The Fraud of the Hamas Rocketeers!

This Video Completely Makes a Mockery of Israel and Jewry’s Silly Fear-mongering about the Hamas Rocketeers. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that most Rockets are being fired either by the Jews themselves or on of the various Palestinian Collaborator Groups. Produced Previously by the Jewish Crime Network (JCN) Website. The above picture of the so-called Hamas militants show Israeli produced AK-47. Israeli intelligence supplies some of these men with their weapons. This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Palestinian Resistance has at one point or the other been infiltrated by the Enemy. However, the movie is good quality entertainment and worth the watch!

Source: Hamas was an entity funded by Israeli Intelligence and the Shin bet internal security apparatus as competition to Arafat and Fatah who were refusing to be violent enough for the terrorist Israeli state. However, Hamas has gone it’s own way and has shaken off it’s jewish roots. It has even got smart enough to know that ‘violence’ does not work in their favor and they have outplayed the violent thugs who control Israel.

Before the commencement of the Gaza Slaughter, Israel deliberately assassinated 6 Hamas Leaders to provoke Hamas into firing rockets which they had stopped doing in accord with a cease fire – this is no good to israel who needs violence to justify it’s existence.

Most of the rockets are now fired by elements controlled by Israel from within Gaza.

– Brendan O’Connell

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