Jews Behind Insurgency/ Militancy / Terrorism In Iran

Even though this group, Jundullah, initially started out as a potentially legitimate resistance organization against the Iranian government for the independence of Balochistan, it ended up spinning itself into a terrorist organization when it started killing innocent civilians on purpose under direct orders from their Jew masters in Washington, Tel Aviv, and NATO. It was also subverted by the Jews from seeking an autonomous or independent Sistan-Baluchistan, into carrying out operations against the central government of Tehran, Iran which was way out of its reach and potential if it did not have foreign Jewish backing. Now we have to recognize the fact that a Sunni insurgent group which could have had popular support if it had operated itself under Islamic principles, ends up being shunned by everybody in Sistan-Baluchistan. It’s important to note here that despite being funded, trained, provided material support, and its operations directed by Jews running the United States government (Richard Holbrooke) and the Israelis from Tel Aviv (in addition to NATO), it was not able to succeed in killing or injuring that many people. This article lists a figure of 409 people that were killed or injured during its reign of operations. That proves that the so-called “Muslim terrorism” which the criminal Jewish terrorist community promotes as being a threat to global stability can kill less people than those dying of heart attacks every year. There is no “Muslim terrorism”, which is often lead by inexperienced and untrained amateurs. If Israelis and Americans invade Iran, the Jewish terrorist community will enter and engage in terrorist activities which will kill hundreds and thousands of people as their operations have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia. Thus, a so-called “Muslim terrorist” group is not capable of even killing and/or injuring half a thousand people (many targets of whom are in fact legitimate during guerilla warfare) over an eight year period as a gentile proxy for the Jews. This means that criminal proxies working for Jewish terrorists are very amateurish and not capable of inflicting massive fatalities or even property damage. Any terrorist attack which has massive casualties, especially when purposefully targeting innocent civilians, certainly has Jewish hands involved in perpetrating these atrocities often directly (instead of using amateur unreliable proxies).

Source: WakeupFromYourSlumber

Abdolmalek Rigi, the ringleader of Jundallah, is a man who has admitted to taking up “arms at the age of nineteen,” and has organized and carried out various terrorist attacks since then.

Jundallah, under his command, has carried out numerous terrorist attacks, bombings and assassinations in Iran. In one of its most vicious attacks, the terror group killed around 40 people in Pishin, a city in the southwest of Iran.

Abdolmalek was born in 1979 in the southeastern Iranian Province of Sistan-Baluchestan. Iranian security forces arrested him while he was onboard a flight from the UEA’s Dubai to Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek in late February.

After his arrest, the ringleader confessed that Western intelligence agencies supported his terror activities against Iran.

His logic for killing and injuring more than 409 people is one that most would find ludicrous. But there are those who have taken full advantage of his radical beliefs and appetite for recognition.

Documents have surfaced alluding to a relationship between Jundallah, NATO and Israel, and Rigi himself has described various meetings with their representatives.

State sponsored terrorism and the way certain groups are put on various terrorist lists and others are not has created a state of confusion and unease in the global community, especially among those who are not protected from either.

Rigi’s terrorist organization emerged and gained strength in the Eastern border of Iran in 2003.

Sistan-Baluchistan is where Jundallah first surfaced.

Abdolmalek Rigi: I was put in charge of the group. We have carried out several operations since then. Among them were the Darzin, Tasooki, Pishin and the Abi-Ibne-Abitalib attacks. Many people have been killed or injured.

The province’s proximity to Pakistan and the poverty inflicting the region have created a suitable environment for extremism to flourish.

The tribal systems governing the region play a part in the formation of such groups as well. Rigi himself was an individual hungry for power, who wanted to ascend the ranks and assert his influence and beliefs among his people.

Jundallah’s initial attacks targeted border guards. But things soon became much more serious. Civilians were held up on highways and shot at point blank range. Car bombs were detonated killing passersby and hostages were beheaded by Rigi himself.

An interesting fact is that from the very first, Jundallah got extensive media attention. State TV channels such as Voice of America and Al Arabia, provided a platform for Rigi to express his views and broadcast footage of beheading and the like.

Instigating fear was the goal and the media coverage Jundallah received served that purpose. On 23 February 2010, Abdolmalek Rigi was captured by Iranian security forces.

Only 24 hours later Rigi admitted that his activities were being supported by western countries, mainly by the United States. Rigi has described his meeting with the US representatives with confidence and great pride, considering it an achievement to be recognized by Washington.

Abdolmalek Rigi: A high-ranking CIA official said it would be difficult for them to launch a military strike on Iran, but they had a plan to help any anti-government group or organization with the potential to pick up arms, and fight the Islamic Republic and not just any country. He told me that my group had the ability to pose a serious challenge to the Iranian government.

Two months later, Rigi elaborated on his ties with NATO and Israel. He said in order to keep Jundallah alive, he had to establish connection with not only Washington but Tel Aviv as well.

Abdolmalek Rigi: Mr. Nasser Boleidehi sent me an email. Nasser himself is the spokesman for the Baluchistan’s People’s Party which is a secular ethnic party.

In the email, he said a group of NATO officials wanted to meet you and that he could make that meeting possible if I okayed it.

After a few days, Yasin Ahvazi sent me an email saying the same thing. Now he is a member of the Al Ahvaz Arab People’s Party.

My answer to Yasin’s e-mail was affirmative. He asked where to set up the meeting. They wanted it to be in Morocco. One of my friends, Salam Azizi, and I went to Karachi. After that Yasin sent us our visas and we bought tickets for Karachi.

When we flew in, Yasin Ahvazi picked us up from the airport. He took us to a hotel called Al Hyatt, where we stayed and he left. Hours later Yasin came back to take us to the meeting.

One of their main demands was that we take the battles from Baluchistan and border areas to the center. That would be in both their interest and ours. Because the areas where we did out operations didn’t impact the government much, neither politically nor economically.

But if we took the fight to the center, the government wouldn’t know what it’s up against.

While describing his activities, Rigi has mentioned two names, Nasser Boleidehi and Yasin Ahvazi. But who are they?

Nasser Boleidehi is the founder of the Baluchistan’s People’s Party, which was founded in Sweden with the main objective of winning autonomy for the Sistan-Baluchistan province.

But the guy between Jundallah, Israel and NATO was Yasin Ahvazi. He is a member of the Al Ahvazie group, which is fighting to separate Khuzestan province from Iran.

This group has carried out various terrorist attacks in different parts of this province, which have killed many innocent civilians.

Jundallah is fighting for the breakaway of Sistan Baluchistan province in Iran’s southeast. Al Ahvazie is carrying out terrorist operations with the same goal in Khuzestan, Iran’s southwestern province.

These two groups have been brought together in various meetings with the NATO and Israeli representatives. But both these groups and the governments supporting them have clearly stated their goal to destabilize Iran.

Naturally by cooperating they present a much bigger threat to Iran and that is what they are doing.

Evidence and confessions say NATO cooperated with Jundallah, so to find out what the alliance has to say about the matter, Press TV went to Brussels to meet with NATO spokesperson.

James Appathurai: Certainly not. I have no information that any NATO official met with any one from that organization, let alone the leader of it.

I had seen reports in the media that he had said that he had met with the NATO secretary general. None of this is true. I don’t even know what he said, but certainly the press reports are inaccurate.

Abdolmalek’s meetings with people introducing themselves as Israeli NATO representatives were ongoing.

Only two months after their first talks, Rigi was invited to Morocco for further negotiations.

Abdolmalek Rigi: After two months, in June, Mr. Yasin Ahvazi emailed me again, telling me that they wanted to meet me again and insisted that he would also like to be present in the meeting. Through the link that we had established in our first trip to Morocco, they emailed, and we got visas and went to Morocco just like the previous time.

In the second meeting a third person was present. This man introduced himself as the guy who would get Jundallah into national media coverage.

Abdolmalek Rigi: They told us they would help get our voice heard in the media and asked us to give interviews every now and then, particularly after each successful operation which is an important time to get your views heard.

But of course Jundallah was not going to get support and immediate coverage for free. The group would have to submit to various demands put forth by the so-called representatives.

The most important condition set for Rigi to consider was for Jundallah’s operations to move from Sistan-Baluchistan to the capital, Tehran.

Abdolmalek Rigi: They told us they would provide us with the names, addresses, pictures and any information needed on individuals on their hit list. They even offered to provide the necessary equipment we’d need to carry out our attacks in cities where those individuals were to be murdered; things like explosives and other things normally used in terrorist operations.

They also promised us huge sums of money in return for every attack that was of course apart from the amount we would get for merely cooperating with them.

Israel has launched a covert war against Iran. Part of that war is to hinder Iran’s nuclear energy program, that when realized will reduce the effect of sanctions and western pressure on Iran.

Abdolmalek Rigi: We all thought we had a common enemy after all. Therefore, it didn’t matter who supported us, be it Israel, NATO, or anyone else. Their demands were the same as our goals, and so we thought, we’d be able to work together and carry out our plans.

We handed them a list of the military equipment we needed, things that are usually used in gorilla warfare. They said they’d arrange for us to receive the equipment we needed, in areas where we were supposed to carry out the attacks. Alternatively, they asked us to give them the GPS coordinates, so they could deliver the weapons at the particular point we needed, be it in Pakistan or along the Iranian border.

Such operations can be crippling, it doesn’t matter much when 10, 20 or 100 ordinary people, soldiers or even military personnel are killed in an attack. Because there will be plenty of other people to fill in their positions. But if you take down a government official for instance, it will cut a huge swathe.

During a Hajj ceremony in Saudi Arabia, two of Rigi’s top aids were arrested. The Jundallah ringleader failed to get them released by calling Saudi officials, so he turned to his newfound friends for assistance, and they did not let him down.

Abdolmalek Rigi: Saudi Intelligence arrested two of my men while on Hajj. We tried a lot to get the Saudi’s to release the two, but didn’t get anywhere.

Then we contacted Farough to help win their freedom, through the so-called NATO or Israeli agents. They said they’d do their best and let us know if they succeeded.

They called us after a few days telling us they could get them released in a matter of few days. After three or four days, both of them were released.

Yet again Rigi was invited to a meeting with his benefactors, this time in Bahrain and then in Singapore. Rigi sent a representative called Farough but he was detained by security forces. The situation was deteriorating, so the meetings were cancelled, but the release of Farough was also secured by Rigi’s sponsors.

Abdolmalek Rigi: Farough called my allies here and told them he had been arrested. Again they called those Israeli or NATO agents and told them that Farough had been arrested at Bahrain airport. Those same agents won his freedom too.

Rigi now believes he was guided by hatred and what he has done have been wrong.

Abdolmalek Rigi: There is no doubt what I did was a result of ignorance and superficiality. Any way you slice it, even with the relations I had with certain countries, the things I did, were all a result of ignorance, which was coupled with hatred; and hatred will mess up the mind.

The only thing I can do now is repent for my sins. No one should shed the blood of a fellow human being as long as their conscience, their heart, their faith, and their religion have allowed it.

Despite Jundallah’s various terrorist operations, the group has not been put down on the US terrorist list. Washington has only gone so far as to condemn Rigi’s group to save face, which certainly has not served to weaken the group.

However, with all the evidence adding up, it seems as if the US is not just ignoring but supporting Jundallah.

Source :PressTV

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