Mississauga Jew Terrorizes Local Politician Bob Dechert

Mikhail Khavkine decides to commit arson against the local conservative MP Bob Dechert’s office after they are not able to take care of his selfish needs. According to the current  definition of “terrorism”, a non-state actor that applies force to achieve a political objective is a “terrorist”. In this case, he wanted to use his alleged selfish interests as an excuse to apply terror to a local politician. This means that the Jew, Khavkine, according to a post 9-11 world would be defined as a terrorist exerting terror. He used fear and terror as an attempt to intimidate Bob Dechert in fulfilling his selfish desires. This was  clearly a psychological terror operation carried out by this clearly psychopathic Jew. Notice if he had been of a Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Islamic background, even if he’s non-religious or secular, he would have been labelled as a “Muslim terrorist” or “Islamic terrorist”. Note that Khavkine is a Russian Jewish name. We must all start keeping an eye out and constant surveillance on all Ethnic Jews in Europe and North America as being potentially violent terrorists. The only question we have to ask ourselves is whether this form of terrorizing behavior  is psychologically ingrained in Jews through indoctrination at an early age or whether it is genetically inherent in them and therefore they are doomed to behave this way for eternity (or till death that is).

Here is evidence from Avotaynu, a website which has a database of Jewish names from various European nations. The name “Khavkine” is listed in 7 different databases from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, the Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland), regions within the Pale of Settlement from the  former Russian empire, and other places worldwide. The frequencies in which the name appears in various databases proves beyond a shadow of doubt that it is not a name the Jews may have from the gentile host nations in which they have resided in. The name has no Aryan, Slavic, or any other European annotations to it. It’s origin is Khazar Jewish. Without a shadow of doubt, Mikhail Khavkine can thus be appropriately labelled a Jewish terrorist!


Warrant issued. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Mikhail Khavkine (left), 42, of Mississauga in relation to a fire on Wednesday at the Erindale Corporate Centre building. Yesterday, surveillance images of a suspect were released to the media (right). Photo supplied

Peel Regional Police have issued an arrest warrant for a Mississauga man they believe is responsible for a massive fire at an Erindale Woodlands office building on Wednesday afternoon that injured several people and caused an estimated $5 million in damage. Officers with the 11 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau issued an arrest warrant for Mikhail Khavkine, 42, of Mississauga. Police said they recently visited the man’s South Millway home but he wasn’t there and his whereabouts remain unknown. He may be driving a white, four-door 1991 Mercury Sable. On Thursday, police released images taken from the Erindale Corporate Centre’s surveillance cameras of a man carrying a jug into the building at 1270 Central Pkwy. W. Police are looking into the possibility that the target was Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert’s third-floor constituency office, one of a number of the building’s tenants. It also houses Automotive Resources International and a Fed Ex dispatch centre. The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office also probed the fire. Firefighters found evidence near the third-floor stairwell that points to arson, according to multiple sources. Officials wouldn’t elaborate, but well-placed sources say an accelerant was found. Mississauga deputy fire chief Greg Laing said the immediate intensity of the inferno was cause for alarm. “To have a fire in an occupied building going with this intensity is very suspicious,” he said. ‚”We’re very lucky that nobody was seriously injured.” Dan Duncan, 24, of Mississauga, one of Dechert’s assistants, suffered second-degree burns to both hands while escaping the menacing flames. Duncan said he was the last person in the constituency office when he heard what he suspected to be crackling flames at about 4:30 p.m. He opened the door and saw fire and smoke. “The flames were actually coming into the office,” he said Thursday in an interview at the scene. “My only way out was the door to the stairwell and I had to go through the flames to get to it.” Duncan said he grabbed a fire extinguisher and cleared a small path to the fire escape. He burned his hands when he touched a hot doorknob. “I couldn’t see two inches in front of me because of all the smoke,” he said. After pulling the fire alarm, Duncan descended to the second floor and attempted to go back upstairs with a fire extinguisher, but was stopped by thick black smoke. “I wanted to do what I could, but I realized pretty fast that I wasn’t going to be able to,” he said. Duncan was disturbed that someone would deliberately set the fire. “Obviously, the thought of someone trying to damage our office or the personnel inside is something I don’t want to really think about,” he said. “I’d like to think I have a safe job.” Dechert said police asked him if there were any specific threats against him or his staff, and he told them there have been none, as far as he knows. But the MP added that “when you’re in public office, there are people who are upset, and things happen from time to time.” At the height of the fire, employees and others in the building broke windows in attempts to ventilate the structure and escape the flames. A woman in a wheelchair was among those trapped. Firefighters also smashed windows in efforts to rescue people. Peel Paramedics set up a triage area for the injured, and Mississauga Transit buses provided temporary shelter to evacuees. Among those evacuated were some of the 200 employees of ARI who faced thick black smoke and, initially, had to retreat to their offices on the fifth and sixth floors. Paramedics reported one person went to hospital with smoke inhalation, while others were treated on scene for cuts and bruises. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 905-453-2121 ext. 1133 or Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. – with files from Louie Rosella


Mikhail Khavkine. Mikhail Khavkine, 42, remains in jail after being denied bail last month. He is charged with arson. File photo

An Erin Mills man charged with arson in a massive Feb. 3 fire at an Erindale office building is appearing in a Brampton courtroom today. Mikhail Khavkine, 42, remains in custody after being denied bail last month. The blaze at Erindale Corporate Centre injured several people and caused an estimated $5 million in damage to the Central Pkwy. W. building, which houses, among other tenants, Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert’s constituency office. Peel Regional Police believe Dechert’s third-floor office was specifically targeted.

Dechert said the accused came to his office in late January with an issue he wanted the MP’s staff to resolve. But Dechert’s staff couldn’t help him. Khavkine was arrested Feb. 13 at Pearson International Airport after he returned from Russia. Police say he was re-entering Canada when customs officials were alerted to a warrant for his arrest. At the height of the blaze, employees and others in the building broke windows in attempts to ventilate the structure and escape the flames. A woman in a wheelchair was among some 200lrosella@mississauga.net

It seems that a violent Jew who uses fear and threats to the personal safety of Mississauga MP Bob Dechert is not a terrorist. However if a Muslim had behaved in even a small altercation, his background, faith, and traditions would have been the object of ridicule and abuse and he would have instantly been branded a terrorist. It seems like the Canadian Government likes dealing with confirmed Jewish terrorists like Mikhail Khavkine and Meirav Weinstein, the latter being a former associate and member of the Jewish Defense League – a terror organization as proscribed by even the Jews running the FBI.

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