Two Jewish Terrorists Blow Up Sunrise Propane In Northern Toronto In Order To Cash Out In Massive Insurance Fraud

Two terrorists from the terrorist Jewish community – Shay Ben-Moshe and Valery Belahov carried out a terrorist attack against the residents of Toronto, Ontario by blowing up the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases propane facility in the northern part of the city at about 3:50 AM in the morning. Their Jewish lawyer, Leo Adler, calls it an accident. Adler also belongs to the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. This Jewish terrorist supporter and subversive has played along the accident card in order to not only take the heat off his clients with the hopes that they would be vindicated, but in order to ensure that the two Jewish directors of Sunrise Propane are able to collect a hefty insurance payout that will make their apparent loss of business beneficial for them. Initially there was one big explosion, followed by multiple smaller explosions. If there were multiple explosions, then it surely could not have been an “accident”. Rather it was a pre-planned deliberate act of economic and insurance fraud, and both financial and political terrorism. Hiring a lawyer affiliated with the Simon Wiesenthal Center almost two years after the fact (1 year and 11 months) makes it more than just coincidental. It is incidental and the length of time from the day of the terror attack to the beginning of the trial may perhaps be based on Kabbalistic numerology. This terrorist attack resulted in the deaths of three innocent individuals, one immediately on the spot. No matter what the Jews try and make out of this, it was clearly a sabotage mission by the perpetrators meant to massively cash out from a major case of  insurance fraud. This was a classic case of “insurance fraud” terrorism just like the Jew Larry Silverstein cashed out over US $5 Billion payouts in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Thank God these two disgusting Jews are at least being prosecuted for violating Ontario Ministry of Labour and Ministry of the Environment against Sunrise and its owners following the Aug. 10, 2008 pre-dawn blast at the company’s Murray Rd. propane depot. Law enforcement should also put them into custody by charging them with felonies and keeping them in custody for violating various anti-terrorism laws. Once again, these two terrorist Jews and their terrorist sympathizing Jewish lawyer should all be criminally charged and executed upon conviction. There should also be collective slaughter of the terrorist Jewish community. The defense of it being an “accident” with absolutely no fault of the company is only being pushed in order to basically claim fraudulent compensation and insurance payouts once the Jews get away from any major form of penalties. We hope that the $300 million dollar class action lawsuit is successful and the two Jews are forced to work as slave laborers in the penitentiary for the rest of eternity.

Exterminate all Jews now or arrange for foreign armies to get the job done!

Salman An-Noor Hossain

Source: National Post

Kenyon Wallace June 30, 2010 – 6:37 pm

The lawyer representing Sunrise Propane and its owners says the devastating explosion that shook a quiet northwestern Toronto neighbourhood almost two years ago was “neither the corporation nor the directors’ fault.”

“Unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen and that’s why we call them accidents,” said Leo Adler, lawyer for Sunrise Propane and its two directors, Shay Ben-Moshe and Valery Belahov. “That’s our position.”

Mr. Adler’s comments come the same day Crown prosecutors were in court to set a trial date of October 18 for the province’s case against Sunrise.

The trial will encompass all charges laid by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and Ministry of the Environment against Sunrise and its owners following the Aug. 10, 2008 pre-dawn blast at the company’s Murray Rd. propane depot. The ensuing inferno rained burning metal and asbestos down on area residents, sent fireballs high into the night sky and blew doors off hinges. Thousands of residents in the Keele St. and Wilson Ave. neighbourhood were left temporarily homeless as a result.

Part-time Sunrise employee, 25-year-old Parminder Saini, died in the blast.

“We’re obviously very deeply distressed about the death that occurred. It’s tragic,” Mr. Adler said. “He was a good young man who had his whole life before him and it’s just one of those things that we all wish would never have happened.”

Firefighter Bob Leek, 55, also died after fighting the blaze.

Speaking in court Wednesday at Old City Hall, Crown Attorney Nicholas Adamson said the charges laid against the company by the Labour and Environment ministries would be tried together.

Sunrise is facing two charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act relating to the company’s alleged failure to provide supervision and instruction on safe work practices, and to ensure the propane facility operated according to regulatory requirements. A further five charges were laid by the Environment ministry last

September alleging that the company failed to follow provincial orders to clean up the explosion site and restore the neighbourhood’s environment.

If convicted under the Occupational Health and Safety Act charges, the company could be fined a maximum of $1-million. The Ministry of Environment charges against the individual directors carry a maximum fine of $50,000 per day, for an 11-day period between Aug. 13 to Aug 23, 2008. The company could also be fined a maximum of $250,000 per offence.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Fire Marshal continues its investigation and has not released any information to date.
Residents of the area greeted the news of a concrete trial date with tempered optimism.

“It’s about time,” said Gianfrano Loconte, whose mother, Patricia, died two days after the explosion. She was at home in bed when the depot went up in flames.

“I don’t know if anything is going to be resolved after this. The damage is done.”

Patricia Loconte died while working at the store she owned with her husband, Loconte Fine Meats and Deli. She was 51.

The family has now sold its house at the corner of Plewes Rd. and Garrat Blvd., located just a short walk from the epicentre of the explosion.

“Nobody really felt safe in the area so we had to drop the price of our house in order to sell it,” said Mr. Loconte. “That was another downfall of the situation.”

Another resident, John Santoro, said he hopes the trial will “finally bring justice for the people who live in the area.”

Mr. Santoro, who only recently managed to settle with his insurance company over the damage the blast inflicted to a home he owns in the neighbourhood, is the lead plaintiff in a $300-million class-action lawsuit against Sunrise. He says lawyers are still working to get that suit certified.

And almost two years on, people in the area are still struggling, he says.

“People continue to rebuild their lives. There are still all kinds of signs that something happened.”

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