Yamas Mista'Aravim in Action!

These Mista’Aravim Terror Units Often Engage in Terrorist Operations Throughout the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) and South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan) often dressed up as Arabs and/or Muslims when literally engaging in acts of terrorism. Sometimes they get caught in the act. Sometimes they don’t. They get trained posing as Arabs while acting as border police attempting to infiltrate and tame the Palestinian gangs often throwing rocks at them. After the initial training process is complete, they are often deployed to covert terrorist operations worldwide. Their specialty during missions is the ability to carry out terror acts while engaging in deceptive tactics (i.e. dressed up as Arabs/Middle Easterners/Muslims).

About jewterror

World's Greatest Jew Hater and Hopefully the Greatest Jew Killer!
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