Danish Jews Stage Fabricated Terrorist Plot

Typical of Jewish Behavior. Their obvious Modus Operandi is to always stage “terror events” in order to create fear and anxiety against Muslims living in the West. The only solution to dealing with the Jews is permanent extermination.

January 5-6, 2010 — Danish neocons stage phony terrorist plot

The psychological warfare operations by neo-conservatives, who have Denmark under a virtual occupation government reminiscent of the pro-Nazi government during World War II, to stoke anti-Muslim feelings in Denmark, reached another zenith in the “axe attack” on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

In 2005, Westergarrd inflamed Muslim passions around the world when he drew cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist. Westergaard said he was instructed by his newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, to draw the cartoons. The editor who was instrumental in publishing the cartoons is the cultural editor of the Aarhus-based Jyllands-Posten, Flemming Rose, who worked in Washington, DC as a correspondent of the Copenhagen newspaperBerlingske Tidende. He has been a habitué of the neocon citadel in Washington, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Rose has denied being Jewish.

On January 1, Danish police arrested a Somali national, Mohammed Muhideen Gelle, who appeared on a Kenyan terrorist watch list, for breaking into Westergaard’s Aarhus home and trying to kill the cartoonist with an axe. Gelle, who has a residency permit for Denmark, was arrested by Kenyan police last July for immigration violations. Gelle was later released after pressure was exerted by Danish authorities and charges were dropped against him by Kenya. Kenya believed that Gelle was involved in a plot to attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a visit to Kenya.

However, according to the Somali man’s sister, the attack on Westergaard may have been part of an elaborate plot by the Danish Security Intelligence Service (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste or PET), to ratchet up tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim Danes and feed the current propaganda effort to breathe new life into the “all Muslims are potential terrorists” campaign by neocons and Israeli propaganda operatives around the world, especially in the wake of the Christmas Day “underwear bomb” plot on Delta/Northwest Airlines flight 253 over Detroit. WMR previously reported the airline plot was yet another neocon false flag event.

Gelle’s sister, Fatima, told Danish TV 2 Nyhederne network that a year or two ago, the PET tried to recruit her brother as an undercover agent. Fatima said that she does not believe that her brother carried out the attempted axe attack on Westergaard alone. She considers that pressure by the PET on Gelle may have resulted in the attack on the cartoonist. The Somali woman and her brother came to Aalborg, Denmark thirteen years ago. Gelle moved to Copenhagen and his sister remained in Aalborg. Fatima, who did not disclose her last name in the television interview, said her brother was “stressed” by PET agents.

The Aarhus incident represents yet another “false flag” attempt by neocons and Israeli provocateurs to feed into the current frenzy of fear gripping Europe and the United States.

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