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Haymarket Bombing Carried Out By Jewish Anarchists And Terrorists!

Source: Judicial-Inc Communist Anarchist Shot Over Sixty Police In Chicago The Jewish Community Hailed The Seven Killers As Martyrs Americans Wanted To Restrict Jewish Immigration After Numerous Instances “Haymarket bombing” The Haymarket riot was a disturbance that took place on … Continue reading

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Jewish Youth Connected to the JDL Terrorist Organization Murders Innocent Arab Muslim

‘French Jews killed Muslim out of racist motives’ Police in Paris suburb arrest Jewish teens suspected of being involved in death of security guard who refused to allow them into hardware store. Local Muslim elements confident alleged murder was hate … Continue reading

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Jews Bomb Shiites

Jews can’t resist bombing one group of people and blaming it on another.  This is a classic example of jewish terrorism.  Every time something blows up, there is a jew hiding somewhere with a remote trigger.

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