A Public Call To Arms in the West

This message is specifically targeted for those who serve in the armies of Western nations where Jews reside (Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and other places). It is well advised that you read this and take immediate action. Either that or foreign armies will invade and destroy all these countries and turn these nations into war zones of perpetual warfare and conflict. We may have to turn Australia, Canada, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many more Western nations into glass parking lots if those in the Armed Forces do not deal with the Jewish threat. Or perhaps we can make it permanently a land of Jewish terrorism and guerrilla warfare.

Recalling the Patriot Militias – Operation “Exposing the Jews”

Vigilante Justice for 9-11 and Other Jewish Crimes/Terrorism

A Methodological Way in Exterminating the Jewish Threat

During the eighties, Bruce Campbell of judicial-inc.org led the call for Americans to arm themselves and form militias. It was perhaps the most politically important move he could have ever done. The call for Americans to arm themselves and resist tyranny both spiritually and physically is the greatest task needed right now in order to keep the Jews and their assorted lapdogs in check. This requires studying the enemy, but also preparing for the enemy. What I have decided to do is prepare for the final destruction of Jewish supremacy and power in the United States of America (and hopefully by extension the rest of the world). The foremost task is to discipline young men (and to a lesser extent women) in the art of guerrilla warfare training. This is to ensure that there is no future tyranny and terrorism on American soil. The first move is to keep a continuous check on the activities and actions of the Jews, no matter what nation, institution, or entity they operate from. This means that the Jewish criminals and terrorists may operate from British Intelligence, CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, Russian-Ukranian-Israeli-Mafia, various conservative/neo-conservative think tanks, liberal think tanks and organizations, supranational organizations (NAFTA, CFR, TLC, etc.), anti-gun/pro-gun lobbies, anti-war groups, the abortion industry, and many others.

One of the most significant ways through which these criminals can be exposed publicly is through hijacking television stations and the satellite signals that connect to them. This can be done by making militias raid various Television stations (either at dawn or at night during prime time). Once an area has been raided by 100 or more fighters, information exposing past and/r present Jewish crimes can be beamed throughout a particular city within a region in the United States. The main purpose of the militias is to protect American citizens from domestic and internal threats (i.e. the mainstream organized Jewish and Masonic community and their tabernacles). The most significant step before roundup and execution of these Jewish and crypto-Jewish (and corrupt gentile) criminals is their exposure. The militias are not the same as the US Army, US Navy, Marines, Special Forces, or SEALS. They are made up of regular everyday men and women in plains clothes. The Americans have to start doing what the Afghanis, Chechnyans, Columbians, Iraqis, Irish, Kashmiris, Kurds (in Turkey mainly), Lebanese, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Rohingya, Somalis, Southern Filipinos, Southern Thais, and others have done without a standing army in order to protect themselves from tyrants and oppressors.

In the case of Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, and other nations mainly in Europe and the North America, there is the need for an arming of the citizenry. The first step to making the populace aware of Jewish crimes would be to physically hijack the most popular viewed Television and Radio stations throughout the nation in order to spread the word to a wider audience. Mass dissemination of facts is an important priority.

Thus, by forming cells of sleeper cell militants or militia units (of up to twenty men each), there can always be an immediate physical response to any Jewish conspiracy or Jewish manufactured crisis that is followed with an instant cover up. The militia units will randomly raid certain media stations and broadcast the truth about any historical event – past, present, or any potential future plan that the various Jewish criminal groups will have.

In order to have physical access of the various organs of Jewish supremacy –i.e. the media, there will need to be a calculated operation targeting satellite and media stations throughout the country. The easiest method to gathering information on media stations throughout the country would be by sending out citizens on reconnaissance missions throughout the United States, especially within the large cities. Citizens may find out the addresses of each and every major TV/radio/satellite station throughout the United States. When citizens are well trained and prepared to fight, the Jews will not be able to unleash the various mercenary armies that are under their control and pay – be they Blackwater, DynCorps, TITAN, CACI, etc. During the hurricane Katrina disaster, Israeli mercenaries decided to blow up the levees and let Judah Hertz and the Las Vegas Jewish crowd come and purchase land where Blacks lived for pennies; subsequently they booted out the African Americans with $2000 dollar credit cards for each adult. There was the plot by Israeli Jewish terrorists to also blow up (i.e. demolish) the New Orleans stadium where the blacks had gathered (and commit a massacre of thousands of civilians) and blame it on the Federal government or White Anglo Saxon Protestants as being behind it. During this period of extreme chaos, Blackwater mercs were unleashed unto the streets of New Orleans. Guns were taken away from the common citizen. Many civilians were shot and killed. This is the reason why we need to arm ourselves from the Jewish tyrants and their private mercenaries.

During a reconnaissance mission by your everyday citizen, potential media targets to raid must be picked out with their street and mailing addresses, satellite images from Google earth must take screenshots of each and every media station possible, and ground pictures of each station must be taken and carefully indexed. There must be a record of as many mainstream radio and TV stations as possible throughout the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the rest of Europe (including Turkey). Infiltration by the militia types must begin at the local bottom up level, just like it must pour in from the federal top down level. This means that those who are not willing to sacrifice their lives to free themselves from Jewish conspiracy and domination, will end up being slaves to the “Chosen Ones”. Before a raid in a media station, there has to be a few days warning given in advance suggesting to the executives of the station to broadcast documentaries exposing Jewish crimes. If they reject this offer, then physical hijacking of media stations must take place. Anyone resisting the advance will be executed on the spot.

Training must begin in all the states with a strong strain of Jewish influence (California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Texas, etc.). It must be started by youths in their late teens and the prime of their youth (16 to 40). This means anyone sixteen years of age or older has the right to train militarily to defend themselves from domestic traitors and tyrants, in addition to any possible attack by future foreign invaders. Based on past historical Jewish activities, it is a very likely possibility that the Jews may open the gates of the United States to foreign military invaders (i.e. the Chinese and Russians). Sophisticated weapons used by guerrilla forces throughout the world (i.e. Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Southern Philippines, Yugoslavia) will be used in launching these operations. These include assault rifles, AK-47s, M-16s, handguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, Rocket launchers, bazookas, Rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), and Improvised Explosive Devices (if engaging in battle with any faction of the local/foreign militaries or private mercenaries). Car bombs can’t be used because that is not able to kill enemy forces through precision. Better yet, the Jewish terrorist and psychopath Menachim Begin, who described himself as the “father of terrorists” is also the father of the car bomb.

The patriot militia must be in contact and deeply embedded with all the institutions and socio-political structures of the country. This includes the military intelligence apparatus, army, Special Forces, academia, professionals, lawyers, amongst others. When the leaders of certain patriot militia subgroups are summoned, they must quickly unleash the raging militias upon media stations – ready to defend their country from lies and deceptions.

Objective: The main objectives of this mission are to create massive resistance to any future plans by the Jews, exposure of Jewish crimes in the past and present time, a massive uproar by the street population, a total collapse and destruction of Jewish power in the western world, and last but not least – some sort of justice to the victims of current Jewish crimes (i.e. international terrorist attacks, all the major wars of the current century, slavery, drug production and running, sex slavery, racism, et. al). The possible benefits of this operation are the facts that the Jewish criminals who are hidden and those who are seen publicly will all come out into the open. Secret Jews will come out of the closet. True loyalties will emerge out into the open. This type of an operation will be the final blow: the beginning of the end of Jewish power in America. The goyim (i.e. the cattle) outnumber the Jews in America at least twenty five to one. The cattle outnumber the Jews in Canada by at least fifty to one. The mass executions and/or expulsion of the Jews from the Americas and Europe will have to begin as soon as possible to protect the national securities of these countries. The intention is to expel these parasites to Palestine, where they can continue on with their pipe dreams of stealing Arab lands for greater Israel. The only ideology to counteract Jewish supremacy is the unity of the non-Jews through fascist bonding. “United we stand, divided we fall” should be the phrase of the goyim supremacists. “Never again” to the Jewish-initiated and directed wars, holocausts, terrorism, and genocides of the many centuries in the past, and perhaps more in the future. The objective in any of these raids is to avoid civilian casualties. Thus, unless attacked with guns, no one will shoot at any individual working in these stations. However, weapons will not be concealed by the raiders in order to show a new strength of force and power that is physically counteracting the evil done by the Jewish criminal supremacists/terrorists and their mercenaries.

This will also be a counter-intelligence and counter-propaganda operation against Jewish lies and deceptions. The truth must be exposed hand in hand with counter-revolutionary tactics. The Jews are revolutionaries who wish to destroy and overthrow civilization. The best way to protect from these revolutionaries is through counter-revolutionary activities. If there were sufficient counter-revolutionary tactics, the French revolution, Communist revolution, some aspects of the Nazi revolution, the Feminist revolution, the Homosexual revolution, the Young Turk revolution, White Supremacy, Civil Rights, the Church of Satan, the Liberal Hippies (Timothy Leary the Jew was founder of the New Age movement and encouraged youth to do lab created synthetic drugs) and other destructive revolutions, movements, and ideologies would not take place. An authentic revolution that is beneficial to society does not require the taking of arms, but rather begins in the heart. The various Jewish revolutions already mentioned have always been initiated through violent, murderous, and destructive measures that have resulted in the tragic loss of human lives.

Another important task is the increase of psychological warfare via counter-propaganda against mainstream and establishment Jewish targets. By exposing their major crimes and criminal conspiracies, the world will immediately stand up to this menace. Furthermore, justice will be served by executing the perpetrators of these present day crimes. The Jewish people for the most part are genocidal maniacs and psychopaths of the highest degree. Nothing but their mass executions will bring about world peace and stability.

The Jewish Community

The biggest question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not the rest of the Jewish community is complicit in what the Jewish elites and their terrorists/mercenaries and sayanim are doing. Based on their past history, they have always covered up for each other when push comes to shove. The Jewish masses have never co-operated with the goyim in solving problems created by fellow Jews. Rather, the Jewish mob has always been the part of the problem. The 9-11 terrorist attack is a classic example. The vast majority of Jews when confronted with the subject deny it in the face of piles of evidence and start name calling of the goy (i.e. anti-Semitic, bigoted). The real Jews will never be loyal to anyone else except themselves and this abstract concept in their minds called Israel. The important need to deconstruct, delegitimize, destroy, and eliminate the Jewish identity and their terrorist thieving state called Israel (along with other nations that support them) is thus one the most important tasks for the Goyim. By eliminating this concept of “Master Race” and “Chosen Community”, the Jews can be brought back to the fold of the human race where their limitless greed for the wealth and blood of the gentiles will come to an end. The Jews will have to be educated at the barrel of a gun to end their self destructive ways. Otherwise they will have to be eliminated via mass slaughter, which is my preferred method.

Here are the main steps which the goyim can take in defeating the internationalist Jewish criminal mafia and their millions of supporters.

1. File law suits and take legal action against the International Jewish Bankers for looting out entire nations during the past few centuries through financing wars, imperialism, creating destructive revolutionary movements to slaughter civilians in large numbers, and many other Crimes. If necessary, we may have to get the US special forces and US military involved in apprehending these international bankers that have stolen massive amounts of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and other precious metals and untold amounts of wealth (probably in the hundreds of trillions of US dollars) which they have hidden and kept away from others by instituting fake printed money. If we apprehend these international bankers, we may be able to physically extract information as to where all the loot is stored (either in Swiss Banks with un-numbered and fake accounts or underneath major bases, tunnels, and/or underground places). This way, the ENTIRE world will have a redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the richest. The Messiah physically threw out the money changers and usurers in the temple. The Qur’an states clearly that God and his messenger declare war on those who practice usury; not homosexuality, pimping, pornography, or prostitution but rather usury!!!!

2. File law suits against the state of Israel for their terrorist attacks like the USS Liberty, 9-11, 7-7, 3-11, King David Hotel, Lavon Affair, Kenya/Tanzania embassy bombings, USS Cole, and countless other dirty operations which have their hands involved. This means the Mossad, and Jewish factions of the CIA and other western intel services are behind most of the world terrorism which is often blamed on the Muslims but not done by them. If necessary, get the US military and other Spec Ops teams involved to support your cause. Yes, the Jews have infiltrated every major institution and organization in the west. However, we can still defeat them because we outnumber them 100s/1000s to 1.

3. Close down all secret societies and lodges like the Masonic lodges, which are Jewish controlled covert organization. This is against God and/or religion to have secret societies since certain secretive organizations and institutions are connected to them.

4. Mobilize the masses to fight against the Jewish people. This can include diplomatic methods, and the use of hard power (i.e. the military). The Jews are a major part of the problem.

5. Immediately take back the mainstream media, which is in their control. We don’t need the Jewish media to sprout lies against us. We can do this through either buying out the media, filing lawsuits, and taking it by force. This will include bringing in the military as well to take them down and re-possess or re-confiscate their assets.

6. Educate the masses about past Jewish crimes. Furthermore openly and publicly start studying Jewish socio-psychology. This includes their holy books like the Talmud, Pentateuch, and tracts on the Judeo-Masonic Kabala. Tracts on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and any forms of Jewish supremacy must be studied eloquently in the public school system and universities.

7. Begin the expulsion of large sections of the Jewish population from European and North American soil – mainly to Israel. This will include executing and publicly killing via vigilante groups the bankers, terrorists, pornographers, and other types of Jewish criminals and psychopaths.

8. Release of Arab/Muslim men in Western nations accused of terrorism before, on, and after 9-11. Participating in the jihad in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, and other Islamic lands is not “terrorism”. Whoever fights for the Cause of God is a Warrior and will go to paradise for killing those who kill for the cause of mischief (qatil fyi sabeel at-taghut).

9. Create a whole new economic system that is based on integrity and the laws of the Qur’an or other similar sound principles instead of usurious and fraudulent banking.

9. Return of all Western troops occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and other nations back to their native countries. They have been killed en masse.

10. Begin the preparation for the liberation of Jerusalem, capital of present day “Israel”. Thus, one should start arming legitimate Islamic resistance (al-Muqawamah al-Islamiya) units like the Hamas and Hezbollah. The Jews will lose their state by all means. The Jewish people have no right to a state for Exile is a punishment for all their evil plots and sins. Mass executions for their crimes according to their Old Testament Laws and Talmud may be a necessity in preserving global peace and stability.

Inter-Racial Unity

This operation has to result in the unity of all the different ethnicities, racial groups/sub-groups that currently reside in the United States. The end effect of exposing Jewish operations like the slave trade, the KKK, “neo-Nazism”, international terrorism, the crusades, world wars, sex slavery amongst others would be to begin the process of healing amongst all the peoples affected by Jewish mischief. Jews also have extreme forms of internal self hatred towards each other. Jews are cursed by God. The Jews are cursed and hated by everyone, and it is only recently with their holocaust exaggerations that they have gained some sort of concocted sympathy. Well all that will change once the world is exposed to the fact that the Jews have the blood of hundreds of millions of human beings in their hands – from before the crusades, to the crusades, to sacrificing and mutilating babies, to cannibalism, to the slave trade, to the mass murder of Native Americans, to medieval piracy, to the mass slaughter of non-Jews under British imperialism and later American imperialism, the genocide of Armenians, the Judeo-Communist genocide of Eastern European Christians and Chinese, to instigating and starting all the world wars, to creating and dropping the nuclear bomb, instigating all major wars around the world (Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, East Timor, Yugoslavia, Darfur), their monopolization of the abortion industry, sex slavery, to acts of international terrorism and false flag operations (King David Hotel bombing, Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, Abu Nidal Hijackings, slaughter of over 200 US Marines in Beirut,  US Embassies in Kenya/Tanzania, USS Cole, 9-11, 7-7, 3-11, Bali nightclub, Australian embassy, US Marriot hotel, Mombasa resort, amongst many countless others including the latest terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India of November 2008).

Inter-faith Unity

The Jewish desire to create international war and conflicts between Christians, Muslims, and other religions began in more recent times during the Moorish invasion and conquest of Spain. It continued during the Crusades, the Reconquesta by the crypto-Jewish Conquistadors, the rise of the Ottoman Caliphate, the slave trade (many African slaves were Muslims), the division of the Indian subcontinent, and the breakup of both the Russian empires and Ottoman Caliphate, along with other un-named incidents in history.

In actuality, the Jews attempted to destroy the earliest Muslim community during the time of Prophet Muhammad by inciting the Pagan Arab tribes (just like they do today) to attack a weak community of new believers in the latest revelations. The confederate Arab tribes (Al-Ahzab) could not defeat and destroy the believers as the Jews had wanted. The Jews had plotted against the Muslims during the heat of the battle in Medina, where they plotted to break open the walls from the south side so that the invaders could attack and consume the new believers and let the Israelite tribes rule supreme. The plot failed, and many Jews were tried and executed for treason. Three out of the nine Jewish tribes living in Medina were also expelled for all the mischief and evil that they had done (everything from theft, fraud, deception, murder, false flagging, purposeful provocation and incitement, sexual harassment, terrorism, and treason).

Jewish infiltration and subversion of mainstream Christianity and Islam (resulting in the corruption of proper doctrine and law) must also be exposed. The deification of Jesus the Messiah (Isa Al-Masseah) was initiated by a Talmudic Jew called Saul of Tarsus, who realized that once you can’t defeat this new revelation and new community of believers, one would have to join and infiltrate them. Once you subvert them, you can destroy from within. Peter is another Jew that according to some sources is said to have anointed the false notion of “son-of-God”. The worship of Jesus came about via the Jewish bastardization of the Messiah’s teachings via one of the priests from amongst the Learned Elders called Paul (nee Saul) and possibly Peter (amongst others) as well.

The Jewish infiltration into Islam came via the conversion of many prominent rabbis in the Middle East. The Shi’a sect is said to have a Jewish rabbi as its founder. Many aspects of the Shari’a, as practiced by both Sunnis and Shi’ites, is considered to have been transferred and implanted by Jewish and Israelite tribes in their conversion during the early period of Islamic history. Thus the attempted Jewish infiltration of destroying Islam must also be displayed, and their negative effects (i.e. circumcision, stoning adulterers to death, pedophilia, executing apostates, and many other practices) must also be shown. The Jews perverted the real meaning of authentic monotheism. Most Jews are atheists today. Their god is an egregore. They do not worship God. They are tribal racial supremacists. They will never be satisfied with what God gives them. They just want more power – the ultimate power and control of the earth over all of creation.

The Jews have known how to create war, mischief, and shed blood. Through deception, they have been able to conceal all this information from the masses. Through deception, they have been able to successfully initiate and instigate new forms of mischief. Now they are being exposed because of their arrogance and due to the fact that individuals are keeping an open eye on them (and thanks to an information gathering system that we call the World Wide Web aka the Internet). They will soon be at the receiving end of what they have given to others. The Jews are racist supremacist terrorists and thieves. As long as Jews exist in the world, there will always be mass trouble. Anyone calling for unity of the goyim (i.e. Cattle) will get killed by the Jewish supremacist terrorist mafia. That is what eventually happened to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Tupac Amaru Shakur, amongst others.

Vigilante Justice

The main purpose of this operation is to get vigilante justice, mass executions, and immediate roundups for all the crimes of the Jews, both in the past, future, and present. We need to start rounding up Jews for all their scams, terrorism, wars, and what not. Our operation must succeed in arresting and executing publicly these Jews (which automatically includes significant portions of their community) and their Masonic pawns. The Jews are the world’s primary problem, and we must deal with them accordingly, before it is too late.


I personally can`t wait till the day when I make cool aid juice out of the blood of dead Jews!!!

Salman An-Noor Hossain

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World's Greatest Jew Hater and Hopefully the Greatest Jew Killer!
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