The Jews and the West Must Be Nuked – Immediately – No Questions Asked!!!

This message is an urgent demand to the rest of the world that is against the Jews and their Western Collaborators. It is directed towards the Muslim populations in particular to take immediate action and follow the directions as stated in this commentary followed by the article below by Daud Miraki. The Jews have been behind all of the major wars against Muslim and other nations for the last four thousand years but more precisely targeting the former during the past three decades. The national media is mute about the real group instigating all these wars. The masses of the population is willingly accepting the bloodshed and actually playing along with the Jews. This is another good reason as to why the Jews and their Allies as a collective must be exterminated Afghanistan, Chechnya, Gaza, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia-style. Furthermore, the message out there for the Muslims in the West is that in order to improve your image and social standing, you must immediately prepare for the removal of Jews and their Gentile assets (Shabbos Goyim) from any positions of influence or power. The Jews can’t be allowed to manipulate things covertly from behind the scenes or overtly any longer. It is further demanded that true believing Muslims should immediately leave these countries that house Jews (Canada, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States, amongst others) which are at war with you and your religion, and arrange for the invasion of foreign troops into these countries. You need foreign intervention to protect yourselves. You can’t depend on these Jew founded and funded Human Rights organizations like “Amnesty International” (Peter Benenson a British Jewish lawyer/liar) and “Human Rights Watch” (Robert Bernstein) to protect your liberties or “rights”. Furthermore, these Jew infested and manipulated organizations may collect data on the liberties and abuses of so-called-”human rights” on Muslims, but the depth and depravity of the abuse tends to be often censored and downplayed especially when the perpetrators are the Jewish Community and their allies. Using Jewish subversive techniques and propaganda, they indirectly tend to provide justification for the slaughter of Muslims. Read in between the lines and you will see what I am saying. In other words they are not your friends regardless of what they say. What you as Muslims must do is immediately find ways to seize absolute power in the West in order to remove the Jewish security threat. Democracy is an impractical system that never existed in reality. So do not participate in this system – it will get you absolutely nowhere. Leave Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries where Jews reside and have subverted or attempt to completely dominate these societies. Then once you have traveled overseas, arrange for foreign armies to invade these countries immediately. We call for the nuclear annihilation of the Jews and their supporters in the West (specifically North America and Europe). The Jews and their Western supporters must be assaulted Hiroshima and Nagasaki style by dropping nuclear bombs on their respective nations. Why shouldn’t they be nuked? The Jews (Roosevelt, Churchill, McNamara, Stalin, and others) directed the nuclear bombing raids on these two Japanese cities in order to permanently destroy Japan as an imperial power in the Far East. The same should and will be done in the Western nations as well. It would be my ultimate wet dream to see half the population in the United States (150 million) and one third of Canadians (11 million) get slaughtered by nuclear bombs dropping from the sky. These are the numbers of people who believe in Jewish propaganda about “Islamic” terrorism and support the Global War against Islam/Muslims. There is no more time to deprogram them since they have become zombies. It is imperative to kill them off (counter-genocide and counter-mass murder) before they can kill more Muslims. I call upon all the Muslims to immediately leave the West and bring over organized armies of a million or more men to occupy, destroy,  counter-mass murder, and counter-genocide these people. Yes, I am purposely engaging in outright incitement to bring in foreign armies and slaughter those people who are slaughtering us. I am making sure that there are some Muslims out there who immediately read what I am writing and thereby arrange for the foreign armies to invade and slaughter the masses of Jew supporters. That wouldn’t be carrying out “terrorism” since according to the modern definition of that term, State powers which are involved in carrying out genocide and massacres are literally not terrorists.  Therefore, when foreign armies do enter and kill off entire populations and displace many more, we will not be calling them “terrorists”. This is an outright command for all other Muslims reading this to immediately do. I can feel the fear of death of the Jews and their supporters from thousands of miles away. Imagine what would happen when a real army does invade and begin carrying out a beautiful slaughter? There needs to be Jewish and other Western women delivering deformed babies suffering from depleted uranium, napalm, white phosphorous, and other related types of nuclear weapons just like those suffering in Afghanistan, Iraq, Occupied Palestine, Pakistan, and Yugoslavia (mostly Muslim-populated regions were bombed by NATO in 1999). I would love to see the Jews and their claims of Scientific progress be applied in real life by bringing back dead and deformed babies to life. Science is god to the Jews, so let them bring back their dead back to life. Significant portions of the people in the West have no honor. They love the Jews to such an extent that when this terrorist community attacks them in red flag operations (Kennedy Family assassinations starting with JFK till they killed his son, 1983 Beirut Barracks bombings, Oklahoma City, Alfred P. Murrah bombing, 1995 Khobar Towers Saudi Arabia, Pan-Am 103 bombing, TWA airplane bombing, Egypt Air attack, 1993 World Trade Center bombings, USS Cole attack, 9-11, 7-7, 3-11, Bali Nightclub Bombings, US Embassy bombings, amongst countless others), they purposely allow the Jews to fool them and then attack their enemies. Then after being killed by the Jews in terrorist attacks, even when the evidence is clear that the Jewish community perpetrated these atrocities, Muslims are blamed and killed overseas. Not only that, Muslims are continuously falsely accused and framed in the West for terrorist atrocities that they don’t do. Due to their willful blindness and covering up of authentic facts for public consumption and assault on the image of Islam and persecution of Muslims, these people need to be killed. It is due to the lack of dignity for the masses of people that not only do the Jews need to be killed of permanently, but their western supporters as well. Slaughtered without any mercy. Executed at point blank range while blindfolded and lined up against the wall – wall to wall. Killed the way the Afghani, Chechen, Iraqi, Kashmiri, Palestinian, and Somali Islamic resistance kills off their local traitors that collaborate with the enemy. The people in the West are cowards for the most part – they fear death and destruction. They could not psychologically handle a foreign army entering. Not just in Europe and/or Canada – but more specifically the United States of America. A proper invasion and genocide/slaughter is necessary to punish them. In my conversations with Canadian Special Forces who served in Afghanistan, over 1000 Canadian troops have been killed (Allahu Akbar!) which is much higher than than the officially stated figures. In my conversations with American troops who had fought in Iraq along with Arabic newspapers, close to another fifty thousand (fast approaching Vietnam figures) American troops have been killed in Iraq (Takbir – Allahu Akbar!). We must bring the war to the West – not by “false flag terrorism” Jewish style – but rather by lobbying as groups to arrange foreign arm
ies to enter and devastate with nuclear bombs these nations. Millions of the Western populations have to be killed off and permanently suffer with nuclear radiation since they openly co-operate with the Jews in the war on Islam. Today Muslims are called “terrorists” for defending their lands and honor and rightfully killing off foreign invaders. The Jews and their supporters can call us that. We don’t care. When foreign armies do enter the Western lands as they most certainly surely will without any shadow of doubt, and begin to successfully mass murder and/or carry out genocide against the Jews and their despicable bought out and/or brainwashed supporters, those amongst them that fight back shall also be labelled “terrorists” or “insurgents” even when they are engaging in combat that is backed by local support. Thus, the Jews and the West will be taught a major lesson on “terrorism”. Now it is imperative that all Muslim men of fighting age (16 – 55 years of age) in the West and other places to reach the war-zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine, Somalia, Southern Philippines, and elsewhere to kill off invaders and unwanted occupiers. It doesn’t matter what these evil Governments say and even if they make it “illegal”. Either that, or bring foreign armies into these lands of disbelief to completely wipe out the Enemies of God. Furthermore, I am no longer Canadian. I will not participate in a Judeo-Masonic “justice” system if I am apprehended, arrested, or extradited from my current location. I do not believe in “Canadian” values whatever they mean.I forfeit my Canadian Citizenship and will not literally participate in their fabricated Judicial (“jewdicial”) system. I forfeit that “privilege” or “right”. I ask all my readers who are Muslims, that if I do get arrested, apprehended, kidnapped, or killed due to the message which I am sending out, to step up and spread this message against the Jews and lobby for foreign powers to intervene, invade, and destroy the Western nations. It is necessary to continue on what I am doing – telling the truth about the Jewish people and bringing in foreign troops in the West to exterminate them and their supporters just like they kill us overseas and frame us in their countries. They will not let us live in peace. We must kill them off. As many of them as possible. I am calling for other nations to engage in collateral damage against Western countries by nuking them off the map. Foreign armies should enter and kill off millions of Jews and their supporters the way they do to Muslim nations. Some of us will not rest until that happens. The quicker it happens, the better it is for all of us! Salman An-Noor Hossain For any questions or comments, one can reach my official spokesperson

Death Made In America
Wondering if your conscience is still anesthetized
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD Exclusive To 4-29-6
I took this photo on the last day of my journey: one the triplets
Afghanistan is has become the disaster words could not describe, hence, I decided to illustrate this disaster via these photos of babies born deformed.
On many occasions, I pointed out that we need funds to build a research institute and the linked monitoring stations. Unfortunately, majority of you simply brushed off my request. I wonder if these photos could elevate your humanity that has been overwhelmed by your comfortable life and materials desires.
Again, it is up to you, to do whatever you think is human; that should not be too difficult. The funds for the research institute are very small price you have to pay after all your tax dollars have created this disaster. Whether you like it, admit or deny it, it does not absolve you from the indirect complicity in these war crimes.
If everyone visiting this web site pays the amount they spend on soft drinks in a month, we would have the funds to build our research facility:
The parents of this child do not give a damn about your freedom BS or some other garbage
Due to the use of massive amount of uranium munitions used by the US forces in the initial bombing and subsequently, massive amount of congenital deformities occur all over Afghanistan. The rate of various cancers has gone up significantly. Leukemia and esophageal cancers are very high among children. According to doctors at maternity and children hospitals in Kabul, the rate of various congenital deformities have increased by many folds since the US invasion. In fact, the magnitude of man made isotopes was established by the Uranium Medical Research Center after their investigators made to trips to Afghanistan and collected urine and soil samples. They established that the rate of man made isotopes was gone up 2000 times in some subjects located near the bombed areas.
Since uranium used in the weapons have a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the US forces ensured that generations of Afghans suffer from cancers and deformities. This is certainly not development. In fact, it is the biggest crime ever committed by anyone in the history of humanity.
There has been a lot of talk of reconstruction and rebuilding, but this issue could only be understood if one compares the substance against the rhetoric and the large amount of money allocated for the so-called reconstruction. Of all the whooplas made of reconstruction, the US and its client regime has only inaugurated the truck route-highway-between Kabul and Kandahar. This hallmark of achievement that the US brags about was completed 40 percent during the Taliban government. While the highway is inaugurated, it still needs significantly additional work to remain intact. The inauguration of the highway was a political ploy aimed to convince the critiques that the reconstruction has been going smooth. It is hardly so.
When I entered Afghanistan from Pakistan, the lack of achievement was evident. For the past three years, there have been construction efforts underway to pave the road from Torkham, the entry point from Pakistan to Afghanistan, to the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the Pakistani contractors are more interested to have their tea breaks rather than to do any rebuilding. I brought up this issue with the authorities in Kabul, but to avail.
After reaching Jalalabad, I was further surprised to see the roads in the city with massive potholes, unpaved roads, hence, tremendous amount of dust blown in every direction. The reason for the lack of work in Jalalabad, as is the case almost every where in Afghanistan, corrupt officials eager to make money than to worry about the welfare of the people.
If a Mayor is appointed to a town or city, the would be mayor has to pay $40,000 bribe since he would be making more than $400,000 in selling government land to the highest bidder.
The magnitude of corruption is not limited to a province, but rather officials in the central government in Kabul are equally complicit in massive corruption and inefficiency which I would discuss shortly. S
ince the main road to Kabul is under construction for the past three years-we had to take a mountain pass called Lataband, which is a very rugged mountain terrain with huge rocks and massive potholes widespread for miles on. Once I reached Kabul, I stopped complaining about the Lataband road-after all Lataband is a mountain pass-Kabul the capital city lacked paved roads with exception of very few. The government in Kabul has not done anything of substance whether it pertains to infrastructure, housing, sanitation or drinking water. These are the essential elements of survival in any city. There are several reasons for the lack of progress. Some of the reasons are fundamentally flawed while others are bureaucratic hurdles and corruption. The fundamental flaws are situated in the free market approach superimposed on Afghanistan. There are two aspects of the free market that impedes the reconstruction of basic infrastructure in Kabul, one is the idea that money spent has to be invested with a return in mind, second, basic development should be contracted to private sector. Both of these issues have impeded the rebuilding of infrastructure.
In the first half of the 20th century, the Afghan government asked for a loan from the US government to build basic infrastructure-paved roads in Kabul, the government and the bank refused the loan on the ground that building roads in Kabul is not profitable investment. The government in Kabul at that time, argued that for any profitable enterprise to succeed basic infrastructure has to be built. So there is very little amount allocated for rebuilding basic infrastructure. It is worth noting that part of the blame goes to the international reconstruction aid as it is dispersed in such a way that some amount is allocated to the government in Kabul while the rest goes to the countless NGOs. Since the first problem, namely investment with a profit in mind, does not materialize in the construction of roads, efforts are made to resolve that problem through contracting out construction of roads to private sector. Thus, contracting out roads to private sector would mean money for contractors, hence, compensate for the lack of profitability associated with paving roads. This created another problem.
Once a road is contracted out, the private contracting firm resort to delaying tactics associated with feasibility study and other related issues in order to fatten its return. This delayed tactic does not serve peoples’ needs and the roads remain unpaved. For example, the road from Kabul’s airport to the presidential palace was contracted out three years ago it was still not built. This practice of contracting out projects adds to unemployment. Had the government adopted a different method, perhaps by hiring local laborers and using machinery, the chronic unemployment would be reduced, thus, people would have some food on the table.
Three weeks ago, Karzai announced that the road in the Dasht-e-Barchi area repaired and built. The allocated funding is $10,000000 ten million dollars. This is an outrage. Ten million dollars could repair all the roads in the capital, Kabul if only the function is taken over by the ministry of public works.
The Free Market Nonsense:
In order to please the US administration, the regime in Kabul advocated the notion of ‘free market’ as if this would become a panacea for the national economy. On the contrary, the so-called free market scheme had been tried in the past-the 1930s– that resulted in fruitless consumerism of imported goods, which otherwise would have been produced domestically. Moreover, the consumption of luxuries received more priority than investment in productive sectors of the economy. A handful of businessmen and investors became rich while the rest of the country remained poor and destitute. Today, in the post-Taliban Afghanistan, the consumption of goods such as television sets and satellite dishes are more important than worrying about clean water and proper schooling. After all, as long as capitalism had brought the culture of corruption and entertainment, other necessities become secondary. Meanwhile, people with money import these goods, pocket their profits and leave. The desire of the installed regime to collect custom duties contributes to the perpetuation of underdevelopment.
Corruption also plays a significant role in the continuation of import than investment in productive infrastructure. For example, for the past 2-3 years over 100,000 tons of cement is imported while the construction plans of four cement factories collect dust. The official reason is that the country does not have a mining law. This year alone 380,000 tons of cement is imported this year alone. The question is how long does it take to formulate a mining law; it has been three years. The profit margin for dealers has skyrocketed while the long-term development prospects have waned down with every imported bag of cement.
With the collapse of Taliban, a very profitable, yet nasty sector of the economy has risen to new heights. Organized crime is an extension of what used to be warlords and their armies of bandits. With the warlords and other officials of the Northern Alliance occupying official positions, their former foot soldiers are equipped with new weapons and Toyota trucks, Landcruisers, with only one aim to kidnap people from diverse backgrounds for large sums of money. Once the money is secured, the government officials, who are also leading these bandits, keep 80 percent for themselves and 20 percent for their men.
The Italian aid worker, who was kidnapped in Kabul in broad daylight, was a victim of these organized bandits. After she was released, the government claimed that it secured the release of the aid worker through negotiation, but the truth is otherwise. The kidnappers received 5 million dollars. Those poor souls that can not afford paying ransoms end up dead.
Other groups of criminals kidnap children for money as well as for their organs. This is an epidemic that people sought Talibans’ assistance for in the mid-1990s, however, it appears that this is no longer an issue for the US occupation force and their puppets after all when it comes to crimes what could be more criminal that using WMD against civilian population. The US forces have used uranium weapons against the people of Afghanistan, and continue to commit crimes that dwarf what the organized criminals are doing. The followings are some of the examples of the brutality of the US forces in Afghanistan:
Rape and Murder by the US forces
In the Bagrami area of Kabul, the US forces assaulted a small enclave of nomads. The US forces flew over this enclave and saw nomad women near their tents. They landed their helicopter and kidnapped these women by gunpoint. Subsequently, the US soldiers flew away with these women to some location, where these women are gang-raped. After these women were raped and died in the process, the soldiers flew them back to the community from where they were kidnapped. However, this time the helicopter did not land, instead, t
he women were thrown down from the helicopter. This is not unique for the US forces since they committed similar crimes in Vietnam. American forces are too much of cowards to have landed because they knew they would be shot in revenge.
Another incident occurred when a US helicopter spotted an old shepherd grazing his animals. The shepherd was 70 years old but this did not appear to matter to the US forces. The helicopter landed and raped the old man. His relatives told me that on the one hand we are furious about the crime committed by these beasts, but on the other hand we are curious “what kind of rotten people Americans are.”
In another incident, a truck driver was driving his truck north from the Kabul, passing the US base in Bagram when the US patrol stopped him. In the passenger seat of the truck a young boy was sitting. This young man wanted to learn driving a truck, but tragically for him, the Americans noticed him and asked him to step out. The young man stepped out and the soldiers took him away from the truck and gang raped him. When the boy returned to the truck, he was crying and furious. Later that day, he committed suicide. This is another gift of the US’s democracy.
In the American military base Bagram, north of Kabul, 15 translators while working for the US forces were gang raped by the very forces for which they worked. Although I have no sympathy for those that work for the US forces, however, no one should be subjected to such extreme cruelty. One of the translators said,
“Around 25 to 30 American soldiers enter the area where we were sleeping and started raping us. I was conscious until to the third soldier started raping me and then lost consciousness.” (Hamid-translator for the US forces, June 2005)
In Badakhshan province, the US soldiers had taken forty (40) women and extracted their teeth for oral sex. One member of the parliament, who is a close supporter of Karzai, said:
“The issue of these women treated in such a miserable way was about to get some publicity, however, the US officials made sure that this does not happen.” (Parliament member–I can not reveal his name)
In another incident, the US forces were searching local houses between JalaAbad and Kabul, when they entered and tried to search the house, they came across the woman of the house, since she was very beautiful, the soldiers decided to take her to the US base. The husband was not at home. When he returned from Peshawar, he went to get his wife. He told his wife,
“To me you are now my mother and sister, I can not touch you any more, but tell me if they have violated your dignity? ‘They raped me by force, I was conscious for the first three men, then lost consciousness’.” (The husband whose name I can not reveal his name. He joined Taliban afterward and I do not blame him.)
A young man committed suicide in the Laic-e-Mariam in KairKhana area after the Americans in an NGO raped his sister.
These are some of the very few examples of the many crimes committed by the US forces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, the coward officials of the puppet regime call it reconstruction. To add insult to injury, the two American soldiers, who murdered two detainees at Bagram airbase, received only 2 and 3 months in jail for crime ruled homicide by the US medical examiners. The two detainees were beaten at their legs while hanging from the ceiling until their legs “pulverized”. The term “pulverized” was used by the medical examiner to articulate the magnitude of the fatal injury and the inhumane way of murdering. When one of the victims asked for water, the soldier poured water over his face; subsequently, the poor man died. This is American reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Life for Ordinary People
There is absolutely no hope for the Afghans. The billions of dollars of development aid did not benefit ordinary Afghans. Abject poverty is the rule of the day. Orphans and widows roam the streets to make a living. The NGOs and foreign advisors enjoy life to the fullest. They are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, enjoy luxury vehicles and houses, while ordinary Afghans die from homelessness, hunger and disease.
In light of the London donor conference, which would amount to nothing considering the legacy of so-called reconstruction in Afghanistan; it is prudent to make some points.
It is a tragedy of immense proportion that no one even dare to address the abomination that is called life with inevitable demise at every corner resulting from the massive amount of uranium munitions used by the American forces and their allies. Our so-called Afghans self-sold surrogates are more than happy to jump on the bandwagon and express their gratitude for the token thrown at our people when in fact their entire existence is put in question by the massive use of weapons of mass destruction. Let the progress of the Bonn agreement tell the children of Tora Bora and Shah-e-Kot suffering from Leukemia and Esophageal cancers, or the massive number of sudden abortions occurring among women and animals in those areas.
Another legacy is the corruption of bribery and sheer robbery by the officials of this puppet regime eager to make dollars. Unfortunately, they do not even accept Afghan currency but rather demand dollars. According to an Afghan commission, the amount of bribes paid in Afghanistan ranges from 20 Afghani to 15,000000 Dollars. In a country where an experience medical technologist is paid $40/month, the millions of dollars paid in bribe point to the magnitude of profit individuals and companies expected to enjoy.
Abject poverty is every where and hopes of revival are no where. The billions of dollars donated went into the pockets of NGOs and powerful government officials, while the poor remains poor.
Another problem is Americanization of the system, namely whole sale firing of professionals with decades of experience under the pretext of making hospitals and offices efficient. The truth is the US wants to implement capitalism in Afghanistan and bring open market when in fact no has food to eat or money to pay for healthcare. The shortage of physicians and health technicians is ignored for the sake of this garbage called free market. Now there are no private companies to hire these professionals with decades of experience. It would have been nice if other opportunities existed, but there are none.
Today in Afghanistan, there are a few very rich and the rest extremely poor thanks to the United States of America.
Afghan Resistance and US losses:
The Afghan resist
ance fighters consist of Pashtuns, entirely. The East, Southeast, South and Southwest, West and part of Central area of Afghanistan are the most volatile. The US forces have lost a lot of soldiers there. In fact, ordinary Afghans used to wondered about the US losses and started to believe a myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan must come from orphanages in the US, hence, their death is not missed by anyone. To the Afghans, it does not make sense when so many soldiers lose their lives and yet there has not been any outrage on the part of the families of those soldiers. Thus, ordinary Afghans started this myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan are from orphanages since this was the only rational explanation they could find.
Before going to Afghanistan, different sources claimed that American dead were kept refrigerated on board ships in the Arabian Sea and at US bases in the Middle East. When I went to Afghanistan, many people within the Afghan Ministry of Defense told me similar stories that American dead are stored in refrigerated containers on board ships and at the US bases in the Middle East. In fact, one translator, who was working with the US forces, told me that he had seen refrigerated containers filled with dead US soldiers. The following two incidents should give a glimpse into the US losses and lies about those losses there.
Around June 12, 2005, an Afghan resistance fighter rammed an explosives laden vehicle into the US military convey in Kandahar. The result was severe losses for the US military. Initially, the media reported that five American soldiers were killed, then later that figure was abandoned and replaced with only four wounded. However, the truth was completely different. An eyewitness, Haji Habib told us an entirely different account of the losses:
“A suicide bomber slammed his vehicle into the US convey. The vehicle must have been full of powerful explosives because the explosion was really loud and shattering. After the dust and smoked settled, I counted the charred bodies. There were 39 charred bodies. The American cleanup team came with cranes and picked the destroyed armored vehicles and dead bodies before anyone could take photographs.” (Haji Habib: June 14, 2005-my first trip)
In another incident around the 22nd of May 2005, the US forces lost 75 soldiers along with three tanks and three armored vehicles in Helmand province in Southwestern Afghanistan. This occurred when the US unit went to the province and arrested a former Mujahideen commander. The eyewitness, a translator, who witnessed and counted the dead bodies at Kandahar airport after being transported from Helmand described the operation as follows:
“The Americans went to Helamd to arrest a former commander. When they arrested him, his villagers and former Mujahideen fighters blocked the retreat of the US forces. The US forces fired at the men standing in their way, killing six of them. Since the rest of the fighters had already taken positions, the Americans were bombarded with RPG-7 grenade-launchers and heavy machinegun fire. In the firefight, the arrested commander was also martyred but also 75 American soldiers were killed, three of their tanks and three armored vehicles were also destroyed. When the American reinforcement arrived, all the Mujahideen fighters were long gone. Instead, the US helicopters bombed civilian areas.” (Abdul Ali-eyewitness to the fight)
At the end of February 2006, in Uruzgan province an American convey was ambushed and 29 American soldiers were killed, while officially they admitted only four. These are just few of the many unreported losses of the US soldiers in Afghanistan.
For those of you who would make the argument that we were attacked by Bin Laden and the Taliban refused to hand him over even though we refused to show his involvement, here is a piece of information revealed by Vice President Cheney. His answer to a question from the Tony Snow Show via telephone, and the link below is that of the White House:
Q: I want to be clear because I’ve heard you say this, and I’ve heard the President say it, but I want you to say it for my listeners, which is that the White House has never argued that Saddam was directly involved in September 11th, correct?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: That’s correct. We had one report early on from another intelligence service that suggested that the lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta, had met with Iraqi intelligence officials in Prague, Czechoslovakia. And that reporting waxed and waned where the degree of confidence in it, and so forth, has been pretty well knocked down now at this stage, that that meeting ever took place. So we’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming. But there — that’s a separate proposition from the question of whether or not there was some kind of a relationship between the Iraqi government, Iraqi intelligence services and the al Qaeda organization.
So the US bombed Afghanistan and killed tens of thousands of people and turned the country into a uranium hellhole on a hunch?
Obviously so, and that is why, they could never produce an ounce of proof of his complicity in the attacks.
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
Director Afghan DU & Recovery Fund
My contact:
Dr. Mohammed Daud Mirak
Hello Jeff,
For the past few days, I have been going through hell receiving rotten and hate-filled email from some of the sick and stupid people in America.
They make fun of the babies…and they curse Islam and I and my family.
Now I know why many Afghans view Americans no longer as ‘civilians’…and often describe them as legitimate ‘military targets’ anywhere in the world. How tragic. How sad.
What has happened to America’s soul?
Kind Regards,
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