Islamic Resistance Warriors are Authentic Freedom Fighters not "Terrorists" or "Insurgents" – Special Message to the Turkish Brothers!


This is an open call and outright command/incitement for Muslims all around the world to go to jihad in their Old Countries and kill off all Western invaders and local collaborators in these places. Kill them wherever you find them, except those who willingly surrender (which is very few). Slaughter all the invaders (NATO troops, US/British/Canadian, other unwanted troops, and local collaborators). This video is a compilation and a series of highlights of amazing resistance operations by Muslim fighters in Iraq and Chechnya. It is mainly a set of operations conducted against American and Russian troops by various Islamic resistance groups. I encourage all the male Muslims of fighting age (16 to 55 years) who are watching these videos to immediately go to these theaters of war and participate in killing the soldiers and generals of these arrogant powers that have invaded your countries. Slaughter them without mercy.

To my Turkish brothers, you have just learnt how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has betrayed you. It shows that you should never make alliances or solid treaties with Jewish and Judeo-Christian nations. The Jews and certain Christians will always be allies, guardians, and protectors of each other. This was written in the Qur’an fourteen centuries ago. Here it is in clear English: “….O , you who belive [ in the message of Muhammad ], do not take Jews and Christians as awliya. They are awliya to one another, and the one among you who turns tot hem is of them, Truly God does not guide wrongdoing folk….” (Al Qur’an Surah 5 Verse 51). You have seen where such an alliance has lead you.

Furthermore, you were back-stabbed by the Western powers just like the native Americans were by the early Jews and Judeo-Christians who slaughtered them in the Americas. However, you are Muslims and will not tolerate any form of nonsense from them just like Native Americans were wrongfully forced to submit to their dictates and their treaties violated. It took millions of their dead and untold misery and suffering as well as centuries for them to get any form of minimal compensation.

My message to the Muslim Turks: you now have the full-fledged liberties to go to jihad in Afghanistan and start killing NATO troops there. We praise Tayyip Erdogan for proving to us what treachery NATO has conducted against its only Muslim-Majority member nation. It is understandable why you did join the Judeo-Christian alliance of Western nations. Your military and deep state intelligence agents in conjunction with various important bankers and politicians are well-known crypto-Jews often labelled as “Donmeh”. They forsake your interests for Israel and the Jew infested Western world (whose false notion of supremacy will not last very long). So start your operations abroad in killing Western soldiers occupying Muslim countries. Allahu Akbar!

Another set of Muslims should also arrange for foreign armies and navies with nuclear weapons to attack the following western nations: Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and last but not least the United States of America. When foreign nations do invade and destroy the West as they most certainly will, neither NORAD or AWACS radar systems will be able to defend an air assault. A couple of nuclear and neutron bomb assaults are all that we need to capitulate the Western powers. Our prime targets will be any major cities with Jews residing in them – generally the financial, military, and industrial centers of these nations.

My message and love to the various Islamic resistance groups worldwide: immediately step up your resistance operations and begin killing without any mercy the foreign armies that have entered your lands. Slaughter them and mutilate their bodies so that they their parents won’t even be able to recognize their corpses when they return. We are on the path towards victory through which nobody, except God the Exalted and Most High (Allah subhana wata’ala) can stop. Please continue on your multiple operations in killing all Western soldiers and their generals that have invaded your countries.

Warm greetings to the Mujahideen in Khorasaan (Afghanistsan) – the message from a former Canadian Muslim is this: step up your resistance operations and send all foreign soldiers to their graveyards. Create more mass graveyards and continue on filling up these graves with dead Western soldiers. We will send every single Western soldier back in a body bag. Every single one that comes within our radar will be killed without any mercy. We will bring the war to the West in a few years by arranging other nations to launch full scale invasions into these countries. The main target will be to get rid of the Jews in our midst.

To the Jews and their Western supporters, you better also watch this video as well. In a few years, when foreign armies enter and begin massacring you, you will need to engage in “terrorist” violence. So it is in your best interests to watch these “terrorist” operations being conducted against your troops overseas. In a few years you will need to carry out such “terrorist” operations against foreign armies that enter and kill you- whose main goal will be to destroy your nations and liquidate the Jews and their supporters.

Salman An-Noor Hossain

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  1. matt says:

    Jesus loves you.

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