The French Assisting the Israelis in Assassinations?

It must be noted here that Sarkozy, Kouchner, Devedjian, Bruguiere, and other French Jews in the intelligence and judicial apparatus are almost all Jews. France should also get rid of its Jewish populations who form a major security and terrorist threat to the nation.


France: a possible accessory to Mossad’s political assassinations

According to a probe conducted by Tunisian daily Dounia El Watan and also reported by Lebanese Al-Manar TV, the 20 January 2010 assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai would have required a far heftier team than the one already implicated by the United Arab Emirates.

Besides the killers, a reconnoitering team led by a former Tunisian security operative, Ahmad Bannour, was also involved.

Mr. Bannour is reportedly living in exile in France where he supposedly constituted an intelligence cell acting in the mutual interest of both the Israeli and French services.

Ahmed Bannour fled from Tunisia after his spying activities on behalf of the Israeli Mossad were discovered. Taking advantage of his responsabilities within the State apparatus, he had organized the bombing of the Fatah headquarters in Tunis on 1 October 1985 – which Yasser Arafat (a.k.a. Abou Ammar) escaped – followed, on 16 April 1988, by the assassination of another Palestinian leader, Khalif Wal-Wazir (a.k.a. Abou Jihad).

Under cover of a French company controlled by him, Ahmed Bannour apparently detailed two French “businessmen” plus a team of technicians to Dubai to negotiate an elevator contract. On this occasion, the blueprints of the hotel where Mahmoud Mabhouh supposedly booked in, including the hotel security system, allegedly fell into the hands of French intelligence agents.

Furthermore, Mr. Bannour’s French company has been subpoenaed in a case currently pending with the Lebanon Military Tribunal. It serves as a cover for the admission to Beirut of Tunisian and Egyption nationals operating for the Mossad. They were planning an attack against the radio of Sheik Hussein Fadlallah and the assassination of Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah.

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