Lone nuttery – Jewish Propaganda Gone Haywire!

This modus operandi of the Jews and their Shabboys Goyim collaborators has got to immediately stop. The Jewish collective mindset always claims what it does as an excuse for “self preservation’ in order to eliminate the existential threat. Well, some people are seeing these types of constant frame ups since 9-11 (which was a Jew job gone berserk) as a threat to the literal self preservation and continuation of the existence of Muslim communities in the West. Therefore, such individuals have openly called for the genocide and extermination of Jewry and their Shabbos Goyim. Make no mistake about it, since the Jews wish to turn Europe and North America into another Occupied Palestine for the Muslims, by constantly harassing and framing them as a security threat via the co-opting of the intelligence services who will listen to their agents and follow their agenda, then they will also be at the receiving end of bullets, cruise missiles, and nuclear warheads due to the simple fact that the Judicial system is in their hands and their is absolutely no justice for the Muslims who are accused of terrorism in a post-911 world and are all completely innocent.

Source: Lone nuttery

I’m getting a strong Lee Harvey Oswald vibe off the Faisal Shahzad story. The conspirators had a series of big plans for the Oswald tale, including an attack on Cuba or even a nuclear war with the Soviet Union (that’s why they had built in layers of connections between Oswald and various characters who could be described as communist agents). Unfortunately for them, the escape of Oswald from assassination at the School Book Depository or the Texas Theater meant that they had to scale back their plans to ‘lone nut’.

We’re seeing exactly the same scenario with Faisal Shahzad. He was obviously supposed to die in some sort of confrontation with law enforcement, and his continued life – together with the unfortunate slip about Army planes illegally performing law enforcement activities on American soil (one of the key signs of fascism, btw) – meant that the big plans for the phony terrorist attack had to be trimmed. The lying mainstream media did its job automatically, with extremely specific and detailed connections between Shahzad and Pakistani ‘terrorist’ groups. With Shahzad alive, and capable of talking, the Official Story has become . . . lone nut.

Of course, the conspirators will still make the best of a bad situation, using Shahzad as the excuse to increase the scope of illegal drone attacks on innocent Pakistanis. There will be more no-fly list nonsense in the United States. Any ‘terrorist’ attack also allows the Security Industrial Complex to make more money, and the increased strategy of tension against the American people allows for the promotion of more Wars For The Jews.

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