Jewish Terror Assasination of Count Folk Bernadotte

Folke Bernadotte – Murdered by Jews
Count Folke Bernadotte

Folke Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg, was a Swedish diplomat unanimously chosen by World War II allied victors to be the United Nations Security Council mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1947-1948. Bernadotte was assassinated on 17 September 1948 in Jerusalem by members of the Jewish militant Zionist group Lehi. The killing was approved by future Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir (born Yezernitsky), Natan Yellin-Mor and Yisrael Eldad, and it was planned by the Lehi operations chief in Jerusalem, Yehoshua Zetler. A three-man team ambushed Bernadotte’s motorcade in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood. Two of them, Yitzhak Ben Moshe and Avraham Steinberg, shot at the tires of the UN vehicles. The third, Yehoshua Cohen, opened the door of Bernadotte’s car and shot him at close range. The bullets also hit a French officer who was sitting beside him, Colonel André Serot. Both were killed. Meshullam Makover, the fourth accomplice, was the driver of the getaway car.

Folke Bernadotte was assassinated because the Jews believed him to be a threat to Israel. The U.N. General Assembly had voted to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with the Jews getting half of Palestine. Neither side wanted compromise and a war ensued. The U.N. partition plan had declared Jerusalem an international city that was to be ruled by neither Arabs nor Jews. Bernadotte proposed that Jerusalem be placed under Jordanian rule, since the area around the city was designated for the Palestinian Arab state. Criminal terrorist Jews wouldn’t compromise. Bernadotte had to go. Bernadotte’s Jewish killers never received any punishment. But as is usual, they were rewarded. Shamir went on to serve as Paris bureau chief of the Mossad (1955–65), member of the Israeli parliament (1973–1996) and prime minister of Israel (1983–1984 and 1986–1992).

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