign Palestine, the traditional defense used by Palestinians against the Jewish invaders were slighshots and stones. These puny weapons were never used against anyone else, making Jewish terrorists the only possible targets for the new Russian weapons.
As usual, the controlled western media ‘shielded’ you from these meaningful remarks, because it would be too embarrassing for Wall Street to admit that Vladimir Putin had flown into Palestine specifically to offer military assistance in the final destruction of the illegal Jewish invasion force; an event that over time will lead to a real Jewish diaspora.
By western media standards, readers would of course expect Washington and Tel Aviv to threaten  Putin with massive retribution for his ‘insubordination’, but they failed to do so. Apart from darkly muttered comments that the Russian armored vehicles would never  be allowed into Palestine, “because we [The Jews] control the territory”, the subject was allowed to be buried.
The reason for this cowed western response is simple enough.  Washington and Tel Aviv fear President Putin, and rightly so. For this is the man who provided the Iraqi Republican Guard with a massive quantity of laser-guided Kornet anti-tank missiles, each of them man-portable and easily capable of destroying an American Abrams battle tank for 1/2,000th the cost of the latter.
Putin is also the man who helped to direct the rearmament of Iran and Syria so skillfully, and with such esoteric weaponry, that only a complete idiot would try to attack either country. So, in the Eastern Hemisphere, the Jewish invaders of Palestine are now surrounded, apart from the Mediterranean in the west, which is a convenient back door through which most will be allowed to flee, when the time comes for blind panic.

While in Palestine, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a diplomatic 3-minute visit to the Jewish “Wailing Wall”, located provocatively below the Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque, then went on to spend four times as long at the tomb of Yasir Arafat. In direct contrast, American President George W. Bush, who continually called Yasir Arafat a “terrorist”, makes a mockery of his own professed ‘Christianity’ by paying homage at the mock shrine of those who murdered Jesus Christ. Now then people, ask yourselves a simple question: Which religious cult do you think has absolute and unchallenged control of the United States of America? Go on, take an inspired guess…

To comprehend how it is that most people in America, Britain and Australia simply cannot appreciate what is happening in the Middle East at present, we need to go back in history to take a closer look at the massive western propaganda machine, and the way in which it has deluded entire nations into believing that America is the most advanced and powerful single entity on the face of the earth. .
Since the late fifties, every media institution from the New York Times on down, has played the productive game of hyping up ‘Russian inferiority’, both in terms of Russia’s political processes and its ability to manufacture and use sophisticated weapon systems. All of this was  grossly untrue, but over the decades that followed, the creative media propaganda allowed western politicians and officials to literally ‘brainwash’ Americans and others into thinking that Russia was of no consequence.
Now then, if you can be made to believe that Russia is garbage and America is utterly invincible, you will naturally be more prepared to send your sons and daughters to war, because the western media has already assured you each of your children will swiftly kill a few inferior “Gooks” or “Hajis” [depending on which country Wall Street is illegally invading at the time], then come home beaming and uninjured, with a load of souvenirs from exotic lands. Just like going on a pleasant package holiday, you see, but with New York throwing in a free gun and ammo for good measure.
You may remember the media telling you this quite recently in fact, when television and the newspapers told you that American troops ‘liberating’ Russian-backed sovereign Iraq from its own sovereign government, would be greeted by delighted Iraqi citizens throwing rose petals on the road in front of the Abrams battle tanks. Grateful Iraqi maidens would allegedly bestow delightful sexual favors on their new-found American GI heroes; beer and wine would flow freely, and so on and so forth.
What they forgot to tell you is that Saddam Hussein was and remains a national hero – the man who threw the British and Americans out of Iraq in 1972, thus giving Iraqi citizens their own country back and restoring their dignity. Since 2003 these same Iraqi citizens have sent more than 3,400 of your sons and daughters home in body bags, to wait in a two-year queue for burial at Arlington Cemetery. The media will, of course, tell you that the Arlington backlog is due to World War II Veterans suddenly and very conveniently dying at a vastly increased rate of more than 1,000 per week. You may believe this Orwellian fantasy if you wish.
Where did the advanced weapons and tactics that made all this possible really come from? Surely not from old-fashioned, second-rate, irrelevant and defeated Russia? Actually, yes they did. You see, ever since Yuri Gagarin circled the earth in Vostok 1 during April 1961, Russia has been vastly superior to America in the areas of science and military design. Predictably, this  disturbing reality was deliberately swamped by western media outlets using pure trickery, with a little graphics magic thrown in for good measure.
There are countless examples I could use, but we only have room here for one. So, let us forget the insane “Apollo to the Moon” scam, which was really only about diverting trillions of taxpayer dollars to black projects and Swiss bank accounts, and focus instead on the single comparison of Yuri Gagarin’s Vostok 1, and Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7, which tried to follow Gagarin into space just 23 days later.

When Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin blasted off in Vostok 1 on April 12, 1961, he was sitting on top of the most powerful launch rocket in the world. America could not match it then, and still cannot match it now in 2005. Because of the rocket’s ability to lift huge payloads, Gagarin was lying comfprtably inside an armored capsule so strong, that the inside pressure was a full 14.7 p.s.i., exactly the same atmospheric pressure as that found on the surface of the earth. In turn, this meant that Yuri Gagarin was able to lie there casually with his helmet visor open, breathing exactly the same air you or I breathe every day.
Beneath the capsule itself was the massive guidance and support stage, containing full life support, plus thrust and vectoring rockets. For this first flight, all  controls were locked and controlled from the ground by rudimentary analog computer, but Gagarin had a sealed envelope containing a key, which would give him complete control of the spacecraft if contact was lost with the ground.  Vostok 1 soared into full earth orbit at an altitude of 204.4 miles, and stayed aloft for 108 minutes.
After reentry, Gagarin was given the choice of remaining in the capsule as it parachuted to earth, or ejecting and and landing with a separate parachute of his own. Yuri Gagarin chose to eject, but the Russians kept this information secret for many years afterwards. There was a good reason for this. Operational ejector seats are complex, very large and very heavy, meaning that if America found out about the seat, Russia’s already awesome space lift capability would have to be recaluculated and multiplied by a factor of three. Put another way, forty years ago, Yuri Gagarin was sitting in a fully-equipped and pressurised capsule larger than the cockpit of a modern F-15 Eagle fighter.
Naturally enough, western spin doctors were outraged at this ‘affront’ to America’s superior scientific ability (sic), and set up a massive counter-propaganda campaign. To put the  nasty Russian Commies in their place, America strapped a rather nervous Alan Shepard into an enlarged Coke can called “Freedom 7”, stuck the enlarged coke can on top of a ballistic missile, and then lit the blue touch paper on May 5, 1961.
Believe me, Alan Shepard was a very brave man.  Because the American ballistic missile had hopelessly inadequate lifting ability, his tiny thin-skinned Coke can could not be pressurised to full atmospheric pressure. In turn, this meant that Shepard’s life depended on an all-embracing sealed space suit, and it also meant that he had to breathe 100% oxygen for the duration. Nothing wrong with 100% oxygen (I sometimes sniff it myself), but it is extremely hazardous in a partly-pressurised environment in close proximity to possible electric shorts and sparks. A single spark inside Freedom 7, would have turned Alan Shepard and his space suit into a blazing roman candle in less than one second. Needless to say, like the American Space Shuttle crews today, Shepard did not have the luxury of an ejector seat.
Despite the magnificent American media fanfare following its launch, the diminutive Freedom 7 was a dismal failure, barely managing to reach 116 miles altitude in a sub-orbital trajectory, before coming back to earth after a mere 15 minutes and 28 seconds. The little eagle had landed with a sullen bump, but the big bear would go on to much bigger and better things.
Just a few years later in 1965 the Russians started using a launch rocket called the “Proton”, which continues today as the most reliable heavy lift launcher in history. The Proton can lift up to 22 metric tons into low earth orbit -that’s more than one and a half times the mass of a Greyhound bus. Tacit acknowledgement of this awesome lift ability and reliability, lies in the fact that America nowadays pays the Russians to launch its heavy payloads into space, rather than have them self-destruct in the nose cones of notoriously unreliable converted American ballistic missiles.
It is obvious from this single documented example, that where Russia uses hard science to achieve hard results, America largely uses media propaganda to deflect public opinion away from the hard fact of Russian superiority. It is a chilling reality, made all the more menacing with groups of American forces encircled by the Republican Guard in Iraq, while Iran and Syria calmly wait to repel, and if necessary destroy, any and all invaders sent by the crazed ‘One World Government’  in New York.

For many decades, Russia has practiced asymmetric warfare techniques, meaning that it has developed weapons and techniques designed to ensure that it (and its allies) can defeat nations with much larger war chests, in this case principally although not solely the ‘One World Government’ folk across in New York.
When America invested billions in the development of the Abrams battle tank, the Russians started to look for a more economical way of killing it without bothering to build an opposition tank of their own. To this end, they duplicated the American armor and tested different methods of penetrating it with lightweight economical weapons. Long before America  invaded Russian ally Iraq in 2003, they had already found the answer.
Before America crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq, Russia discreetly supplied the Republican Guard with more than 1,000 “Kornet” anti-tank missiles. Each of these and its launcher can easily be handled by a team of three men, and be fired from a simple hole in the desert. Kornet is a laser-guided Mach 3 nightmare with a double warhead guaranteed to finish off at Abrams from 5,000 yards away. In other words, completely out of sight of the American tank crew until missile impact. These missiles have already accounted for more than 60 Abrams tanks in Iraq, and will unquestionably account for a lot more in the future.
When corrupt politicians and military contractors in America decided to control the world by building monolithic aircraft carriers, known politely in New York as “Instruments of American Foreign Policy”, Russia did not bother to compete. It could have done so easily, but chose instead to find more economical ways of destroying this massive seaborne American menace. This was  achieved by the “Sunburn” and “Onyx” supersonic sea-skimming missiles, which have never been known to miss their targets.
Note here that both missiles have a range of less than 250 miles at best, proving they are designed for purely defensive use. None have been fitted to strategic bombers in order to attack American ships in American waters, but will unquestionably be used to sink any American aircraft carrier stupid enough to get within 250 miles of Russia or one of its close allies. Thus these missiles have completely neutered America’s “Instruments of Foreign Policy” at a cost of just one million dollars per round.
At the tactical level, these weapons are equally useful. American foreign policy has been getting dangerously close to Iran and Syria during the last two years, and both sovereign  states are now equipped with either Sunburn or Onyx, both of which are nuclear capable. So if America is stupid enough to attack Iran, it will almost certainly lose at least one Carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf to these unstoppable weapons, making the odds too high.
In like manner, if the Jewish State is stupid enough to attack Syria, it can expect to lose most of greater Tel Aviv and probably Haifa as well. The problem is that a desperate Jewish State on the hind foot, might decide to go nuclear, and direct its ‘requisitioned’ stock of  American atomic weapons against both Syria and Iran. Clearly, defensive Sunburns and Onyxs  would be of no use at all in such a crazed doomsday scenario. But never fear, Russia had already thought of the answer to that little problem as well.

American Abrams M1A1 tank (serial # L13170) in Baghdad, after being hit by an 8-mm  speed-of-light man portable gas plasma weapon. Plasma ball entered through skirt armor covering right track, cut through main hull armor (right side), then grazed rear of gunner’s seat and control panel before gouging a 2″ deep hole in main hull armor (left side). Just like sliding a hot knife through soft butter. Sadly for America, Los Alamos hasn’t got anything even remotely like it.

American Abrams M1A1 tank (serial # L13170) in Baghdad, after being hit by an 8-mm  speed-of-light man portable gas plasma weapon. Plasma ball entered through skirt armor covering right track, cut through main hull armor (right side), then grazed rear of gunner’s seat and control panel before gouging a 2″ deep hole in main hull armor (left side). Just like sliding a hot knife through soft butter. Sadly for America, Los Alamos hasn’t got anything even remotely like it.

Just about everyone with a television set has seen or at least heard of the fabled American “Patriot” missile, hopefully designed to intercept and destroy incoming tactical ballistic missiles, presumably fired by ‘Muslim Terrorists’, or perhaps any recalcitrant nation seriously  pissed off at Wall Street trying to democratically steal its sovereign oil reserves.      Rather like the earlier comparison between Vostok 1 and Challenger 7, the Patriot is a shrimp sized version of the venerable Russian S-300 missile system, and with the same comparative limitations, i.e. the Russian system works perfectly, while the American system does not work at all.
The S-300 was originally designed in the late sixties by the Russian Almaz Scientific Production Association, to shoot down low-altitude targets, including cruise missiles and aircraft. Even in the early days its phased-array fire control radar was capable of tracking up to six targets simultaneously, while its single-state, solid-fuel propelled missile sported aerodynamic control surfaces and thrust vectoring. The first S-300 missile, known as 5V55K, had a range of 30 miles and could successfully engage its incoming targets between 200 and 100,000 feet.
But that was then, and now is now. Both Iran and Syria have recently been equipped with the very latest version of this missiles, the S-300PMU-2, which is larger, faster and even more efficient at hunting down its prey. The range of this upgraded missile is in excess of 125 miles, with the ability to acquire and kill targets flying as low as 30 feet. The Russians routinely shoot down random target drones travelling at 5,800 feet per second, and further claim the weapon is easily capable of destroying targets approaching at up to 15,500 feet per second, or Mach 14. Trust me, the S-300PMU-2 will swiftly take care of anything America or the Jewish State is reckless enough to fire at Iran or Syria, and then some.  Rumor has it that this big bird of prey is canny enough to detect and destroy Groom Lake’s ‘invisible’ B2 bomber.
As I prepare to post this report on the Internet, stories are flying around about a Pentagon employee who has been charged for ‘leaking’ top-secret plans to invade Iran, to ‘pro-Israeli lobbies.’  For crying out loud – it is the ‘pro-Israeli lobbies’ who are actually trying to get America to sacrifice its service personnel for the greater good of the terminally ill Jewish State. No doubt Vladimir Putin will allow himself a faint smile at this latest news, while quietly  issuing  the order to arm the Palestinians.

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