Madrid Ripple Effect 2nd Version Update!

This is an important documentary produced solely by yours truly on uncovering the identities of the perpetrators of the March 11th 2004 Madrid bombings, and their connections to terrorist atrocities in London on July 7th 2005 and Casablanca on May 16th, 2003. The perpetrators who had inflamed the 2005 riots in France are also identified. It provides logistical analysis on how the terror attacks were carried out, the covert agendas behind perpetrating such false flag terrorist attacks, and the political consequences of such operations. The identities of major international Jewish terrorists have been unmasked, and those accused of perpetrating the attacks on Madrid and Morocco, in addition to the exacerbating of the late 2005/early 2006 French riots are also given exposure. Have a good watch.

To download the file, click here.

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14 Responses to Madrid Ripple Effect 2nd Version Update!

  1. Great video! Good research, very well done. I’m putting it up on youtube if that’s alright?

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  3. Xi Chin says:

    Look, I would like to watch your video. but you have put it on a media player that f**** up if you try to fast forward, and i am already over 2 minutes in and all you have done is pour pictures (presumably of the victims) and some “moving” (read: propaganda) piano music.

    Suggest you do two videos: One which is hours long and full of this stupid music etc… and another for people who also have other things to do which skips all that rubbish – the kind of emotive crap tricks that the very people you are accussion are apt at using against us.

  4. richard greenwood says:

    My web access does not allow me to watch long videos. I am wondering if you have written pages ( transcript or similar) that I can download related to the Madrid bombings so I can read the information instead of watching it in video.

  5. Rehmat says:

    On March 11, 2004 – three days before Spanish elections – in order to pave the way for the re-election of the unpopular Spanish ZOG prime minister Jose Maria Aznar – Mossad carried out the false flag bombing operation in Madrid by targetting four commuter trains killing 191 people and injuring 2050. It was Israel’s response to the million Spaniards who protested in Madrid streets against US invasion of Iraq, conceived by Israel Lobby

  6. Well done ,it’s a great courage of you to publish these documentary videos, Free Palestine now!!!

  7. I also want you to know that the real holy religion of Judaism is the strongest opposition to the so called “State of Israel”.and the Zionists occupation and their crimes,in fact the filthy Zionists Jews created the so called”State of Israel” in order to sin against holy G-D and his holt Toireh,

  8. talmudHater says:

    Your site looks good and I am glad to see the truth….nothing makes me more sick than to listen to kosher scum whining about “a few good jews” or anti-zionist jews etc., as this idiot from jewTube who runs a yid website and thinks he is part of the “movement” against criminal zionism. This ever so friendly psycho did what most jews do best; pull out some tasty 4 letter words to rant on about my being “uneducated.” I guess knowledge is a curse after all.

    Oh, and btw/ he has banned me from posting on his videos, so if anyone has something to say to this jewboy feel free since free speech stretches as far as his delete button on jewTube.

  9. talmudHater says:

    Sorry. The channel and website is called “Core of Corruption” all one word. Anyone heard of it or seen it?

  10. J.D. Foster says:

    What are you guys…A bunch of anti-semites? LMAO!!!

  11. Very Good site mate

    Great research and investigations here

    the video is too long, its 1.6 Gigs to download or 4 hours 25 mins

    make it smaller

  12. Richard Shropshire says:

    The Madrid bombing was most likely done by the same folks as the attack on the twin towers on 9/11. They seem to take numerology or occultic numbers seriously. The Madrid bombing was done 911 days after the twin towers attack.

    Mark Nov. 9, 2010 on your calender. Stay home on that date.

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