Two Dozen Cowardly Jews Kill Top Palestinian Commander

The Jews are nothing but a cowardly nation of baby killers and terrorists. The CCTV recording of the assassinations by the paper tigers in the Israeli army proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Jews never stop stooping to new lows. The Jews have called out for a similiary type of assassination by the Mossad of one of the honourable writers on this website, Salman An-Noor Hossain, when an article came out about him in the Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) website. Check Comment Number 12 at the bottom of the article from Renato Nunes of South Carolina, United States. The Final Solution will be to eliminate the Terrorist Jewish community via mass executions from the face of this earth. As George W Bush has said – “you are either with us or with the terrorists”.

For people like this, if the Canadian authorities do not do anything — most likeley they will allow it tocontinue as…free spesch ! — I suggest a secret Mossad action to take “care of him “.
He might be an accident prone person….

Just do not inform the Canadian Secret Service, the C.I.A. and most of all the British M16 of what you plan to do, like you did in Dubai.

That was dumb…well, more than dumb …it as plain STUPID!
Renato Nunes, SC,USA (03/12/10)

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World's Greatest Jew Hater and Hopefully the Greatest Jew Killer!
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