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Jewish and Israeli Spy Arrested in Algeria?

Algiers-The Algerian security services have arrested an Israeli, declared lost in North Africa for five days and who would have entered in Algeria with a false Spanish passport. * * According to the Israeli newspaper « Yediot Aharonot » in … Continue reading

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End of Israel in 2022 – more confirmations

The Jews are going to lose Israel very soon. This article further confirms Bassam Jarrar’s Prediction. We demand that the rest of the world expel and hopefully exterminate the Jews from their lands and not accept the presence of any … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Hamas Rocketeers!

This Video Completely Makes a Mockery of Israel and Jewry’s Silly Fear-mongering about the Hamas Rocketeers. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that most Rockets are being fired either by the Jews themselves or on of the various Palestinian … Continue reading

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Adam Pearlman – Jewish terrorist posing as "Islamic militant" arrested!

This jew has been charged with treason for acting as a fake Muslim terrorist leader. All jews are treasonous terrorists, and the punishment includes death. Time to break out the rope and balance the scales of justice. Now the jews … Continue reading

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Jewish Connections to the First World Trade Center Attacks!!

Everyone in Law Enforcement should Reconsider and Reopen the Case of those accused of the First World trade Center Bombings. The authors of this article, the Karin Brothers, mention the Jewish woman, Josie Hadas, whose house had contained the explosives … Continue reading

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Blowing Up the London Transportation Facilities!

The Documentary on this video is about the Jewish terrorist attacks on London’s subway and bus facilities. The Jewish terrorists did a major blunder, and left several pieces of evidence behind them. Now we know for a fact that Jewish … Continue reading

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9-11 Missing Links

This film identifies some of the important perpetrators of 9-11. We are encouraging those in law enforcement, the military, the police, academics, social justice movements, those still bickering in the left-right paradigm, to take a deep look into who the … Continue reading

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Jaber Baloushi and the End of Israel

Jaber Bolushi’s Conclusions Regarding the End of Israel Jaber Bolushi , a Shia Kuwaiti researcher, agrees with most of the conclusions of Bassam Jarrar regarding the end of Israel in 2022, but Mr. Bolushi makes additional observations as a result … Continue reading

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