Jerusalem in the Qur'an – End of Jewry is Near!

Another fantastic book by the Trinidad-born Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein on the Gathering of the Jews in Occupied Palestine. Their end is very near. Since every Jew living in the Diaspora is allowed to fight in the Israeli Defense Forces, an  army with terrorist wings that routinely kills innocent civilians not just in Occupied Palestine but throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world, then every Muslim from any where in the world can participate in the jihad to liberate Occupied Palestine. This means that Muslims living in territories which currently are participating in the jihad to free themselves from foreign occupation (i.e. Afghanistan, Kavkaz (Caucuses), Iraq, Kashmir, Somalia, Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, amongst other places) are exempt. However, Muslims living in nations that are not currently physically occupied by other powers have a religious obligation to fight (el-jihad) for the liberation of Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine and help facilitate the creation of a Caliphate for the modern age with Al-Quds as its ruling capital.

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