Jewish and Israeli Spy Arrested in Algeria?

Algiers-The Algerian security services have arrested an Israeli, declared lost in North Africa for five days and who would have entered in Algeria with a false Spanish passport.

* According to the Israeli newspaper « Yediot Aharonot » in its Friday edition, the man would have disappeared in a region in North Africa and there is concern that he is kidnapped by terrorist groups. The latter would have contacted his family before his disappearance a week ago, announcing that he was fine and that he was arrested by Algerian security services and questioned on the purpose of his entry into Algeria.
The Israeli newspaper which did not disclose the identity of the man, in an interview with his family, said that he was undergoing interrogation by the Algerian security services who have suspected him of being a spy.
Furthermore, and according to informed sources, the security services have arrested the spy, who holds a Spanish passport, after they had noticed a visa for entry and exit of an Israeli airport on the passport. The security guard then led him into a police station for identity verification.
According to the sources, the Spanish authorities have not reported the disappearance of any of their nationals on Algerian territory until today, which casts doubts on the true identity of the man, especially with the non – recognition of Israel by Algeria and the ban on Israeli nationals to enter Algeria, the latter is subject of questioning by security services for verification of identity, especially after the announcement by the Israeli Department of Foreign Affairs for the disappearance of one of its nationals in North Africa, who seems to be the same person.
According to observers, he is part of a plan for Israel’s Mossad to spy Algeria and is on a mission in southern Algeria in an attempt to infiltrate the GSPC’s Salafist groups which make the interest of European intelligence services in the Sahel region. The Algerian security authorities were not informed of his visit to the south, as the law says to every stranger visiting these places in order to provide security, particularly with the wave of kidnappings of foreign tourists in this region. The second hypothesis, according to experts, is that the spy is on a mission in order to make new recruits in southern Algeria where there are foreign nationals working in international companies and who may detain important information on Algeria.

Ennahar / Sami Siyoucef

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