Jews Attempting More Terror Scams?

This is another case of Espionage and Subversion in North Africa. My problem with this article is that North African Arabs would consciously go to Israel in order to get training knowing full well that the Jews are the enemies of the Arabs and Muslims. Perhaps in their own home countries without knowledge – although it seems unlikely in Israel. Furthermore, these training camps tend to be made in order to create the illusion of “Islamic terrorism” – not real Terrorists. There would be hand picked patsies and scapegoats after successful terrorist attacks by Israeli and Jewish agents.

Jew-run al-Qaeda in IsraHell

From: Sharyn Burley

More on alleged Mossad spy arrested in Algeria On March 29, intelNews reported on allegations by the Algerian government that an Israeli intelligence agent had been arrested in the country, after he was found to be carrying a forged Spanish passport. The next day, Algerian authorities identified the man only as “Alberto”, and insisted he was a member of the Mossad, Israel’s foremost external intelligence agency. News sources have now identified the man’s forged identity as “Alberto Vagilo”, which appears to be the name listed on his Spanish travel documentation. According to Algerian government officials, the man, whose year of birth is listed as 1975 in his Spanish passport, entered the North African country in mid-March, via a regularly scheduled flight from Barcelona, Spain. He then operated in Algeria for ten days, before he was captured by Algerian security agents. The Spanish and Israeli governments have so far remained silent on the case, as has Washington. As intelNews reported on March 30, there are rumors in Algiers that the scandal-prone US embassy there has been involved in the case, and that it was for this reason that FBI deputy director John Pistole traveled to Algeria last week.

FLASHBACK – Algerian daily confirms Mossad training camps for al-Qaida? For the original article translated from the Arabic: Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel According to sources well informed on the case and the activities of El Qaeda, Israel would have created about a year, training camps on its territory for elements from Arab countries. ” The military training and intelligence are provided in preparation for possible terrorist operations against the interests of foreign countries in the Arab countries who are regarded by Israel as a threat to its security and its strategic interests, including the Maghreb Arab. According to our sources, the camps include Arabs from Algeria, Morocco and Yemen who came in, with false passports, from Europe and carrying Jewish names. These were recruited by the Mossad in the European capitals to activate within the ‘El Qaeda’ organization after being selected by the intelligence services in Europe. These people are generally wanted for belonging to terrorist groups. The secret training camps have relations with the sleeping cells of El Qaida in Europe, where their elements are recruited for possible terrorist operations in Arab countries in coordination with the branches of the organization including the armed terrorist groups of the Sahara. This proves what Ennahar had previously published on the military attaché at the Israeli embassy in Mauritania, who had prepared a secret report on security activities of armed men in the Sahara regions. The latter maintained secret relations with the rebel movements in Mali and Niger. The Mossad had relations with the branches of El Qaeda and the operations committed against foreign interests, mainly American, and in connection with the events in Iraq and the Middle East. According to these sources, the Mossad might even try to use Algerian Harraga in Italy and recruit them in these training camps across the logistics network of seafarers on the axis Sardinia Naples in search of elements to send secretly in Israel, for the purpose of committing operations against foreign interests during the summer; operations to be awarded to El Qaeda. This new stage in the activities of the El Qaeda organization is the subject of the discourse of El Dhawahiri in an attempt to revive the various branches after the stranglehold exercised on the organization by the European intelligence and painful strikes made by the security services and the army in particular in the Arab Maghreb and in Algeria.

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