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When "Anti-Terror" or Security Drills Go Awry

Of Shoe Bombers And Crotch Bombers By: Salman An-Noor Hossain, Joe Vialls, and Others For the last ten years we have been hearing bizarre stories of “Muslim terrorism” hitting the West. Well since the real terrorism targeting Western countries and … Continue reading

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Jewish Terror Operations Within Turkey Now Exposed And Prosecuted!

Finally, the truth about about the Ergenekon Jewish and crypto-Jewish terrorist organization is being exposed due to the prosecution that the Turkish Islamic government is directing towards a significant portion of their members. The Ergenekon is the code word that … Continue reading

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Two Jewish Terrorists Blow Up Sunrise Propane In Northern Toronto In Order To Cash Out In Massive Insurance Fraud

Two terrorists from the terrorist Jewish community – Shay Ben-Moshe and Valery Belahov carried out a terrorist attack against the residents of Toronto, Ontario by blowing up the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases propane facility in the northern part of the city … Continue reading

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Collection of Jewish Terrorism Throughout the World!

WHAT IF THE JEWS ARE THE TERRORISTS? Email This Page To A Friend What Really Happened Just for a moment, I want you to consider the possibility that maybe 99% of the terrorists in the world are manufactured fakes, a … Continue reading

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Israelis, Turkish Jews, and Kurdish Jews Behind Assassinations, Insurgency, and Terrorism in Turkey

Operation Cage: a case study in Israeli false flag tactics By Wayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer Jun 23, 2010, 00:21 Email this article Printer friendly page (WMR) — Top Turkish government and intelligence sources told WMR in Ankara and Istanbul that Turkish intelligence has … Continue reading

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Jewish Secret Service Agents and Media Terrorists Using Deception About Alleged Times Square Bomber

Once again, the Jew York Times pulls off another set of well-groomed lies. However, lies will always remain lies no matter what the Enemies of the Truth want to show the gullible sheeple. First the accusations were that Lashkar-e-Tayyibba or … Continue reading

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Jewish Scumbags Frame Faisal Shahzad!

Gordon Duff: Times Square “Fizzler,” Israel’s “Crotch Bomber Redux May 5, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 191 Comments GOP and FOX NEWS Campaign Continues to Stamp Israeli Brand On Time Square Bomber More Airport Magic…. By Gordon Duff   |  STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Watching the … Continue reading

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