Jewish Owned Companies Main Suspect in London Subway Bombings

Israel Security
Company Prime
Subway Bomb Suspect?

By Cyte

I am not saying shoot-to-kill whenever you see an employee of an Israeli security company, but would the inspectors of Scotland Yard please examine the alibis of the private safety personnel who regularly roam the London Underground?
They have the opportunity. They have unsupervised access to trains and tracks at all times. They also control the CCTV.
They have the means. As experts on security, they have had explosives training.
And they have the motive. As Jewish musician Gilad Atzmon has pointed out, Israel would benefit from a clash between the West and Islam. This is especially true since Muslims are the ones who are being accused of (or framed for) the bombings.
Also, access to military explosives is no problem for them. Israeli security companies are usually manned by Shinbet or Mossad ex-agents. And why not? These are the people who have had more experience with terrorism than anybody else on earth.
Israelis are the most qualified people on earth to create, man, and manage private security services to “guard” against terror. Israel is the most “terror-afflicted” country in the world. On the other hand, this also makes Israel the most likely breeding ground of terrorism.
A good crime investigator would always question the private guards. They have unlimited access to the crime scene, they know how to handle explosives, and in the case of people who call Israel mother, they have the strongest motive.
Nobody other than the security company needs to be in on it. Others may be honestly looking for answers and following false leads and planted evidence. The security company can easily send governments and investigators on wild goose chases.
Conspiracy theories are weak if they involve too many people.
I don’t trust theories that would involve MI5, CIA, FBI etc. These are big organizations. The Mossad is a small organization, and it is tribal and located in a small isolated country. They can keep things among themselves.
But we have had many whistleblowers from the CIA, MI5, FBI and other government organizations.
The most successful conspiracies are those that are executed by a small closed group that would keep government investigators uninformed and confused.
Israeli Security To Protect London’s Underground
An Israeli security firm has been chosen to provide security for London’s Underground train network.
Verint Systems, a subsidiary of Israel’s Comverse Technology announced that Metronet Rail has selected Verint’s networked video solution to enhance security of the London Underground, according to an Israel21c report.
After extensive testing of Verint’s networked video system, including pilot installation on selected rail lines, Metronet Rail selected it to be installed on the entire Underground. The system will enable security personnel to monitor passenger platforms and certain remote portions of the track.
Verint president and CEO Dan Bodner told Israel21c: “We have significant experience working with transportation authorities and are committed to delivering innovative networked video security solutions for the transportation industry.”
Metronet Rail, under a 30 year contract with the UK government, is responsible for maintaining parts of the London Underground’s infrastructure. This includes ensuring security in trains, stations, tunnels and bridges.
The London Underground handles more than 3 million passengers each day, making it one of the busiest transportation systems worldwide.
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