The Attempted False Flagging in Toronto, Canada on 9-11-2006

By: Salman An-Noor Hossain

Bismi-Allahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem.

All the praises is due to God Almighty for the victorious resistance operations being carried out by the brothers in Afghanistan, the Caucuses (Kavkaz), Iraq, Occupied Palestine, Somalia, and other places in the world. Some of us are engaged in liberating the occupied lands from the oppressors with weapons and self sacrifice in lives, whilst from amongst others, we are planning on bringing back the Caliphate. Those of the Muslims who have sold their souls to the Judeo-Christian alliance of War against Islam, are outright traitors to the religion, and in the afterlife God will count them amongst the Jews and the Christians who are in an alliance with each other – not amongst the Muslims. They are not Muslims. This includes the “Muslims” in the West, and those in the Islamic nations who betray the masses of the believers. With this being said, let us proceed to the subject of discussion at hand.

The “Toronto 18” case is beginning to reveal many aspects to it which has the evidence of a failed black intelligence operation and false flag terrorist attack that was supposed to have happened over three years ago in the Cosmopolitan city of Toronto by members of the mass murdering terrorist Jewish community. The evidence is going to be presented in a proper fashion so that those who were blind to the terrorist activities from members of the psychotic Jewish community, can face the facts of the case that will be unveiled.

I have confirmed that it was an attempted false flag operation. This information came about through the Jewish media itself. It revolves around the admission by CSIS agent Shaher Elsohemy that he instigated Shareef Abdelhaleem to show interest in the investment stocks and short-sell them just like Jewish and Israeli investors did on 9/11. Here’s the kicker here – the investors had been operating from Frankfurt,Germany and Toronto, Canada. The Toronto Stock Exchange is where the files and records of the illegal speculation on the airline stocks were going to be kept.

Here is the evidence of Jewish and Israeli cashing out of 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Shareef Abdelhaleem never invested in any stocks to engage in short term profits from insider trading. His impulsive temptation based on instigating factors by a criminal and con artist named Shaher El Sohemy who was told by CSIS agents to set up innocent Muslim men as terrorists. His actions indicate criminal activity on behalf of espionage agencies. CSIS of course, works for British Intelligence (MI-5 and MI-6), who in turn feed information to the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus in Occupied Palestine. At the same time, the Israeli Mossad has been stealing information from CSIS.

The terrorist Jewish people, in their deep hatred of anything Islamic or related to Muslims, decided to frame him via their proxies in British Intelligence and CSIS as being the financial speculator that would benefit from an alleged terrorist attack. How do we know this? The main clue came right from Tom Heneghan’s intelligence briefings on the 5th and 6th of June 2006. Here it is as follows:

JUNE 5, 2006

Associated Press reports that R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) actually delivered three tons of ammonium nitrate to the alleged Toronto terrorists, mostly teenagers. Toronto, Canada is the 9/11 British Intel Capital of the World, the same place where Lt. Vreeland a.k.a. Wildcard had unmasked the Sept. 11/01 Black Ops a.k.a. the compromised Red/Blue U.S. Canadian war games.

Toronto is now the center of a gigantic ruse in which British-Canadian Intelligence along with the U.S.-N.S.A. has created a terror case to cover up the role of British Intel in the assassination of the Canadian diplomat Lewis Miskel.

Lewis Miskel undercover Canadian diplomat in Austria, who was assassinated in Italy, had been working with Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings in uncovering and connecting the 9/11 Iraq Yellowcake dots which led to the doorstep of British Intelligence.

P.P.S. – Nine days before the terrorist arrest in Canada a major bust of Israeli Mossad agents took place in Toronto area in which fifty Israeli spies were fingered for using fake Canadian passports. Note: most of the passports and id’s of the alleged Toronto terrorists can now be linked to this now busted Mossad espionage ring.

P.P.P.S. – In almost a direct replay of the 9/11 Israeli Urban Moving Systems, New Jersey gang, this Toronto-Israeli Mossad nest is once again being deported rather than facing interrogation and indictment by Canadian authorities.

Here is the Intelligence Leak the following day from Tom Heneghan with more details about the failed Black Operation:

JUNE 6, 2006

Only France, the real ally of the American People for over 200 years, has been busting the real Al Qaeda (British-Yiddish mercenaries) over the last two years.

These ‘alleged’ Al Qaeda terrorists are linked to a worldwide narcotics trafficking racket linking Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, U.K. and the Rafi Eytan scripted Israeli Mossad to a massive cocaine and heroine trafficking operation.

It should be noted, that both Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom are monarchies.

The rogue U.S. Gary Best Group, along with British-Mossad Intelligence, scripted a phony war on terror to disguise their own narcotics trafficking linked to alleged Al Qaeda operatives.

This gang specializes in arresting patsies, a.k.a. Moussaoui and teenagers on the Internet. All designed to protect their Handlers and Drug-Lords that represent Gary Best Inc. a.k.a. British-Yiddish overseas.

Note: Urban Moving Systems was not under only FBI surveillance pre-9/11 but was under a major inquiry involving D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) which had fingered the Israeli Mossad for narcotics trafficking involving Al Qaeda.

Note: The recent bust of Israeli Mossad outside Toronto for engaging in fake passports and identifications can now be linked to a major Interpol investigation of narcotics trafficking involving elements which met at the Prince Hotel in Toronto, Canada on March 2006.

Summation: French and U.S. Patriotic intelligence agents, non-compromised, just busted a major plot to bomb Toronto, Canada. The aim of bombing Toronto by the British-Yiddish was to destroy relevant financial documents that still exist vis a vis the 9/11 Terror attack on New York City by the real culprits which include the Prince Hotel Box Gang with teenagers on the Internet now being used as patsies a.k.a. fall guys.

P.S. – Was the plan to bomb major financial institutions in downtown Toronto Canada just a replay of Oklahoma City when Jose Padilla a.k.a. John Doe #2 a.k.a. F.B.I. informant allegedly scripted the attack for the purpose of destroying documents linked to the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.
Note: Major 9/11 financial records still exist in most of these skyscrapers in Toronto, Canada.

As an internet comrade of mine asked, The building next to Bay Street is the Scotia Bank head office. The Scotia Plaza is one of the many buildings in the downtown Toronto area where 911 financial records are being kept. Is it then a coincidence that this building is highlighted in this past weekends National Post(Canadian Newspaper) as having been a possible target of a terrorist strike in Toronto?


This just reminded me of something I came across many many months ago. There was something hidden in plain view about how Toronto could have been the next target of a fake attack.

To confirm the facts that many of the 9/11 financial records exist in the sky scrapers of Toronto, further evidence has

been picked up from earlier reports that would expose the Jewish desire to bury the evidence of Jewish and Israeli involvement in the fraudulent stock-market short selling of stocks. Here is the information on that:

Shareef Abdelhaleem fit the perfect category of a Muslim that could be framed for illegal speculation at the stock market. Well educated as a database engineer and making a six figure income reaching over three hundred thousand dollars, his persona and character would reflect an entrepreneur that wanted to cash in on a terrorist attack via insider trading. Obviously he never gave it serious thought – an alleged tape conversation at the dinner table with only snippets of it used as “evidence” does not determine an investment. Brother Shareef never invested in any stocks. Not once did he take money to invest in – nor were the types of stocks that he would allegedly attempt to short sell discussed. We do know however that Israeli and Jewish businessmen had invested in United Airlines stocks and short sold them on the weekend before 9-11.

We know that CSIS had always been following Zakaria Amara and his wife constantly for at least two years. My father and I would personally see CSIS agents in my neighbourhood where Zakaria lived. Whenever he walked with his wife they would literally observe them and spy on them. It is this spying on Zakaria and his wife for over three years that resulted in them stealing their IDs when they were not home. Some of Zakaria’s IDs ended up in the hands of Yiddish terrorist gangs from Russia and Israel that were arrested on May 24. Evidence that would be used later on against Zakaria was planted in his house when CSIS entered without permission. Thus, they were waiting in the lime light to frame him. We know that the evidence is fabricated against him when they talk about Zakaria attempting to bomb Ottawa’s Parliament Hill (a legitimate target for nuclear warheads and cruise missiles directed by Mi-G fighter jets and bombers) and having someone attempt to behead the Prime Minister.

Well there was an attempted terrorist attack by Israelis and Jews on the Ottawa Parliament using the Urban Moving Systems van as a intelligence cover for the trafficking in explosives. These Jewish terrorists were caught by the Ottawa Police casing the area and suspected of being involved in an attempted terrorist operation. This happened in September 2003. Nine Israeli Jews were arrested in Calgary as well, suspected of attempting another similar false flag terrorist operation. Their names were printed in the Ottawa Sun on September 19th 2003.

The so-called evidence of the silly allegations about beheadings came from a conversation that one of the kids had when smoking marijuana. Apparently when in a state of intoxication, people can’t be charged for making statements that can be misconstrued when taken out of context. Plus, why behead when you are going to cause explosions anyways? The individual accused of attempting a beheading of the Prime Minister apparently didn’t know his name, and thought it was Paul Martin. There was no talk of a plan on beheading the Prime Minister. No talk of timing, weapons involved, or the logistics of such an alleged operation.

Apparently the authorities didn’t have any evidence to grab any of the Toronto 18 for any “terrorism offences” until 2 spies were sent to frame them. The spies were watching them and harassing them for over two years. The website that Zakaria and others were visiting, Clear Guidance, clearly showed the massacres, oppression, and genocide that Muslims in the other countries were facing. Thus it was a call for Muslims to go and defend themselves. Framing them also includes methods of entrapment. Most of these cases of “entrapment” are only based on loose talk that is often taken out of context. Not of any legitimate planning.

I knew Zakaria Amara personally. The day before he got arrested, I was praying with him in Meadowvale’s Ar-Rahman mosque. Actually I was praying beside him for Juma’a or Congregation prayers on June 1st 2006. I hadn’t seen him for over a year and I decided to go say “Hi” to him. He was then studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Ryerson. The detonator he had built was for his Electrical engineering homework. When friends asked him if it was a bomb, he stated that it was an electrical detonator for his school work. His video recording of the activation of the detonators had to do with an in-class presentation for his research assignment and not due to any propaganda purposes for any foreign fighters. Obviously, one might not be able present tests of a live detonator in a classroom setting. Witnesses say that when he was arrested and charged with a list of alleged criminal offences, including the possession of attempting to purchase ammonium nitrate, he asked the officer “what is ammonium nitrate?”. Moreover, the case had bypassed regular court procedures when the preliminary hearings were cancelled in 2007. In order for this trial to even be valid, it has to undergo preliminary hearings to see whether the charges can be of any value or not.

Of all the articles that I have read on the case or of those witnesses who went to his trial, I have never heard him say on tape that he had the intention of bombing any targets – be they the civilian or military. He didn’t verbally mention in person the Stock Exchange, any Military base, or CSIS head quarters. This claim came straight out of Shaher Elsohemy’s mouth. We now know how credible he is. Now, here is the kicker here. When the bombings happened in London, carried out by Israeli military intelligence with assistance from British spies, Zakaria Amara, Abdul Qayum Jamal, Fahim Ahmad, and other Muslims in the Meadowvale area of Mississauga would go and often pray in the mornings and hang out together. These religious believers were constantly harassed by CSIS agents outside of Meadowvale’s Ar-Rahman center. The presence of devoted, pious, and religious Muslim men with beards waking up in dawn to go and pray at the local mosque obviously is dangerous to the filth of Judaic controlled Western society. Thus, the scum of the earth who call themselves Jews (a diseased and viral nation which has been kicked out of over 109 countries in recorded history) and those social rejects self-identifying as “Judeo-Christian” (which is a complete oxymoron) have a major problem with the presence of religious Muslim men. Their racist bigotry reaches further when they attack the Islamic religion and the Muslim masses, sometimes directly, and sometimes via traitors who are rejects in the Muslim community. Traitors like Irshad Manji, Tarek Fatah, and coke-head “Taliban” poser Mubin Shaikh. Mubin Shaikh is a cocaine addict who will falsely defame Muslims as terrorists. His website and his thoughts are complete proof of that. Then we have disbelievers who were never Muslims to begin with – individuals like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie, and of course Wafa Sultan. The harassment these Muslims faced was revealed to me via my friends. One such person who was initially also harassed included a Palestinian friend of mine. Apparently, they stopped harassing him because he wasn’t a very religious guy- he went about partying with drugs and having sex with prostitutes, which I could not afford. Thus, the drug-addicted,prostitute-loving so-called Muslim doesn’t undergo harassment by CSIS agents. However, pure religious believers like Zakaria Amara and Faheem Ahmad who encouraged teenage Muslims in high school not to waste their time partying, trying to get laid, or entertaining themselves with Bollywood/Hollywood filth – these are the people that end up being locked up. This was the gist of most of both Zakaria Amara and Faheem Ahmad’s lectures back in Meadowvale High school. I know so, because I was part of it and a visual witness to it. The only mention of jihad was during the prayers, Zakaria Amara and Faheem Ahmad would pray for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Sheeshan (Chechnya), Indonesia, and elsewhere. Of course they would talk about the glory and virtues of military jihad from a historical perspective. How as Muslims, we were able to overcome the Romans and other invaders even when our numbers were small and theirs were bigger. No one in this world can take our history away from us. Especially not the cancerous group of people calling themselves Jews or Judeo-Christians. Zakaria Amara never asked any Muslims to go and fight in Afghanistan or Iraq – but he was highlighting the religious attack on Islam coming from the media and society. He told us that if we don’t stick to our religion, we will one day get killed, be at the end of receiving a genocide, and mass murdered like the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, who were slaughtered by Serbian Paramilitaries even when they were not very religious – something which Jews like Mark Steyn support and call for (Genocide of Muslims). He told us to stick to faith and defend ourselves.

Furthermore, the alleged evidence for Zakaria’s conviction has been sealed shut. It will never be revealed to the public. Why not? It won’t be revealed because Zakaria Amara was intended to be the fall guy for a false flag terrorist attack. His prosecutor Iona Jaffe, is an insane terrorist-loving Jewish woman with business and family connections to the state of Israel. Thus, it is evident that he would be framed for such an attempted terrorist attack and the interested parties that would want to set him up to be a terrorist are from the terrorist Jewish population.

The allegations against him seem absolutely ridiculous and impossible to accomplish. Absolutely unbelievable. On the agreed statement of facts, it states that after carrying out a terrorist attack, he wanted to be on a plane out of the country in less than an hour. He had never thought about ever going to any foreign country for jihad since his marriage with Nada Farooq who he fell madly in love with. He couldn’t have. Other false allegations against him that came about, include the accusation that he preached jihad against the residents of Toronto, are outright lies. He never did. That’s a barefaced lie. I have always heard him give lectures. He never talked about killing innocent civilians.

Another fabricated allegation that came out was that he had converted from Christianity to Islam due to pressure by friends and family. He didn’t convert to Islam because of that. He did it because he thought that several aspects of mainstream Christianity – the trinity was a philosophical or spiritual absurdity. However, the very fact that Zakaria was giving Da’wah (inviting others to Islam) and preaching the religion and successfully converting Christians and other misguided souls to the True Faith became a troubling point for Security Agents. Islamic activists in the Western countries routinely get harassed and targeted by Spy Networks within the MI-5/6, CIA, and of course the Mossad.

Other absurdities in the case include the allegations of car bombing Ottawa’s Parliament – you know – the way Israeli agents wanted to do so back in 2003. Initially, the claims were that Abdul Qayyum Jamal was training innocent Muslim youths to go out and do car-bombings. It is obvious that this claim was a lie. The reason that claim was made is simply due to the fact that terrorists from Israel and the Jewish community both inside and outside Canada were in fact planning a terrorist attack on Ottawa and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

There are many contradictions in the allegations against Zakaria Amara. First they say that he wanted to do a terrorist operation in November 2006, then it changed to the end of September of the same year, and finally the date of September 11th 2006, based on the Jewish Kabala was reached. It is this date that has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the diseased and filthy Jewish people were going to perpetrate a terrorist attack on Canadian soil. Zakaria Amara would have been a convenient scapegoat since he was Palestinian. When evil Jewish terrorists were arrested by the NYPD on 9-11 dressed up as Arabs, one of them claimed that “We are Israelis. We are not your problems. The Palestinians are your problems. Your problems are our problems”.

Then there is the claim that his crude detonator, which CSIS agents are openly lying about by hyping up its capabilities, had the capability of being activated from another city. The first problem with this claim is that
Radio Frequency has a range of anywhere from 1mm to 100 Km. Any other frequency range below that falls under Ultra Low Frequency (1,000 km – 100 km), Super Low Frequency (10,000 km – 1000 km), and Extremely Low Frequency (100,000 km – 10,000 km) do not fall under Radio Frequency (RF) although they are contained within the Radio Spectrum. Radio Transmitters containing these extremely low frequency ranges are not accessible to the average person in Canada. Only Special units operating within Military Intelligence organizations (like the American or Israeli Army Special Forces division). The maximum range in the air for Radio Frequency is 100 Kilometers – generally the distance most Television stations broadcast antennae signals. One of the alleged targets, a military base off the Highway 401 between Toronto and Ottawa is the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, where a guerilla type attack was supposed to take place, falls out of this range. It is over 200 Kilometers away from Downtown Toronto. Initially, British Intelligence Assets wanted to pin the attack on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, which Jewish terrorists failed miserably in attacking back in September 2003. Jewish terrorists intended to blow up the Ottawa Parliament just like they intended to bomb the Mexican Congress back in October 10th 2001 (10/10/01 or 10/10/2001). Then the number of targets do not coincide with the fact that he had only one detonator.

Ottawa Sun

September 19, 2003
Nine Israelis face deportation
Spy agency suspects they may be foreign agents


Ottawa Sun

NINE Israeli nationals — who[m] CSIS suspects are possible foreign agents — were arrested by Immigration and Ottawa police tactical officers last Friday, blocks from Parliament Hill.

ParliamentHillThe nine have all been charged by Immigration for working in Canada illegally. All are in their 20s and were apparently selling art in Ottawa. The arrests follow similar take-downs of Israelis in Toronto and Calgary over the past few weeks.

An Ottawa police source said police were told members of the group were possible agents from Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, but given no further information by CSIS.

CSIS declined to comment yesterday.

All nine have since been released and are staying in several rooms at a Lisgar St. apartment-hotel.

Citizenship and Immigration spokesman Rejean Cantlon confirmed that nine Israelis were arrested last Friday for working in Canada without a permit. Immigration hearings were held Wednesday and nine exclusion orders were issued.

No weapons

Ienav Sofer, Amit Yedudai, Rani Rahuhim Katsov, Roy Laniado, Shulamit Gorelik and Anatoly Belnik received exclusion orders for two years for working without authorization and misrepresentation. Koby Cole, Sharon Moskovitz and Yafit Avram were issued exclusion orders for one year.

All will be deported as soon as paperwork is ready, likely within the next few weeks, Cantlon said.

They were arrested with the help of tactical and patrol officers Friday between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

No weapons were found in their rooms.

Yesterday, eight were found walking down Lisgar St., but offered no comment when asked if they were Israeli art students.

This is not the first time students selling art in Ottawa have caused concern with law enforcement. In 2001, Centrepointe residents complained of foreign students selling paintings in their neighourhood that turned out to be fakes.

“We’re outraged”

The story of Israeli art students peddling paintings in foreign countries has been reported in the media and on the Internet in the past.

U.S. reports have alleged that groups of students had been trying to sell art in federal government buildings, prompting concerns about intelligence gathering, but no proof has ever been found linking the art peddlers with espionage.

“I keep seeing these things and looking into them, I really don’t know how credible they are,” said former CSIS chief of strategic planning David Harris. [THIS MAN IS A BRITISH AGENT/JEW WHO HAS INFILTRATED CSIS AND THE CANADIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES AND IS ONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEHIND THE CRISIS OF TRYING TO FRAME THE INNOCENT 18 MUSLIMS IN 2006 AS “TERRORISTS” – HE IS A GOOD LIAR AND POTENTIAL TERRORIST (JEWS HAVE A POTENTIAL HISTORY OF TERRORISM) CONSIDER HIM A VERY VERY DANGEROUS MAN!!!]“Certainly it would be extremely surprising if such an outfit would repeat a (technique) in that sort of way.”

Israeli Embassy spokesman Ben Forer said the matter is being treated very seriously.

“These are illegal workers … we’re outraged by this,” he said. “We expect Israeli citizens that would like to work in Canada to equip themselves with the appropriate work permits before they come to Canada.”


Fahim Ahmad told me during the Summer of 2005 that CSIS agents were harassing him. He confided in me that they wanted him him to work as a spy, to help assist in the war against Muslims and Islam. They wanted to provide him with information about the alleged activities of Islamic resistance groups operating in Iraq. Fahim told me that he was contemplating going to Iraq. He told me that he was harassed by CSIS because they wanted to co-opt him in spying on Islamic resistance groups overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me that he was invited by alleged Iraqi Islamic resistance groups via the internet to come join him in the fighting in Iraq. He told me further that CSIS was continuously reading his emails. He told me that he would never sell out the Mujahideen for money. He also told me that he was not allowed to leave the country. A Palestinian friend of mine, Ibrahim A. was a witness to those conversations.

In January 2006, the terrorist Jewish community was holding a smear campaign against Islam in the University of Toronto at St. George Campus called “Know Radical Islam”. Now of course, the main theme of the “Know Radical Islam” week campaign was a blatant attack on the religion of Islam. It was headed by Jewish terrorist groups like the Betar Tagar, founded by the Jewish terrorist Ze’ev Jabotinsky. In this event, Jewish agents like David Harris of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program INSIGNIS were spreading a climate of fear and outright hatred and prejudice against the Muslim students in the University. In a seminar on terrorism held in the University of Toronto, he was openly accusing Muslims of having carried out the terrorist attacks in London (7-7), Madrid(3-11), and New York (9-11), as well as other places (but are always done by the Jews) and stating that such attacks were soon going to happen in Canada. It is when I reminded that disgusting rat-faced Jew that on September 11th 2001, Jewish terrorists were arrested by the NYPD, caught red handed with explosives. Of course the crypto-Jew stated I was anti-Semitic and that information came from Middle Eastern media. As if the Jewish media is any more reliable in the West. The reaction to my accusation against the Jews being terrorists and mass murderers, Jewish female sluts and whores in the room began grunting and groaning. Typical Jewish behaviour.

However, what he stated was even more interesting as I am now able to reminiscence. He stated that there were terror cells preparing attacks in Canada. How does Mr. Harris, an asset for both British Intelligence and the Mossad, have the foresight in predicting terrorist attacks ahead of time? The reason he does, is because he is himself directly involved in the frame up of innocent Muslims. Another asset of Jewish criminals and terrorists include none other than the Jew John Thompson of CSIS, who went on several trips to Israel to undergo extensive brainwashing by fellow Jews. Nobody benefits from the fear of terrorism rather than the Jews.

The Jews were seriously attempting another 9-11 on Canadian soil. When two CSIS agents (who go by the names Angela Hathaway and Jason Lewis – the latter Jewish ) – interviewed me in August 2006 about Zakaria Amara and others, I mentioned to them that the “Zionists” had carried out 9-11, and I openly supported jihad against the Western occupiers of Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the Muslim countries fighting for self-determination. As a matter of fact, I did not openly possess such honourable hatred of the Jews (which by the way I am proud of) at that time although I do now. Saying “Zionists” was a big mistake. I should have stated to them that the filthy Jews did 9-11. So Jason’s blue eyes turned pale and cold when I mentioned that “Zionists” did 9-11 and I supported the jihad against the on-going Western occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. It had a clear impact on his mind.

The training camp was set up by CSIS agents and handlers to create the illusion of “Islamic terrorism” – much like the Jordanian Zarqa camps during the mid 1980s. From this myth, we had the fairy tales of “Zarqawi” in Iraq being produced by the Jewish media. It was done not for the purpose of producing any so-called “Islamic terrorists”. It was done so that Anti-Terror Prosecutors could create cases of Terrorism based on the illusion of “Islamic suicide terrorism”. Zakaria Amara himself stated that if any body wants to go train for military jihad, they should go to Peshawar or the Occupied Islamic lands, and not with paint-balls in Canada. In fact, the Globe and Mail has stated that none of the alleged evidence of Zakaria used to “convict” him or any of the Toronto 18 is ever going to be released to the public. Why not? If he is such a bad-ass terrorist, the information should be released immediately. Only a bunch of allegations that bypassed the normal procedures of going through preliminary hearings and entering a direct trial without analyzing the charges.

Furthermore, one may ask then, why are all the defendants pleading guilty many years after the alleged plot was foiled? Well the reason they are pleading guilty is simple: if they want to plead innocent and win the court trial, they may end up filing multi million dollar lawsuits like Maher Arar. Maher Arar won a $12 million dollar lawsuit for being tortured in Syria. The fabricated allegations against the Toronto 18 could never be presented in a criminal court as legitimate evidence. Thus, that is why the remaining defendants are being released after pleading guilty and coming up with silly cover stories of either training at a terrorist training camp or making an attempted “terrorist” bombings. This is a clear cut example of the State exercising and abusing its political muscle against innocent Muslims accused of terrorism in what should actually be a fair and transparent criminal trial. Of course, I will end this article by requesting  the family of Abdelhaleem to file a Multi-Million dollar lawsuit against the Government of Canada for essentially framing him in a cover-up in an attempted terrorist bombing by Israeli military personel, aided and abetted by British Intelligence/CSIS of course.

Why seek innocent Muslims to frame? I used to go to York University. There are tons of Jews on campus. I have penetrated many of them posing as a Jewish fanatic myself, as someone that wants to bomb, mass murder, and genocide millions of Arabs (Aravim), Muslims, sand niggers, camel jockeys, and Goyim (Cattle/Gentile). Most Jews support my genocide speech against Arabs and Muslims. Thus it can be concluded that Jews support the genocide and mass murder of human beings. The Jewish people for the most part are a bunch of fanatic Genocidal maniacs that support the mass murder of innocent babies, women, and children. Max Blume, a Jew himself has proven this. If CSIS and the RCMP were truly out to infiltrate and entrap Jews from the terrorist Jewish community in acts of terrorism, it could be done with very little resources. It would not require silly “training” camps, indoctrination, or any other forms of entrapment. The Jews always have goaded themselves to perpetrating genocide against other peoples – both directly and indirectly. This time, they openly support the genocide of Arabs and Muslims. Of course they are co-opting Western nations to participate in it. The end result won’t be very good for the Jewish community in the west, which they use as a launchpad from where they initiate military operations against Muslim nations. The Western countries will have to also pay a heavy price for this. In terms of having foreign troops enter the lands, carpet bomb entire cities, and vaporize the Jewish neighborhoods in Major Population Centres using nuclear warheads and cruise missiles. Thus, this war on Islam by members of the terrorist Jewish community will end with the complete extermination of the Jewish culture, race, and religion.

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