Jews Behind Instability and Terrorism In the Indo-Pak Subcontinent

British-based Mostaque Ali pulls no punches while pointing out that the Jews are behind most of the terrorism in South Asia, especially India. Israeli intelligence, in conjunction with the Jews infested within the CIA and the so-called “Russian” mafia are in fact carrying out most of the terrorist atrocities inside India. Then again, after “Israel”, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Muslims in India are having a tough time getting ahead in society. In this context, we have Jews and Hindu extremists carrying out terrorist atrocities which are then blamed on innocent Muslims. In the good old days and to a certain extent even today, Hindus who didn’t like Muslims would engage in riots and massacre them. The Muslims, depending on the situation, may decide to enage in retaliatory riots and counter-massacres. During periods of tranquility and/or instability, Hindus and Muslims would show their friendship or hate towards each other openly. Much of the antagonization was often done by staging “false flag” events that would create Hindu-Muslim disharmony via the Jewish-run security apparatus known as “British Intelligence”. This was done throughout various intervals during the British Jewish colonization project of the Indian subcontinent and even after the region’s so-called “independence” and the creation of the Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan nation states. So what’s new then? Well with the creation of Israel in 1948 and the capturing of Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank in 1967, something unique happened. Israeli and Indian intelligence began engaging in “extensive dialogue” with each other.  Despite the fact that the Jews consider “Hindus” to be filthy goyim idol-worshippers, this did not stop them from collaborating with each other. Following Ben Gurion’s advice, the main objective of the Jewish people’s plot were attempts to further create a negative image of South Asian Muslims. Thus, air-plane hijackings were staged by Hindu (and at times Muslims under co-ercion, threats, and bribery) agents working for India’s Research and Analysis Wing to implicate Kashmiris in their freedom struggle. This series of false flag operations started in 1971. Thus the Jews had now taught right-wing and extremist Hindus to engage in the art of red flagging and waging war by deception. However, the only problem lies in the fact that the Hindu Extremists (often led by agents within the Brahmin caste) were not that great in carrying out such red flag operations. They continuously fumbled and were outted by everyone in South Asia, including other Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and any one and everyone else. RAW’s propaganda and intelligence wing created several blunders and are therefore more liable to state prosecution now that their links to terrorist operations are now being exposed. The biggest blunder of course being the Mumbai 26/11 operation which was done in conjunction with psychopaths from the Terrorist Jewish community. The official scapegoat is David Coleman Headley who was raised Jewish, has an American Jewish mother and quite often went to synagogue. The Jews then lied about this story and said that he was a Muslim who converted to Judaism in order infiltrate the terrorist Jewish community although he has never been seen going to a mosque to pray! Then they changed to storyline and said that he went to penetrate Laskhar-e-Tayyiba training camps in Pakistan so as in order to implicate the Islamic guerrilla group in the Mumbai terrorist attacks! As the Qur’an says of the Jews and others with like mind, “They plot, but God plots better”.  

I truly enjoyed Mostaque Ali’s rant although I do disagree with his assessment on the number of Bangladeshis killed during the 1971 civil war. I outright deny the allegations that the Jewish-Western backed Pakistani army (and I am no fan of theirs) slaughtered 3 million Bengalis and raped a quarter million women. These atrocities did happen however it was done with extreme intensity towards the end of the 9-month war when the Jewish-Western-backed (Henry Kissinger) Pakistani army knew that itwas going to lose the eastern half of the country. The more likely accurate estimate is that about half a million Bangladeshis (more than half of whom were the freedom fighters and guerrillas and the majority of the rest were intellectuals as well as a few Hindus) died and the numbers raped are probably more in the range of 25, 000 women. The so-called “Islamic fundamentalists” otherwise compromising a huge section of today’s Jamaat Islami party did not directly carry out atrocities against fellow Bangladeshis (Hindus or Muslims). They acted as local informants (snitches) to the then occupying Pakistani regiments handing over resistence fighters and local supporters which then did result in mass killings.  

Any Bangladeshi who believes with blind dogma and no critical analysis that 3 million people died during the 9 month independence war is basically following National mythology of the same magnitutde as that of the Holocaust fiction. The Pakistanis tend to severely downplay the atrocities (by saying only thirty thousand Bengalis died and most of them were guerrillas or “insurgents” as they like to call them) their army committed in 1971 whereas Bengali cry babies  exaggerate it in order to make the rest of the world get sympathy for them. It is ironic that Bengalis are not suing the Pakistanis for the denial of the “Bengali holocaust” or “genocide”. Well aparently no one can sue Pakistan – it is after all becoming a failed state living on charitable handouts from the West and not an economic powerhouse like Germany or the United States of America.  The holohoax fiction obviously being that German Nazis killed six million Jews by cooking them in ovens, making lamp shades out of dead Jew skin, gassing them with Zyklon-B (which is bug spray) in a crematorium the size of a two car garage (Auschwitz) just like cockroaches and insects (creatures which Jews are often helping others identify themselves with when they push for the gas chambers myth). The best way to eliminate cock-roaches is by using bug spray. From now on, any Jews who want to impose on us intelligent goyim the fabricated myth of mass gassings by the use of Zyklon-B (which is basically nothing more than deadly bug spray) will help their enemies identify them as being the insects they truly are. The most likely number of dead Jews from the six years of conflict in World War Two is between half to one million. Most of these casualties were due to starvation, typhoid, diarrhea, diseases caused or facilitated by war, the occasional mass executions, to add to the many Jews which were identified as criminals, subversives, spies, terrorists, and traitors and thereby deserved to be killed. The Holocaust or Holohoax was a very much insignificant event in Human (are Jews the same as modern day humans? – are they homo sapiens, neanderthals, or a mixture of both?)  or even Jewish “history” in which subversive  Jewish groups within the Western world and beyond use as a method through which they can emotionally assault vulnerable people in the governments in the developed nations to induce a permanent guilt trip and psychologically blackmailed into eternal monetary compensation for Jews born a generation, two, or more after the second world war ended. The only agreement that us Goyim can have with the Jews is that they have been expelled from various nations between a hundred to two hundred times in both recorded and verbal history. With access to hundreds and thousands of nukes, the Jews want to make the rest of the world history by taking everyone else down along with them!  

Bangladesh separated due to the injustices that the Central Government in West Pakistan was perpetrating against the Eastern half of the country. It first started off with the issue of language and which script should be used (Arabic or Sanskrit). Later on, it had to do with the possession and distribution of human resources, natural resources and wealth. Another important issue was also lack of the socio-political and economic standing that the central government in West Pakistan gave towards its Eastern counterparts. Then there was the impractical issues of having to run a state one thousand miles apart with the Central Government in the Western part of the country making use of all the country’s resources. India took advantage of this to split the nation into two using its then relatively brand new secret service agency which gave itself the odd name RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). The same thing is happening in Sudan today with regards to the situation in Darfur and the South.

The struggle is against the central government in Khartoum for the distribution of natural resources which a poor country like Sudan is trying desperately to evenly distribute. Sudanese Christians have mentioned to me that the war is not based on religious differences. The (not-so-wily) Jews decided to turn this into hate propaganda first against Muslims and then against Arabs by focusing on the differences between the various protagonists in the conflict. The first guerrilla strike was carried out between 2003-2004 against police stations in Darfur which exaceberated the conflict as the Jews supplied all sides with weapons and motivation to fight and kill each other including staging false flag terrorist atrocities and massacres. They attempted to use the Darfur situation to send in American troops to take control of Sudan’s huge reservoir of natural resources like gas and petroleum. Sudan has prevented  foreign  intervention, major covert operations, and an outright invasion under false humanitarian pretenses of American and other Western troops in the country due to the real and solid presence of Chinese engineers backed by elements of China’s National Army. Today, the government in Khartoum is finally starting to reach deals with various rebel and “insurgent” or guerrilla groups in Darfur and the non-Muslims in the south of the country.  

Salman Hossain

We mustn’t let the killers of Gandhi get away with high treason.

We mustn’t allow 1% of the population who are organized like the mafia, with access to the resources of the state, into setting the SIGNIFICANT POLICIES of the state through acts of High Treason against the very State to which they allegedly profess loyalty to, after murdering innocent civilians…………….then waving the flag, as self assumed national saviours.

It behoves all other parties in India who are mainstream and represent the silent moral majority to expose and decisively deal with such criminal elements.

Such action does not make India weaker, but stronger.

In that sense Gadkari’s recent street level petty slanging matches are quite understandable……….he who looks like a Mafia Don from Mumbai.


Congress asks RSS to come clean on terror link issue
by Times of India

With reports of alleged links of RSS leaders with acts of terror, Congress on Friday asked the right wing outfit to come clean on the issue and also called on the BJP to make its stand clear on “terror links” of such leaders.

“We call upon the RSS to come clean regarding all links of its senior leaders with terror. We also call on the BJP to make its stand clear on terror links of the leaders of RSS,” party spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan told reporters.

Terming the reports on the alleged links as “shocking”, she said there was a need to get to the bottom and unearth the truth.

“While the entire nation is engaged in a relentless crusade against terrorism and forces of terror, what has come to light through such reports is the involvement of senior leaders of RSS, the parent body of the BJP, with terror groups and with specific acts of terrorism,” Natarajan said.

She recalled that BJP had accused late Maharashtra police officer Hemant Karkare of being unpatriotic when he started uncovering the “unholy link”.
(Then later soon after, in 26/11 he was the first person to be killed)

The spokesperson claimed that when Malegaon blasts accused Sadhvi Pragya was arrested, leaders Like L K Advani came to her defence.

“Till yesterday, BJP continued to defend them and the RSS,” Natarajan said, adding a “thorough probe” should be carried out by the government agencies concerned to unearth the truth.


Almost all terrorism in a country is carried out by the state itself, usually by elements within the military/security apparatus because they have the training, the logistics, organisation and the motivation/rational. Their primary motivation for such action is to influence political outcomes within the state, and nothing else……it is purely a political act:

1. In India a lot of so called Pakistan based Islamic terrorism is actually the work of sections of the Indian military and security who are under the influence of the RSS (RAW, IB with Police).

2. India has consistently since the early 1970’s promoted State Terrorism as a weapon with which to conduct its foreign policy, especially under and from Indira Gandhi’s rule…….against Sri Lanka backing the Tamil Tigers; and against Pakistan and Bangladesh with destabilisation programs. This is not mere gossip, BUT fact………that is why Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh want to BUDDY up with China as a counter weight to a certain extent. Such action is based on actual poor experience with India, and not flippant whimsical state diplomacy.

3. During the early 1980’s with the approval of Indira Gandhi, again, RAW developed close relations with MOSSAD, and with the rise of the BJP in the 1990’s Indian security generally developed closer relations with Israel…under the doctrine of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” But of course Israel is always a special kind of friend as the USA well knows.

4. Israel’s objective to the present is the neutralisation of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal either through the USA or through India. This has been tried many times against Pakistan since the mid–1970’s. The American occupation of Afghanistan is part of that rational. The present American destabilisation of Pakistan is part of that rational. 26/11 Mumbai was also part of that Israeli rational to get India into a war with Pakistan, and in the process destroy Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. That was the political objective of 26/11.

5. 26/11 was the work of elements within RAW, IB working with the Mumbai police to stage and fix such an event, with Israeli help. The BBC and The Guardian reported people in Mumbai seeing white European men with guns in the vicinity of the terrorist attacks……….and that some of the Indian commando’s dealing with Nariman House actually found the Israelis “Hostages” who were actually doing the shooting. i.e “We saw white people shooting at us”…… the other locations of terror again most likely Indians, or Israeli ops doing the shooting, and than explaining that away as Pakistan based terrorists.

6. ATS Hemant Kakare deaths is odd. ONE IS TEMPTED TO SAY THAT THE WHOLE THING WAS SET UP FOR HIS BENEFIT. HE HAD AN EXPLOSIVE STORY IN THE WORKS………….false flag ops by the RSS/MILITARY/ISRAEL. Hemant Kakare is the guy, ex-RAW who uncovered the RSS/military terrorism nexus in India…………….Thus the “incompetence of the Mumbai police” in relation to Kakare’s death, and “We failed to connect the dots” according to Home Minister P Chidambaram……is in fact not FAILURE by them per se, but the actions of people in positions of influence directing the staged event of 26/11 for Israel and the RSS agenda……state elections were due in several Indian states but mercifully sober Indian voters did not flock to the BJP rabid cause, unlike the Anglophone media in India CNN-IBN, NDtv etc.

7. David Headley is an American agent…..working for the DEA and others. His mother is Jewish. He is a key organiser of events in Mumbai.Reinforces the account of many in Mumbai who saw white people with guns carrying out the attacks around Mumbai. If he directly accuses Pakistan NOW, whilst in captivity in the USA, one must question his motivation for pointing the finger at his former “allies”, and whether it is not a ruse to shield his real connections and backers.

8. But hasn’t Pakistan partially admitted to 26/11? The corruption of Zardari and his junta is legendary. The Pakistan Supreme Court has ruled that many of the top Cabinet members of Zardari are BIG TIME CROOKS who should be doing jail time…..Zardari has given them a presidential pardon instead. Zardari came into power through rigged elections through the largesse of the USA in 2008. He has gone into purduh since, so loathed and hated that he is in Pakistan for good reason. ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT FROM SUCH A REGIME COUPLED WITH AMERICAN PRESSURE, MUST BE TAKEN WITH A PINCH OF SALT. Pakistan is a client state of the USA, and the USA bankrolls and controls the ISI. Most terrorism in Pakistan is committed by the Pakistani state for the USA (Think Mir Sadik, Mir Jafar and Shaikh Ayaz)…..if it will help watch the whole shoddy serial of Tipu Sultan, and see what people can do to their own for greed see the actual basis of South Asian failure, where the ruling elite loot and plunder South Asia into foreign off shore accounts.

9. What about Ajmal and the 9 dead men = 10 terrorists on 26/11. Well in India lets see, there are about 32,000 homicides each year; 200,000 = suicides; 130,000 road accident deaths; a few hundred thousand dying from starvation……..Indian morgues have a lot of dead bodies who can be mutilated, scared and passed off as alleged terrorists in Mumbai, and a handful of hapless captive Pakistani tourists who really ought not have ventured into RSS/BJP India in the first place. Anyone of these hapless tourists can be passed off as a terrorists, and produced as such. It wouldn’t even surprise me if the American funded and controlled ISI actually supplied Ajmal for such a fake narrative. The ISI has handed over to the Americans since 2001,……. 700 alleged members of ‘al-QAEDA” who were sent to Bagram and Guantanomo. Pakistanis and Afghan nationals…….in addition some 3200 Pakistani nationals have “disappeared” due to the actions of the Pakistani security state working in conjunction with the USA, since 2001. Most of the 700 captured by the Pakistani security and handed over to the Americans have since been released by the Americans subsequently, many old men and some boys wholly innocent…….500–600 people. Ajmal confessing to being a terrorist means nothing; indicates nothing.

10. Siv Sena Mumbai, with the RSS in the background, in the vicinity….what does it all mean? The city has a notorious reputation at many levels. It is controlled by the Siv Sena Mafia who have publicly stated that terrorism as a means of political advancement is wholly justifiable…..and we are not talking of those off the cuff comments, but as a matter of party politics. Violence intimidation and threats is an integral part of Party policy. The Siv Sena and the RSS love Israel.”The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Mumbai use to at one time be the center of the Jewish community in India ‘Bene Israel” with 40,000 Jews living and working in the Mumbai hinterland. It is very natural that such a city with such a reputation should produce such an incident with such CODED Jew dates 26/11, involving such numbers allegedly—10.

I do not need to be told about the bastardliness of the ISI, created by the UK in 1948……….made up of Pakistan military personnel. As someone haling from Bangladesh, I am well aware of the crimes committed by the Pakistan military where 3,000,000 innocent civilians were killed and 300,000 women were raped. I am well aware that in the final stages of the war when the Pakistan military knew that they would lose the war, they USED local ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS to kill 250 of the best and brightest of Bangladesh. We know the Pakistan military have a track record of using and backing insurgents in Kashmir since 1948. We know that since the 1970’s, 500,000 Pakistani civilians of the Deobandi persuasion have been trained to fight the holy war: 1) within Pakistan against Sufis, Shia and Ahmedis 2) Against India in Kashmir 3) In Afghanistan.

But we must also never forget that Pakistan is a state created by the British, who soon after independence helped them create the ISI in 1948. Then in the 1950’s the UK nudged the state into the arms of the USA, and the 1954 agreement and the creation of SEATO. We also know Pakistan is a failed state number 9, propped up by USA largesse………….and run by the USA. The ISI is funded by the USA………….and American military/civilian officials make daily visits to the country, if it has not been noticed.

In our rush to accept the official narrative of 26/11 set by Siv Sena run Mumbai, we must not over look the overall scenario in defending India’s true security interests.

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    Hi, I just came across your website today for the second time and think it’s an excellent documentary. (The first time I came due to a reference by Henry Makow on his anti-NWO site.)

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