Jewish Terrorist Community Planning False Flag Operations Against The United States In Order to Blame the Pakistani Taliban!

Every Muslim in the United States should immediately leave the country as there will be a terrorist attack perpetrated by the Jewish community which will be blamed on them. The treatment of the Muslim population will be worse than what had happened to the Japanese during World War 2. Therefore it is either the Jews get interned by Security Forces loyal to America and not the terrorist Jewish people, or the Muslims arrange for foreign armies to invade North America and Europe in order to get rid of the Jewish cancer residing within it. There is no possible way the Pakistani Taliban, an organization with some links to Western-Jewish Intelligence (MI-5/CIA/Mossad) can carry out terrorist operations in North America. They have also accused the brothers in Al Shabaab and other Islamic resistance groups in Somalia for attempting to infiltrate the porous border with Mexico to carry out terror operations in the West. In order to win the war, we will have to literally bring in foreign soldiers in North America to fight and kill millions just to bring out the truth in which terroristic genocidal community (the Children of the Apes and Pigs also known today as “Jews”) is carrying out most terror bombings today and blaming them on innocent Muslims. When foreign troops enter North America and Europe to massacre Jews, those that engage in militant resistance (even if supported by the majority of the peoples) will also be stamped out as being either “insurgents” and/or “terrorists”.
Source: Associated Press – May 29, 2010

The U.S. military is developing plans for a unilateral attack on the Pakistani Taliban in the event of a successful terrorist strike in the United States that can be traced to them, The Washington Post reports.

Planning for a retaliatory attack was spurred by ties between alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad and elements of the Pakistani Taliban, the Post said in an article posted on its website Friday night, quoting unidentified senior military officials.

The military would focus on air and missile strikes but also could use small teams of U.S. Special Operations troops currently along the border with Afghanistan, the Post said.

Airstrikes could damage the militants’ ability to launch new attacks but also might damage U.S.-Pakistani relations.

The CIA already conducts unmanned drone strikes in the country’s tribal regions. Officials told the Post that a U.S. military response would be considered only if a terrorist attacks persuaded President Barack Obama that the CIA campaign is ineffective.

A senior U.S. official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Pakistan already has been told that it has only weeks to show real progress in a crackdown against the Taliban.

The U.S. has put Pakistan “on a clock” to launch a new intelligence and counterterrorist offensive against the group, which the White House alleges was behind the Times Square bombing attempt, according to the official.

U.S. officials also have said the U.S. reserves the right to strike in the tribal areas in pursuit of Osama bin Laden and other high-value targets.

At the same, the Obama administration is working to improve ties with Pakistani intelligence officials to head off attacks by militant groups, the Post reported.

Officials quoted by the Post and the AP requested anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding U.S. military and intelligence activities in Pakistan.

Associated Press writer Kimberly Dozier contributed to this report.

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