Jews planning Terrorist Attack in Canada?

There is a strong possibility that the Jews may plan a terrorist attack in Canadian soil. Either by
blowing up a train on the subway, or a plane over the skies like Flight Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Jewish and Israeli owned companies like Verint and International Consultants for Targeted Security (ICTS) are in charge of security at the subways in Canadian cities like Montreal and Vancouver or airports in Calgary and Vancouver.

Mossad Terror Attack Planned for Vancouver Olympics 2010
Israeli Terror Group running Vancouver Airport security
Foreshadowing: Chilling “chatter” pattern parallels the leadup to 9/11.

(thanks to “Binkyclowner” for the above graphic )

The Montreal 9/11 Truth Movement ( ), in the documentary “Montreal the Next Terror Target” has exposed the Isr-eli company Verint was given a no-bid contract for the Montreal Metro subway system. Israeli companies, including Verint’s former incarnation as Comverse Infosys, and Verint itself are accused of complicity in the 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks .

Mossad Entrenched at Vancouver Airport
The Israeli Intel front company Verint is doing security in Calgary (YYC) and Vancouver (YVR) International airports. The company is famous for putting back-doors in its software, which phones home to Isr-el. The company is suspected with facilitating the 9/11 attacks, and the 7/7 attacks.

Gordon Campbell, Corporatist/Zionist Handmaiden of Corruption

Canada’s Rudy Guilliani

Utterly corrupt and awash in scandals that he always gets out of with the help of media Zionists, BC Premier Gordon Campbell will do anything for the shadowy keepers he is beholden to. Canadian politicians are already skilled in the cover-up of mass murder.

(The Shabez Goi: Corrupt and Zionized Polluticians in BC)

2010 Terror Alluded to in 2012 Movie
(the following passage and video thanks to on Youtube )

“British Columbia (Vancouver) 2010, remember?”

Normally, these kinds of “coincidences” wouldn’t mean much but when it was discovered that Jewish owned Hollywood was throwing it in our face by injecting terrorist false flag scenarios in movies and TV shows (The Lone Gunmen FOX TV series, which aired a few months before the Sept. 11 attacks , depicted a hijacked jet airliner attempting to crash into the World Trade Centre) we couldn’t help but think the Shysters were bragging to us about an impending attack on Vancouver, B.C. Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

To make matters worse, the Israeli Mossad owned Verint just happens to be running security at the Vancouver International Airport. The Mossad were exposed in 2007 when it was discovered that Verint was running security in Montreal’s Metro subway, and the Montreal 911 Truth Movement moved quickly to warn people that Verint has a history of running security at airports and subways where terrorist acts happen to occur.

Vancouver has recently built a major extension to its Skytrain rail system. Verint does not run security on it but the company that does is mysterious and may be another Israeli intelligence front.

The Lone Gunman: Hollywood foreshadowing “chatter”, pre-911!

2012: Zionist foreshadowing for “British Columbia 2010″

Israelis are Getting Desperate
The stigma against questioning 9/11 is now over, the stigma against criticizing Israel is now over, and the Zionists are being put under scrutiny all over the world. You better believe that they are desperate for another 9/11 or a 7/7, to silence the increasingly powerful voices of human beings who are waking up to their terrorist, treasonous corporatist, globalist Zionist governments. You better believe that they are willing to kill you and your family along with thousands of Canadians, to get the focus back on the “Islamic terrorists”.

911 Truth Saved Montreal
Canada owes it’s thanks to the 9/11 truth movement ( ), for making it too dangerous for the Zionist terrorists to attack Montreal with a false flag event. The Zionist rats had a big spotlight shone on them, and they did not like that.

Let’s do the same for Vancouver.

Oh, and just in case anyone is not up to speed on what ethnic group is behind the production of the foreshadowing ‘chatter’ we have observed in Hollywood productions(with help from the CIA and Pentagon, of course – also Zionist infiltrated/controlled).

“Nazis” say Jews run Hollywood:

Jews say Jews run Hollywood:,0,4676183.column

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