Neil Lewington (Jew) gets busted with explosives

Source: Canoe News

UK man sent to jail for planning racist attacks

LONDON — A judge has sentenced a racist who planned to attack people he considered “non-British” to at least six years in jail for terrorist offenses.


Neil Lewington was convicted in July of possessing explosives and preparing for acts of terrorism. He also was found with a Nazi handbook. Prosecutors said he had “strong, if not fanatical” right-wing views.

Judge Peter Thornton called 44-year-old Lewington a “dangerous man” Tuesday and ordered him to serve at least six years.

Lewington was arrested in October after an argument with a train conductor. Police found two homemade bombs in his bag that could have exploded if they were primed.

At his home they found a notebook labeled “Waffen SS U.K. members handbook,” along with bomb-making equipment.

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