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Jewish Lawyer Sees Others Involved in Terrorism

It is becoming quite obvious by now that Israeli and Indian (Hindu) agents are involved in this Terrorism scam. Thus, it can well be established beyond a shadow of doubt that Mossad and RAW were involved in the latest terrorism … Continue reading

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Israeli Air Force Can't Destroy Iran!

Jewish Terrorist Forces Recognize the Futility of Striking the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Jews are contemplating on whether their insanity is going to end up in their own self destruction. The world has to wake up to the fact … Continue reading

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Jews engage in fake self-hating false flag terror attacks?

Are the Jews going to stage a self-hating false flag terrorist event against their own fellow Jews and Israelis like they did in the Nariman house in Mumbai on November 26 2009? Israel warns nationals against African travel 12-24-09 Israel’s … Continue reading

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Madrid Terrorist Bombings!!!

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Jews Enter With Construction Passes and Rig Twin Towers With Explosives – Part 2- Part 2

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