Another Jew Caught Attempting to Engage in a Terrorist Attack

Here is the case of another Jew by the name of Llyod Woodson attempting to engage in a terrorist attack killing American Army Personel, which will then be blamed on innocent Muslims and compounded backlash and hatred. This will create another type of repeat scenario like what had been blamed on the Palestinian-American Major Nidal Hasan. It is interesting to note that the reporter of this piece is of Jewish ancestry, Paul Joseph Watson, and he purposefully decides to omit the fact that the individual arrested and apprehended is a Jew himself. Furthermore, most of the terrorist attacks in Iraq are perpetrated by Jewish and Israeli terrorists that had entered the country after the invasion – not so much by the American and British Armies.

The American and British Armies do commit atrocities, but are professional soldiers (even the Special Forces) and do not generally have the purposeful intent in killing innocent civilians even when undergoing Covert or Overt Operations. Targeting innocent civilians randomly is solely a Jewish Modus Operandi. The two men arrested in Basra with explosives and Arab head dress were in fact Jews and/or Israelis with fake or stolen British and Canadian passports. The same thing has happened throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 25 thousand Jews and Israeli terrorists entered Iraq after the 2003 invasion and are the main perpetrators of most of the terrorist attacks in the country since that time.The Jewish populations in the United States, Canada, and Europe should be immediately hounded down and locked up for the Security Threat that they pose. When will law enforcement, military, and police officials start taking physical action against this terrorist community?

Navy vet caught with grenade launcher, maps of military base and Arab headdress
Potential False Flag Attack To Be Blamed On Muslims Foiled
Paul Joseph Watson

Prison [1]
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A possible false flag terror attack to be blamed on Muslims has been foiled after a Navy vet was busted with a grenade launcher, assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, as well as Arab headdress, in New Jersey yesterday. Initial media reports speculated that the man was planning a terrorist attack on a U.S. military base in the area.
“Lloyd Woodson, 43, whose last known address was Reston, Va., today faces multiple offenses, including second-degree unlawful weapons possession and fourth-degree possession of prohibited weapons, Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest said,” reports the New Jersey Star Ledger [2].

“Branchburg police confronted Woodson at 3:55 a.m. at the Quick Chek convenience store on Route 28 after receiving a call reporting a suspicious person. Branchburg Patrolman Steven Cronce noticed a large bulge beneath the green, military-style jacket that Woodson was wearing, which was later determined to be the assault rifle with a defaced serial number, Forrest said.”
After searching his hotel room, police found a grenade launcher, hundreds .50-caliber and .308-caliber rounds, a police scanner, as well as “Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress”.
“The man may have had plans to attack a U.S. military base,” reported Fox New Jersey, adding that the amount of weapons he had led police to suspect he was a terrorist.

The FBI were remarkably swift in distancing the man from any link with terrorists, despite the fact that his deadly arsenal was accompanied by maps of a military facility.
“The FBI said a man charged with multiple weapons offenses after a cache of weapons and maps of a military facility were found in his New Jersey motel room has no known terrorism link,” reported the Associated Press [3] this morning.
Imagine if a Muslim had been busted with grenade launchers, assault rifles, and maps of military facilities. Authorities and the media would instantly claim he was part of an Al-Qaeda conspiracy and launch all kinds of fearmongering about the inevitability of getting hit again by terrorists unless we give up our rights – just as they did in the aftermath of the failed underwear bombing incident.
Within days, the ghost of Osama Bin Laden would once again be manufactured to claim involvement and members of the military-industrial complex would be pimping their latest hi-tech tools of enslavement.
However, because this was probably a false flag operation gone awry, it will be buried and you’ll never hear anything of it again.
This is not the first time that military personnel have been apparently caught in the preparation of a terrorist attack to be blamed on Arabs as part of a false flag.

As we reported in September 2005 [5], two individuals wearing Arab clothes, wigs and headdress shooting at police in Basra were later discovered to be British SAS soldiers. According to the Basra governor Mohammed al-Waili, one policeman was shot dead and another was injured during an attack that was patently a set up to be blamed on insurgents.
Early media reports about the incident also stated that the men were carrying explosives, but this detail vanished from subsequent coverage.
The soldiers were arrested and taken to a nearby jail where they were confronted and interrogated by an Iraqi judge.
The initial demand from the puppet authorities that the soldiers be released was rejected by the Basra government. At that point tanks were sent in to “rescue” the SAS men amidst chaos that resulted in around 150 prisoners escaping from the jail.
The only outlet to ask any serious questions was Australian TV news which according to one viewer gave, “credibility to the conspiracy theorists who have long claimed many terrorist acts in Iraq are, in fact, being initiated and carried out by US, British and Israeli forces.”

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