ALERT: Jew Arrested With Explosives In Attempted Terrorist Operation Right Before G-20 Summit Took Place!

I would like to congratulate and thank the Toronto Police Department for apprehending a real terrorist from the terrorist Jewish community. Kudos goes out to law enforcement tracking down a serious threat from the evil Jewish people. This has got to be a major anti-terror bust in all of Canada’s history. The individual Byron Sonne, who is accused of possessing dangerous explosives, was living in an extremely rich Jewish neighborhood in the Forest Hill Bathurst and Lawrence area of north-western Toronto as the article below states.

In order to confirm whether he is Jewish or not, I decided to check my favorite website for a database on popular Jewish names used by Jews during the last three centuries: Avotaynu. I decided to run a search on his last name “Sonne” and what do I see? Lo and behold, he is indeed a filthy Jewish terrorist! First of all, his name had appeared in multiple frequencies in many databases of Jewish surnames. The name “Sonne” otherwise also known by his other variant spelling of “Sonn” had been used traditionally by Eastern European Jews from Germany, Poland (including Galicia), Russia, and those who had migrated to the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The name is solely Ashkenazi with no Sephardim ever recorded as using it.

Here is the initial police news release on the Jew being apprehended and held in custody.

[gview file=”” width=”630″ height=”1000″]

Evidence is presented below of “Sonne” or “Sonn” being an Eastern European Jewish name. Source:

Second of all, he was living in a Jewish neighborhood. Only a Jew can live quietly in a Jewish neighborhood and get involved in attempting such a deadly terrorist plot during the G-20 Summit with impunity from other Jews running operations behind the scenes of course. The “passive” Jews who we think are innocent tend to proHvide cover for the criminal and terrorist Jews by giving them shelter. His Jewishness does matter in this case since if such a deadly terrorist attack were truly carried out, then there would be a loss of lives and this would then either outright ban or clamp down on legitimate and peaceful protesters during the G-20 Summit. Furthermore, this Jewish perpetrator would most probably get away with this crime. Perhaps innocent Muslims or anti-G-20 protesters would be blamed for such terrorist operations.  Thank God that he was arrested right before the G-20 Summit on the twenty second of June. Since such a major terrorist atrocity was avoided thanks to awesome work by the local police, there must have been political pressures by Jewish individuals and Jew-controlled groups on them to have the protests restrained or outright banned due to the excuse and exaggerated claims of “security concerns”. So in order to do satisfy their political masters, the police organized a counter-intelligence operation. They basically hired a bunch of undercover agent provocateurs in damaging public properties in downtown Toronto. We thank one such agent pr0vocateur who smashed the Jewish and Israeli-owned Starbucks. Hopefully next time, they will burn down all the Starbucks in the entire Greater Toronto Area. Not only that, the police took the wrath of the mis-informed public into thinking that they are working against their interests by serving the Jewish community. However, the police have actually done a fantastic job in creating more awareness of the G-8 and G-20 summits which will result in greater protests during the upcoming years. This police counter-intelligence operation most certainly has had the reverse effect that the Jews were hoping for. The police may be behaving like jerks for being less than honest, but we have to realize that they are under enormous political pressure from none other than the Jewish community inside Canada. The Jews and their collaborators tend to think of the police and army as those who work hand in hand to provide them with security for the general public since they are purchasing them. If that is the case, then the police and army have become contract mercenaries for real criminals and terrorists. However, true policemen will protect public security as the Qur’an says. Not the security of Jewish and Shabbos Goyim criminals and terrorists. This was organized as a counter-intelligence operation against the Jews, who by and large tend to be the greatest beneficiaries of the G-8 and G-20 summits. These summits obviously serve the Jewish agendas of planning and directing plans for World Government, population reduction, the next economic meltdown, excessive exploitation of third world nations, and countless other evil. Those who are protesting against it are doing the right thing. Canadians are for a better part starting to understand the Jewish problem in greater depth than their American counter-parts down south and have not succumbed to suicidal wars for the Jews against Muslim nations. Canada better keep up to its promise and pull out of Afghanistan by 2012. Canadians, besides the Jews and their brainwashed or despicable bought out supporters, are in general really nice people (even if they are rude and cold at times).

There’s more to this case however. We just need to take a look at the character of the Jew Byron Sonne. From the blog of “Voltaire’s Ghost”

“Byron Sonne was arrested for a number of charges related to explosives amid the security precautions related to the G20 conference in Toronto.

Some interesting details:

His LinkedIn profile lists him as: Owner/Operator at Halvdan Solutions and he added the following: “Experience summary: I make order out of chaos

He had left the following comment on a HackLab, a  Computer programmers’ site:

Democracy is tyranny of the majority, my friend.
Vote conservative – time to end years of corruption and waster courtesy of the Liberal party.You could vote NDP or Green, but you might as well throw your vote away, since they’ll never get into power.

Which he later followed up with:

Gah, yah, I wasn’t 100% there when I posted, haha 🙂 Stupid politics and fat fingers of mine.
Oh believe me, I know our government is full of crap. Some days it is staggering… “

I hope readers understood what the Jew just said. This psychopath makes “Order Out Of Chaos”. Why would he want to make chaos? “Order out of chaos” is the Hegelian dialectic, which was invented by the German Jew Goerge Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. It states that first you create the thesis, then you create an anti-thesis, the result of which is a synthesis. This is otherwise known as the “Problem Reaction Solution” process in which the Jews are able to essentially implement conspiracies and execute political goals in a successful manner with the general unsuspecting public being unaware of the true purpose of manipulating certain events (staged or incidental)Why is he complaining about the “majority” if he is “white”? So if he is in the majority, what group does he self-identify with? Well, I am certain that he definitely does not consider himself “white”. Rather he is an ugly rat-faced Jew who was upset with the Liberal government when it was in power. You will also notice that his co-worker and fellow Jewish tribesman Mr. Robert Beggs attempts to downplay or minimize the seriousness of the crime.  

Now that the Conservative government is in power, led by the crypto-Jew and pro-Israel fanatic Steven Harper, they are still not doing enough for his (Byron and other Jews’) selfish needs. The Jews are still not satisfied with a Jew-infested and manipulated government that keeps on pandering to their every single whims and desires.  The Jews have the Israel Allies Caucus and various Jewish lobby groups that pushed Canada into war in Afghanistan. They promote daily obscenities and pushed for the legalization of homosexual unions in the country. They legalized abortions and went beyond that into deceptively promoting it as a healthy choice for women. They have their multiple holohoax and hate speech laws that protect them from critics and dissidents. They always prosecute and persecute those who speak out against them. The “criminal justice” system and judiciary is completely in their hands. The police literally work for them. They are never happy. They want it all. The earth plus 5%. This is precisely why we must get rid of them. The quicker the better it is for all of us!

Next step for the local and national police in addition to patriots in the security services and the Canadian military: mass roundups and executions of Jews through collective punishment. Instead of killing shepherds and chicken farmers in Afghanistan, you must begin killing the cockroaches (Jews) in your own backyards.

Once again, to the G20 Police: I thank you for your service.

Salman An-Noor Hossain 

Filthy Jewish Terrorist Covering His Ugly Face!

Source: National Post

G20 police arrest man in Toronto, lay charges..

TORONTO — A Toronto man has been charged with six offences, including possession of explosives for unlawful purpose, after G20 police executed a search warrant on Tuesday.

Officers from the Toronto Police Service executed the search warrant at 58 Elderwood Drive in the Bathurst and Lawrence area of Toronto as part of an ongoing investigation, according to a news release.

Byron Sonne, 37, also faces charges of intimidation of justice system participant by threat, intimidation of justice system participant by watch and beset, mischief interfere with property, attempt mischief and possession of dangerous weapons. He appeared in court yesterday where his lawyer said Mr. Sonne would defend himself against the allegations “vigorously.”

Police said they won’t release any more details about the investigation, because it is ongoing, but added there is no risk to public safety.

A profile on the social networking site LinkedIn lists Sonne as the owner of Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a licenced private investigator. He has substantial experience in IT and belongs to a number of groups including the Toronto Area Security Klatch and

Robert Beggs, an information security expert, said he met Mr. Sonne during several presentations the accused made to the group called TASK (Toronto Area Security Klatch), of which he is a member, about how computer networks communicate back and forth.

“His job in at least two companies was to find the holes in computer products and identify why the holes are there and how to fix it so that it can’t be exploited by someone with malicious intent,” Mr. Beggs, a member of the TASK steering committee, said in an interview. “In the industry, I believe he enjoyed a solid reputation for the work that he did.” He said his presentations have been well received by TASK. “When that ends we don’t know a lot about how he’s doing or how he’s comporting himself,” he said.

Mr. Beggs also added that “given the vagueness of the charges, I think that people are sort of waiting for [his court appearance] to happen to understand the extent of what the story truly is.”

Hacklab posted a brief message on its site about Sonne’s arrest.

“Byron is innocent until proven guilty, and as a member of the lab and a friend we are concerned for him. HackLabTO is a non-profit organization that encourages people to socialize, share knowledge, and work together on technology projects. We run classes, workshops, and a community space in Kensington market.”

Area residents had little information about the couple who lives at 58 Elderwood Drive, a charming house with Tudor-style detailing and landscaped lawn. It is now surrounded by yellow police tape.

They believe Mr. Sonne and a woman moved in five or six years ago, neighbours said. “They were quiet, kept to themselves,” said one woman, who, like her neighbours, refused to give her name.

According to various neighbours, police have been secretly watching the house since Friday in unmarked vehicles. But alarm didn’t set in until Tuesday, when armed officers made themselves visible. One woman said she went to retrieve her garbage bin around 2:00 or 2:30 on Tuesday when she spotted “a SWAT officer with a big gun” trained in the direction of the house.

“He turned around and looked at me and didn’t say anything and I thought, ‘I could go catch a bus now’ and I did,” said the woman, a longtime resident of a neighbourhood that dates back to the thirties. The affluent area is home to doctors, lawyers and top executives.

“Nothing ever happens in this neighbourhood,” said one man. “You’re pushing your kids to the park, taking your kids for a walk,” said a woman. “That’s about all you’re getting here, a Bar Mitzvah, a Bat Mitzvah.”

The Toronto Police Service is part of the Integrated Security Unit, which is led by the RCMP. The ISU is in charge of security at the G20 and G8 summits in Toronto and Huntsville happening this month.

– With files from Ron Nurwisah

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