Mossad Operations in Thailand Confirmed!

Spies Homsi, Nader Met Mossad Officers in Thailand, ‘Israel’
Mohamad Shmaysani Readers Number : 984

17/05/2009 Security sources revealed to Al-Manar that the Lebanese spy Ziad Homsi met his Israeli Mossad operators in Thailand, whereas spy Nasser Nader visited occupied Palestine several times and met with Israeli intelligence officers there.

Masri, the deputy mayor of the Saadnayel town in the Bekaa region, a Future Movement stronghold, was arrested Saturday and had confessed to spying for Israel. Nader was also arrested Saturday in the southern town of Ghandouriyeh.

So far, eleven Israeli Mossad networks have been dismantled in just a few weeks.
Homsi, according to security sources, also confessed to have obtained a device from his operators in Thailand, however it was not determined, and that he disposed it in a certain location. Security forces are now searching the area. The sources added that extracting data from Homsi’s laptop – which he used to communicate with the Israelis, was underway.

Homsi might have accomplices, the sources said, adding that the Ghandouriyeh spy, Nader, had his ‘second’ wife as an accomplice and that she has been arrested in the Jal el-Deeb region by the Information Branch. The sources also revealed that Nader confessed to collaborating with the Israeli Mossad and to have visited ‘Israel’ several times to meet with intelligence officers and train on modern telecommunication equipment. His mission was to keep Islamic Resistance cadres under surveillance and provide information about their movements, particularly in south Lebanon. The sources added that Nader had pinpointed many targets in Beirut’s southern suburb and gave detailed information to the Israeli enemy about a number of Hezbollah offices and homes of Hezbollah members.

The final ‘security’ touches are being finalized in different area to dismantle new Israeli Mossad spy networks, the sources confirmed.

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