Jews fabricate illusion of "Arab terror"

My RSS reader delivers an average of 600 headlines daily from a select number of news sources, some in languages other than English.  This evening, one particular headline caught my attention, as it came from, a website that translates articles written from the Arabic into French and focuses on the Arab world. At first, I thought I had misread the headline which I quote below verbatim:

‘Selon un quotidien algérien, le Mossad recrute des Maghrébins et les entraîne en Israël’ – which translates into:

‘According to an Algerian daily, the Mossad is recruiting people from the Maghreb and training them in Israel’.

And then in red print it has a caveat: ‘The Algerian Press, which is usually anti-Israeli, steers between informing and flaming.

I immediately googled the key words of the article in English and found an article by Ennaharonline, the newspaper in question, that had translated its own article into English. The date of the release was today’s date, April 16, 2009. No other newspaper carried the story, though they were plenty of previous ‘conspiracy’ theories and stories tying Mossad and al-Qaida in other scenarios.

Randa Al-Fayçal translated and analyzed the original Arabic article, thus, it might be beneficial to study the analysis, since the article itself is self-explanatory.

Al-Fayçal summed up the report in a very short and succinct manner:  ‘Ennahar, the Algerian daily, asserted that the Jewish State is recruiting al-Qaeda Islamists in Europe who originated in the Maghreb (the Maghreb, or the Western part of Africa, is considered to encompass the countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia and Algeria) and providing them with training in Israeli camps, in order to use them in terrorist attacks next summer.’

The paper talks about its well-informed reliable sources who are keeping an eye on al-Qaeda and its activities, who discovered training camps in Israel about a year ago, set up in order to prepare its recruits to commit terrorist acts against Western interests in North African Arab countries. It goes on to further state that Ennahar reasoning, which is commonplace, attributes this development to Israel’s fear for its strategic interests which it intends to protect by terrorism.  It points to an Israeli ex-attache to Mauritania renewing ties with rebels in Mali and Niger, and undoubtedly with al-Qaeda in the Sahara Desert.

The accusation goes further to say that Israel intends to use the Islamist networks to hit American interests in North Africa as punishment, should the US alter its policy toward Iraq and Iran. Ayman al-Zawahiri will then take credit for the attacks from his Afpak hideout, which would serve al-Qaeda well, as it has undergone some ‘hard knocks’ in Algeria in particular. 

For the original article translated from the Arabic: Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel

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