9-11 Missing Links

This film identifies some of the important perpetrators of 9-11. We are encouraging those in law enforcement, the military, the police, academics, social justice movements, those still bickering in the left-right paradigm, to take a deep look into who the perpetrators of the 9-11 terrorist attacks were. After watching the movie, everyone should mobilize to have the real terrorists apprehended, tried in a court of law that is free from “Jew-dicial” influence, and publicly executed before a firing squad. I would love to carry out the honour of executing Jewish terrorists with my own hands. The film doesn’t only cover September Eleven, but also looks into Operation Shushanna in 1954, the attack on the USS Liberty, the attempted attack on Chicago’s Sears Tower by Jewish terrorists, the attempted Jewish terrorist attack on the Mexican Congress, and much much more. It is thus well advised, that everyone visiting this website watch this documentary before anything else. Jewish terrorism and the wars they inspire have become an International Problem all over the world. In essence, the Jews are both a National and International Security threat. Michael Bradley, the author of the books, the Iceman Inheritance and Chosen People From the Caucuses and himself of Jewish origins, has confirmed the barbaric Neanderthal roots of his people. He claimed that Ethnic Ashkenazim were of Neanderthal Caucasoid origins, and those traits have never left them due to many millenia of inbreeding. After studying his work, I have come to the absolute conclusion that modern day Jewry form a composite species on their own, and actually may not be Homo Sapiens, but rather descend from Homo Habilis. This website does not delve into that subject matter. We solely study barbaric Jewish terrorism; false flag or not. After watching this film, researchers should watch my film on the Madrid Train Bombings (3/11 Ripple Effect), followed by the London Tube Bombings (7/7 Ripple Effect) which was a documentary done by Muad’ Dib from the United Kingdom. Once these three documentaries have been viewed, any intelligent analyst who is looking to protect Western society and by extension the rest of the world from violent terrorism, genocide, and mass murder will immediately keep an eye out on concentrations of Jewish populations all over the world. Thus the cultural and physical isolation of the Jews from the General Homo Sapien Populations must be considered a practical solution to the various problems the world is facing today: both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, if one wants to immediately get socially active today, all they have to do is join the Real Oath Keepers website for active and retired law enforcement, military,  and police units to form networks to protect against this dangerous Jewish threat looming in our societies and killing us from within. The Real Oath Keepers was originally set up to protect America from the security threat of the Jewish menace, but now we welcome participants from all other Western countries affected by this plague. We want to ensure that the future of the world is safe from violent genocidal maniacs. Do not hesitate, join today! To download the film, click Here.

Disclaimer: At this website, we do not encourage individuals to go out there and commit any violent or harmful acts against any individual of any ethnicity or religion. The lone wolf actions are often done by Jews themselves as hate hoaxes and are never solved. The James Von Braun case is a classic example. There is no evidence of him doing any act of violence or murder. The security cameras do not reveal the details as to what  happened. While undergoing medical treatment under police custody, the individual mysteriously dies. The same thing can be said of the individual who is alleged to carry out the Fort Hood shooting, Major Nadal Hassan, where there is not a single CCTV camera footage of him carrying out the killings. There were up to five shooters, and many analysts suspect that the Mista’Aravim or Shin Beit Special Operatives actually carried out the killings of American troops. After all, the US Army itself has stated that the Israelis can attack the military and make it look like a “Palestinian/Arab act”. Once again, we do not ask for violence to be carried out against any individuals or groups except through the actions of State Powers.

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  1. How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 1 3 7

  2. THOMAS says:

    Thank you for this article. It was very informative.

  3. Derci says:

    Parabéns!! Sucesso para vc!…teu blog é muito bom,aliás, já estou acompanhando.t+.

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