Briefing: Jewish Terrorist Attack in India (26/11)


The latest updates in Mumbai from the Indian press and Pakastani Daily:

-The reason why the terrorist attacks on Mumbai was done on the specific date of November 26th is that the Anti-Terror Squad chief Hemant Karkare planned to reveal to the world press the next day 27th, that the Mossad was involved in funding and training militant fanatic Hindu terrorist group, who bombed Malegaon, India a few months ago, attacks that the Indian government wanted to blame on Muslims. Karkare saw the facts and was not fast to blame the Muslims; he ordered and investigation and found out that the Hindu terrorist group did the bombing. Upon interrogating the Hindus, they admitted to Karkare and his agents that the Israeli Mossad hired and trained them to do the bombings. The Hindus pointed out two Israeli Mossad agents in Mumbai, who were arrested, interrogated, and gave confessions. Karkare had the proof, witnesses, and confessions to blame Mossad, who planned, in arrogance, to kill Karkare one day before the expose, while at the same, time executing an Indian 9-11, “killing two birds with one stone.” Karkare was shot in the back of the head while in bullet rpoof vest and helmet in his jeep. In other locations, 5 of Karkare’s aides on the expose were also shot to death in different areas, quelling the Mossad expose from ever coming out.

-an Indian cop ran into the Chabad Lubavitch center during the attacks and was shocked to see a bunch of “white men” holding weapons, the mossad.

-the shootings started in the Chabad Lubavitch center, where many boxes of ammunition were found.

-the terrorists’ blood showed evidence that they had talen LSD, Coccaine and alcohol. This is not the behavior of a Muslim. two of the terrorists had beers before they opened fire in a restaurant. These men were mercenaries who were hired by mossad. These mercenaries ar desperate men who work for the sake of their families, who need the money to survive in the poverty.

-the firefighters were told not to put out the fires, allowing the evidence to burn.

-the satillite phones found on the terrorists showed that their last call was to a Dan Samuel in New Jersey, a Mossad agent.

-many Israeli agents, more than usual, were seen and are on record as visiting all of the hotels attacked.

-the Indian woman that supposedly saved the Lubavitch child was sent to Israel and given an Israeli citizenship so that she could be monitored so that she wouldn’t make a mistake and talk the truth about what really happened. The mossad possibly has given her money and a threat not to speak of the truth but only of what they instructed her to say. It is highly ely that she was a Mossad spy playing her role. She is a so called Indian Jew, which Jews have been focusing on for a few years, as the “Indian Jews” foryears were begging for acceptance as being known as Jews and Israeli citizenship, but were denied citizeship because of their lack of Israelite dna. This created a longing within the Indian Jewish community to be recognized as Jews and to be Israelite citizens, thus the Indian Jews who would be willing to do anything for the Jews just to be recognized as a Jew and to earn Israeli citizenship they have bee begging for, for years.

-Mossad affiliates in the government, Mossad agents, and the heads of the Indian government worked together to created the attacks.

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