Jews using deception to spread fear of "Muslim terrorism" during the summer of 2009

Source: Ennahar Online

Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel

Qa__da_Isra__l_364324820 The military training and intelligence are provided in

preparation for possible terrorist operations against the

interests of foreign countries in the Arab countries who are

regarded by Israel as a threat to its security and its strategic

interests, including the Maghreb Arab.

According to our sources, the camps include Arabs from

Algeria, Morocco and Yemen who came in, with false passports,

from Europe and carrying Jewish names. These were recruited by the Mossad in the European capitals to activate within

the ‘El Qaeda’ organization after being selected by the intelligence services in Europe. These people are generally wanted

for belonging to terrorist groups.

The secret training camps have relations with the sleeping cells of El Qaida in Europe, where their elements are recruited

for possible terrorist operations in Arab countries in coordination with the branches of the organization including the

armed terrorist groups of the Sahara. This proves what Ennahar had previously published on the military attaché at the

Israeli embassy in Mauritania, who had prepared a secret report on security activities of armed men in the Sahara

regions. The latter maintained secret relations with the rebel movements in Mali and Niger.

The Mossad had relations with the branches of El Qaeda and the operations committed against foreign interests, mainly

American, and in connection with the events in Iraq and the Middle East.

According to these sources, the Mossad might even try to use Algerian Harraga in Italy and recruit them in these

training camps across the logistics network of seafarers on the axis Sardinia Naples in search of elements to send

secretly in Israel, for the purpose of committing operations against foreign interests during the summer; operations to

be awarded to El Qaeda.

This new stage in the activities of the El Qaeda organization is the subject of the discourse of El Dhawahiri in an attempt

to revive the various branches after the stranglehold exercised on the organization by the European intelligence and

painful strikes made by the security services and the army in particular in the Arab Maghreb and in Algeria.

Ennahar / Mohamed Ben Kemoukh

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