Jewish Terror Operations Within Turkey Now Exposed And Prosecuted!

Finally, the truth about about the Ergenekon Jewish and crypto-Jewish terrorist organization is being exposed due to the prosecution that the Turkish Islamic government is directing towards a significant portion of their members. The Ergenekon is the code word that refers to Turkish deep state military intelligence that inherited its agenda, operatives, and organization right in the aftermath of the disbanding of the Committee for Union and Progress (İttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti) which was headed and directed by the crypto-Jewish “Young Turks” revolutionaries. They are operating within not only the military and covert intelligence but also within the context of the media apparatus, mainstream academia, journalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, and many other legal professions. One of their main objectives would be to keep religion out of the socio-political and economic lifestyle of the country’s population. Other objectives would also include attempts to engage in black propaganda and false flag attacks against ethnic and religious minorities like the Armenians, Kurds, Alevis, Shi’ites, Christians, the Islamic AK Party, and even the occasional Jew here and there. Other plots would also include unsuccessful plots to overthrow whichever government favors Islamic or Christian (mainly Armenian) interests over Jewish interests. Other black propaganda or attempted terrorist attacks would target those who were dissidents of the government if it favored Crypto-Jewish interests and those operating within the state infrastructure if it favored Islamic and Nationalist interests. This also includes the framing of innocent individuals, Muslims or not, in terrorist atrocities or other forms of unwanted violence and murder against civilians.

The authors of this report have officially admitted to the reality of the Ergenakon. However, the authors belong to a group calling itself the “Young Civilians” and are modeled after the “Young Turks” crypto-Jewish committee that overthrew the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II over a century ago (1908) and they also appear to be infiltrated, directed, and controlled by certain crypto-Jews. Just by reading certain terminologies in the document below (“Islamist”) which virtually Muslims worldwide do not use or are not accustomed to utilizing, the absence of mentioning crypto-Jewish hands as the perpetrators of almost all of the  assassinations, atrocities, massacres, and terrorism in addition to the push for “democracy” and promoting the Turkish Republic enter as a legitimate candidate for the European Union, we can see that the crypto-Jewish authors of the organization are trying to make the best of a very bad situation by pretending to support justice and truth. In order to gain legitimacy and support from a Judeophilic (Jew-loving) and brainwashed Western population, they even include statements of support and acknowledgement of the activities of the government against these operatives of this clandestine organization, by members of the mainstream Jewish community. Crypto-Jewish names and related connections are mentioned as major suspects in this organization.

The evidence against this secret society of Jewish terrorists include tens of thousands of pages of documents, plans for assassinations, formation of secret death squads and hit teams (i.e. JITEM), coup d’etates, and terrorist attacks. Other evidence also includes the possession of explosives, weapons,list of members, the legal proof of existence of the organization, lists of failed and successful operations, and connections to various Jews and crypto-Jewish individuals within academic and journalist circles, the media, other institutions, and the socio-political and military infrastructure of the country.

Crypto-Jews named in this brief include the following persons: Abdullah Catli (pronounced Jatli), Ibrahim Tolon, lawyer Alparslan Arslan (who killed a judge that legalized the wearing of the hijab), General Ilker Basbug (not officially connected to any illegal activity although he shows sympathy with the accused), General Cetin (pronounced Jetin) Dogan, General Altay Tokat, Ibrahim Sahin, Colonel Dursun Çiçek, Admiral Özden Örnek., Retired Gen. Levent Ersöz,Ex-chief of General Staff, Gen. Hilmi Özkök, Ex-Land Forces Commander Gen. Aytaç Yalman, Retired Capt. Muzaffer Tekin, Retired Gen. Veli Küçük, Oktay Yildirim,Tuncay GuneyY, Doğu Perincek, Mehmet Zekeriya Özturk, Sevgi Erenerol, Ümit Oguztan, Ex-Gendarmerie General Command General Eruygur, Nokta Editor-in-Chief Alper Görmüş, amongst many others in addition to many other openly subversive associations and organizations led by other crypto-Jews.

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