Fake Mexico Hijacking by Bolivian Jew

Source: Subvertednation.net

I wouldn’t have stumbled across this one if it weren’t for the interesting headline. The article said “Pilots: Hijacker incoherent during tense standoff” and since I know jews are usually behind any hijackings, I had to take a look. I also know from experience that the people set up to pull off these crazy hoaxes are usually fed tons of psychotropic and recreational drugs before hand by a jewish doctor and drug dealers somewhere, and it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this headline. One clue is that nobody else seems to hijack aircraft. That’s just plain suicide, and I don’t care what you’ve heard about “hajis”, most people just don’t do stupid shit like this.

One thing I keep saying about jews is that they are not extremely

Jewish Terrorist Posing as Islamic Resistance

This white skinned jew posing as a Hamas terrorist should be enough to clue people in that terrorism is a jewish invention. They seem to forget to take the jew star off, but they may just wear it to be bold.Jewish Terrorist Posing as Islamic Resistance

smart critters. They are devious, but not exceptionally bright. Of course, one should never underestimate an enemy, leave them to underestimate you. When considering that thought, one must also recognize that many of their actions are not really stupid. They are just plain bold, simply because the jews really don’t care what you think. They flaunt their evil deeds and depraved morality all over the globe, and we still have morons who think that only some jews are bad.

The jews realize that most of the people in the world will only hear fleeting distorted accounts of anything that is put out through their media apparatus as it is, so they don’t have much to worry about. They also realize that for the vast majority, if they hear or see anything about their constant undermining operations, they will be quickly distracted by WWF wrestling, Sunday night football, jewish porn stars, video games, flashing lights, and shiny things. Sometimes it reminds me of a fish chasing after one of those silly lighted lures that makes noise. The stupid fish says, “look at that shiny yummy looking thing with the hooks” and promptly swallows it whole. I always hated digging the hooks out from deep inside their throats, but how could a fisherman catch fish if they didn’t swallow the bait themselves?

It’s likely jews rationalize their domination over you in a similar way, but there are huge differences in the scenarios. For one, I respect the fish, and I am thankful for the harvest of the earth and it’s waters that allows me sustenance. I don’t wish the fish any suffering at all, and hope that my catch will be as humane as possible. I thank the fish, the waters he comes from, the earth, and the sun which give us all life. I am glad to have a natural source of food, and humbled by the sustenance their life gives to me.

It’s likely jews rationalize their domination over you in a similar way, but there are huge differences in the scenarios. For one, I respect the fish, and I am thankful for the harvest of the earth and it’s waters that allows me sustenance. I don’t wish the fish any suffering at all, and hope that my catch will be as humane as possible. I thank the fish, the waters he comes from, the earth, and the sun which give us all life. I am glad to have a natural source of food, and humbled by the sustenance their life gives to me.

Mass Hysteria After Jew Starts CommotionIn true hollywood fashion these commandos approach the plane as hostages are freed by the incoherent hijacker with his fake bomb. One almost has to laugh at how funny the scene is and how perfetly staged the shot turned out.

The jew on the other hand, enjoys the pain and suffering it causes. Their ritual murders, slaughter of women and children in Palestine, and disgusting idea of memorializing 911 would hopefully be enough to clue people in, but it hasn’t caught on like it should yet. The jews revel in the deaths of non-jews, like the five mossad jews caught dancing and celebrating as the towers collapsed. They had their star of david necklaces ripped from their throats by some, rightfully angry, New Jersey police officers on 9/11 when they were caught with their van full of explosive residue. Funny thing about those jew necklaces, because they seem to show up in all kinds of jew hoaxes. Take for instance the hamas soldier with white skin and a jew star hanging around his neck pictured with this article. There I go getting confused again, because I thought the terrorists were brown people from the Middle East, but I keep seeing the white skinned jew critters instead?

It turns out, the article I was talking about, which can be found here, supposedly some neanderthal looking nut case hijacked an aircraft on it’s way to Mexico City, and does it just before landing, what good is that? Luckily there were reporters all over the airport during the incident, who were able to snap some very interesting photos of the event. In this case, the jew comes in a darker skin tone, and although some are confused by this, it doesn’t matter what color they are, a jew is a jew. They have many jews mixed into all kinds of races like Supreme Court justice Sotomayor, and president Obama, which allows them to fool minorities by having a few that are capable of blending in, or at least claiming similar heritage. Remember their motto, through deception thou shall do war, meaning the jews are a bunch of manipulative creatures that always lie. I wouldn’t care if they all came strictly in clown suits, I wouldn’t trust a single one.  I wonder if this is why some people have nightmares about clowns?  <just humor>

The assistant pilot, trying to calm the

Jew Causing Mass Hysteria, Panic, and Psychological Terror

Here dozens of commandos storm the plane to subdue the fake jew hijacker with his impotent juice cans and stop watch, only to let him roam the tarmac freely just moments later. What a show of force, not to mention fabulous up close photography!hijacker in the rear cabin of the grounded aircraft, stared at the flashing red display until he couldn’t take it anymore. He walked to the front of the plane and took deep breaths for a full minute as he imagined himself being blown up with passengers and crew.0:03. 0:02. 0:01. What goes through someone’s head at a time like this?

“I imagined myself in the middle of an explosion, and I thought that in that moment my life would end,” said Carlos Corzo.

But there was only silence.

The “bomb” was just three juice cans filled with sand. The ominous wires went nowhere. The seconds were ticking down on a benign stopwatch.

The three pilots of Aeromexico Flight 576, which was hijacked Wednesday afternoon on its way into Mexico City, spoke about the ordeal to the Associated Press. They described an incoherent Bolivian pastor, Jose Flores, 44, whose Biblical warnings and strange demands sparked an hour-long tarmac standoff that kept the country in suspense until the 103 passengers and seven crew members walked away unharmed.

Mexican investigators struggled Thursday with two questions: How did Flores get his fake bomb through airport security in Cancun, the flight’s origin, and was he mentally ill and destined for a psychiatric hospital?

Some absolute freak “hijacks” a plane with a few juice cans filled with sand, a stop watch, some wires, and a couple blinking lights! It’s amazing this guy got through security, even with his fake apparatus, but this is the kind of thing you do if you’re setting the stage for future terror attacks. Maybe people need convinced that some incoherent fruit cake can waltz through security with a suitcase packed like a bomb? Or maybe this too is a plot engineered to reinforce the precedents for 911? Both of these ideas are certainly worth paying attention to because there is certainly something fishy to this hijacking. Who hijacks a plane right as it’s landing and asks to be flown in a circle seven times?

Is that one amazing story or what?  One of nothing but sheer terror, tense nerves, crazy demands, and gripping drama. Pilots engage a terrorist on the tarmac in coach with a suitcase full of sand and a few LED lights, watching and waiting, sweating out the moment of their own demise as his device slowly ticked it’s way toward zero! Moments of happiness as women and children are released are followed by sheer terror, as the pilot had to contemplate being blown to bits, and what he would look like in chunks all over the runway.  Can you imagine the pain?  The detail given in this nail biting report will ensure you do!  Hollywood is going to have to make a movie about this one, the script is all ready to go!

Pilot Ricardo Rios said the ordeal began about 1 p.m. Wednesday when a flight attendant told him a passenger had a bomb. The man was demanding to speak with him, and wanted the plane — which was approaching Mexico City — to circle seven times. The hijacker also needed to speak with President Felipe Calderon. It was urgent.

Rios said he didn’t have enough fuel to circle the city, and instead radioed the control tower that they were being hijacked.

After the plane landed and taxied to a cleared section of the airport, Corzo, at the back of the aircraft, tried to reason with Flores.

There must be another way, Corzo told Flores, looking deep into his eyes. It’s not worth it. Flores agreed to release women and children.

But after they were hustled away on the tarmac, Flores turned back to Corzo and popped open his suitcase, just for a moment. And that’s when Corzo saw it: Wires, cans, a blue light, a red light, a flashing digital clock. Corzo told Rios about the bomb, and Rios, locked in the cabin, told the rescuers, who were creeping closer and closer to the plane.

Minutes later, after the fake time bomb had counted down to zero, masked police stormed the aircraft with guns drawn and grabbed Flores, along with several others they thought were working with him.

Police later said there was only one hijacker, and the other men were briefly detained because Flores had told a flight attendant he had three accomplices. He later told police his companions were “the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

If this article doesn’t read like a hollywood script, then I don’t know what does. “…looking deep into his eyes”, don’t give me that crap! Wires, cans, colored lights, and a digital watch! I can almost feel the suspense with such accurate descriptions. It makes it feel so real, so alive. Almost as if I was there myself! You mean to tell me this idiot hijacks a plane as it’s landing, then simply sits on the runway till his stop watch reaches zero? What kind of plan is that? He wanted the plane? For what? Just to go in circles a few times? What was he going to say to Felipe Calderon that was so urgent? What was his motive? What did he want in return for letting his victims live? Why no other demands than flying in circles? Why was this terrorist so shy that the pilot had to come back and see him in coach, while other crew were safely locked in the cabin?

The reason is likely because this character was a jew.  He proudly displayed his jew star necklace as he was paraded freely in front of the media.  In fact, after the “storming of the plane”, this guy is seen walking around on the tarmac with the pilots.  No cuffs on, no agents pouncing on his back and beating his ass, nothing.  Just walking around the tarmac.  Then the heroic commandos promptly stage a press conference in the middle of the airport with their hard won catch for all to see, with his kike loving jew necklace glinting from the light of the flash bulbs!

Usually terrorists don’t see daylight for the first few days of their captivity.  There has to be questioning, interviews, proceedings, arraignments, the whole nine yards.  In most cases, when something like a dangerous terrorist is caught, they are quickly shuffled away to a secure detention facility with armed guards and military precision.  What the hell was this clown doing walking around the runway with the pilot he just hijacked and no cuffs? Think about this, you steal a pack of gum from wal-mart, and you’ll be hog tied and carted away in shackles quicker than you can blow a bubble. Why is this guy walking freely around the tarmac after hijacking a commercial airliner? You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let the pictures that accompany this article tell the rest of the story on their own, and you can decide for yourself what happened here.  However, be on the watch for what it could mean in the coming months ahead. Always be wary of any event like this that gets such phenomenal, Johnny on the spot coverage. It’s also possible this could tie into other events elsewhere around the globe. Why would a Bolivian hijack a plane just as it’s landing in Mexico? Are there other recent airline incidents, for which this event will help give credibility and precedent? Or are there upcoming events that this is merely foreshadowing? Then again, it’s also possible this is just meant to reinforce the old idea of 9/11 on it’s anniversary? Either way, I smell a fat disgusting jew rat with his satanic kike medal around his neck, and it fucking stinks.

Jose Flores, the incoherent (jew) Bolivian hijacker is paraded in front of the press in cuffs, after hijacking a plane, and being allowed to walk freely to the terminal with his suit case bomb. Note the jew star necklace.

Here, the dreaded (jew) Bolivian hijacker Jose Flores shows off his jew star while he is paraded in front of the press by heroic masked commandos. It doesn't get much more hollywood than this.

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