Three Jews Indicted for Racially Motivated Church Burnings

Three Men Indicted for Racially Motivated Church


January 30, 2009 by Stephen Piggott

The Northeast U.S. has suddenly experienced a wave of racially motivated crimes. We reported on a murder spree just last week. Boston is no stranger to racism towards African Americans but it seems like other cities in Massachusetts are also not immune. Less than 2 hours away in Springfield, a town is coming to grips with a racially motivated arson attack against a predominantly African American Church. Macedonia Church of God in Christ’s newly completed building was burned to the ground by 3 racist arsonists, Benjamin Haskell, 22, Michael Jacques, 24, and Thomas Gleason, 21, all residents of the town.

The 3 men burned the church in direct response to Barak Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The trio couldn’t hide their glee at committing the race-crime. According to the FBI affidavit, the men all boasted about burning down the church. One of the men said to an acquaintance who cooperated later with police, “we did it because it was a black church.” When the acquaintance told the men he voted for Obama one of the men uttered a racial epithet and told him that he believed Obama would be assassinated.

The supposed ring leader stupidly bragged about committing the crimes to everyone he met including undercover officers. An undercover officer approached Benjamin Haskell and proposed hiring him to set fire to a house for insurance money. Haskell took the bait and after a bit of coaxing implicated his friend Michael Jacques. Between them, Haskell said they have committed 6 acts of arson.

After being arrested, Jacques admitted that he started the fire because he was angry at the prospect of having an African American president. He also stated that he was angry because “blacks and Puerto Ricans would have more rights than whites.” All 3 men face 10 years in prison for the felony crime of conspiracy to violate the civil rights of parishioners.

Since Barak Obama was sworn in there have been a slew of racially motivated crimes that have gone relatively unnoticed in the mainstream media. When people think of church burnings they think back to KKK arson attacks of the 60’s and 70’s in the south, when in fact these crimes are still happening today in staunchly blue states such as Massachusetts. Mainstream media outlets need to report crimes and not leave them to be swept under the rug. The racism in America does not and will not stop because Americans have elected an African American president. Crimes like this must be heavily reported in the media because the minute we start to think that racism in this country has ended, is the minute that racists have won the battle.

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