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The Foot Grenade

        Passengers have learned to accept the unorthodox on airliners              nowadays, from sky marshals idly twiddling with their Glock semi automatic       pistols, to bottles of free champagne designed to restore your good humor if       the sky marshal accidentally squeezes the … Continue reading

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Jewish Defense Leage Leaders Engaged in Terrorist Plot

Two JDL leaders charged in bomb plot December 13, 2001 Posted: 5:58 AM EST (1058 GMT) Email a link to this articleEmail a link to this article View a list of the most popular articles on our siteView a list … Continue reading

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Alternative Anthrax Protection

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Mista'Aravim Stern gang Blows Up Fellow Jews in Jerusalem's Ben Yehudah Mall

While I completely agree with Joe Vialls that the Ben Yehudah mall was blown up the Israelis themselves, I am in complete disagreement that Hamas has ever engaged in that many “martyrdom operations” or “suicide bombings” against “civilian targets” inside … Continue reading

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