Jewish Terrorist Community Planning Another Bombing to Blame On Innocent Muslims?

The Jews are extremely vile creatures. Even when they caught carrying out terrorist bombings against innocent targets which they will carry out in order to falsely blame Muslims, they continue on with their charade in order to attack Islam. The only way this will end is when Israel is gone and Jews are permanently ostracized and eventually extinguished from the face of the earth. Time is running out for them now!

May 17-18, 2010 — False flag terrorist attempt reported from Chile

Pakistani national Mohammed Saif-ur-Rehman Khan, arrested last week in Santiago, Chile after an explosives detector at the U.S. embassy in Santiago picked up traces of TNT and and Tetryl, another explosive compound, on his cell phone and papers. A later police search of Khan’s apartment revealed traces of the explosives on Khan’s suitcase and clothes.

Chilean judge Carolina Araya ruled that Khan was not a flight risk and ordered him released from jail. The U.S. maintains that Khan is on a US terrorist watch list. Chilean and US investigators interrogated Khan at Santiago’s maximum security prison without charges being brought against the Pakistani.

Chilean human rights activists are concerned that the neo-Pinochet government of President Sebastian Pinera will restore U.S.-Chilean intelligence cooperation not witnessed since Operation Condor of the 1970s, with Muslims and Arabs being targeted for surveillance and torture instead of leftist activists and trade unionists.

The U.S. embassy in Santiago is trying to establish a link between Khan, an unnamed Egyptian, and a Pakistani contact in Caracas, Venezuela. Pakistani ambassador to Chile, Burhanul Islam, believes Khan is being framed. The United States embassy is also suggesting that Khan was involved with unnamed “activists” in Canada, Michigan, South Africa, and Venezuela. There is a suggestion by some in U.S. intelligence that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was secretly involved in flying Khan and the unnamed Egyptian to Chile but others scoff at the notion and point out that Khan was “invited” to the embassy to discuss his U.S. visa revocation.

A false flag operation involving the CIA and Chilean security is the likely explanation for the incident, according to WMR’s sources.

The U.S. ambassador to Chile, Paul Simons, appears to have a problematic background in dealing with the Khan case. Previously, Simons was in charge of applying economic sanctions against countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan, and previously was the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv.

The consensus among our Chilean sources is that the Khan incident is reminiscent of the false flag bombings of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992. That attack was blamed on Iran and Hezbollah. The Argentine, Israeli, and US governments blamed the bombing, which killed 29 people, on a Hezbollah suicide truck driver. However, an Argentine Supreme Court investigation later determined that the bomb that destroyed the embassy was placed within the structure on the first floor and in a secure area.

In 1994, another false flag bombing destroyed the AMIA Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, killing 85. Again, Iran and Hezbollah were blamed by the governments of Argentina, Israel, and the U.S., with the suggestion that an Iranian diplomat provided an explosive-laden van to a Hezbollah suicide bomber. Again, an investigation was conducted and there was evidence that the explosion came from within the Jewish center. A US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agent concluded the blast was not external and US ambassador to Argentina James Cheek stated there was never any evidence of Iranian involvement in the attack.

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