Ylva Anna Maria Lindh – the Jews were alarmed and presumably had her murdered

anna-lindh-t Ylva Anna Maria Lindh was foreign minister and about to be Prime Minister of Sweden. Consider a sample of some of her views and behaviors.

In an October 2001 interview, Anna Lindh insisted that Israeli settlements on the West Bank must go, that Israel must vacate occupied areas on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, that there should be a Palestinian state and that all extra-territorial executions and attacks on Palestinians must end immediately.

Anna Lindh was a vocal critic of Ariel Sharon, whom she described as a ‘maniac’. She said that American policies rewarded Sharon’s violence. In June 2002, the youth wing of Lindh’s Social Democrat Party pressed charges against Sharon of war crimes and violation of international law. She also said that her side will have no dialogue with Sharon’s government.

Anna Lindh openly said that she would not buy Israeli goods and fruits sold in Swedish markets.

At a meeting of European Union member states in April 2002, Anna Lindh had called for the European Union to cut relations with Israel to protest the oppression of Palestinians by Israel.

What are the odds that the Jews would sit still and watch someone like Anna Lindh get elected as Prime Minister of Sweden?
Anna Lindh was murdered in broad daylight

Consider some details of Anna Lindh’s murder by Christopher Bollyn (before he was kidnapped by and forced to be an agent of the Jews):

Lindh was shopping without bodyguards at the upscale Nordiska Kompaniet department store in central Stockholm, when she was savagely stabbed in the stomach, chest and arm, just before 4 p.m.

Hanna Sundberg, an eyewitness, told The Associated Press that she saw a man chase Lindh up an escalator from the ground floor to the first upper level into a store called Filippa K.

“She fell on the floor and the man was stabbing her in the stomach,” she said. “She laid on the floor and it looked as if a tall man, wearing a peaked cap, was hitting her,” she told AP. “But when he ran away, he threw away a knife.”

Sundberg ran to Lindh, who said: “God, he has stabbed me in the stomach!”

Another witness, Anna Lekander, who had been in the boutique, where there were “only a handful of shoppers at the time,” said she had not noticed that Lindh was there as well.

Lekander said nothing about a man chasing Lindh up the escalator.

Lekander told the BBC that she had learned from others who were present that Lindh had entered the shop

together with a friend, seemingly with “no bodyguards or anything.”

Soon after leaving the shop, Lekander heard people shouting from inside, “Catch him, catch him”.

“It happened very quickly, I could see people running and I went back into the shop,” Lekander said.

“I could see a person lying on the floor, but I didn’t know it was her,” Lekander said. “There was blood everywhere.”

The attacker fled down the escalator and was able to flee without any resistance from security guards. Police were reported to be searching for a man wearing a camouflage jacket.

Lindh was initially reported to be serious condition but her injuries were said not to be “life-threatening” as she underwent six hours of surgery at the Karolinska Hospital. Doctors said she suffered extensive damage to her liver and had internal bleeding.

A company named Hufvudstaden owns NK, a 100-year-old department store founded by Josef E. Sachs. AFP asked Michael Lorenz, owner of Duty Security, which provides security for NK, about the number and location of guards at the time Lindh was murdered. Lorenz would not say how many guards were on duty or what kind of security detail his firm provided at the exits of NK.

Lorenz also refused to answer questions about how an assailant could attack a prominent Swedish politician in broad daylight in a department store with numerous closed-circuit video cameras and security guards and flee without encountering any resistance or security personnel in pursuit.

Anna Lindh’s stabbing wasn’t ordinary; it was professional, with the assassin shredding her internal organs. A mentally disturbed individual, Mijailo Mijailović, was charged with her murder. The Jews tell us that this is the CCTV capture of Mijailo Mijailović at the scene of the crime. Think carefully. A mentally disturbed individual slashes wildly at a woman. He surely ended up with her blood splattered on him. Where are the CCTV captures showing blood on Mijailo Mijailović?

More interestingly, the Jew-controlled mainstream media in Sweden didn’t bother comparing Anna Lindh’s murder to that of Olof Palme’s or Folke Bernadotte’s, as confirmed by Ninni Jonzon, news editor of Göteborgs-Posten. Jonzon also said that she didn’t know why. Why indeed? The Jews didn’t want people to start thinking whether there was something common to these three Swedes.

One must strongly suspect that Olof Palme and Anna Lindh were murdered by the Jewish crime network.

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