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Mississauga Jew Terrorizes Local Politician Bob Dechert

Mikhail Khavkine decides to commit arson against the local conservative MP Bob Dechert’s office after they are not able to take care of his selfish needs. According to the current  definition of “terrorism”, a non-state actor that applies force to … Continue reading

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How to Fake a Terrorist Campaign!

How to Fake a Terrorist Campaign Report from the Panel The realization that the attacks of September 11 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were not the work of Muslim/Arab “terrorists” raises a natural question. Who was … Continue reading

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Haymarket Bombing Carried Out By Jewish Anarchists And Terrorists!

Source: Judicial-Inc Communist Anarchist Shot Over Sixty Police In Chicago The Jewish Community Hailed The Seven Killers As Martyrs Americans Wanted To Restrict Jewish Immigration After Numerous Instances “Haymarket bombing” The Haymarket riot was a disturbance that took place on … Continue reading

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Lone nuttery – Jewish Propaganda Gone Haywire!

This modus operandi of the Jews and their Shabboys Goyim collaborators has got to immediately stop. The Jewish collective mindset always claims what it does as an excuse for “self preservation’ in order to eliminate the existential threat. Well, some … Continue reading

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9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS

Christopher Bollyn – Bollyn.com May 7, 2010 It is very crass and it probably will come back to be critical of me, but there is an expression that is sometimes very useful, ‘Money is the universal lubricant.’ It makes it … Continue reading

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American anger over IDF use of US Army uniforms for prisoners in stockade

Now we clearly know which group of people tend to do terror operations in Islamic lands using US army uniforms. Then Muslims will think that US Special Forces are carrying out these attacks. The Israelis dressed as US marines entered … Continue reading

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