Jewish Assassins Suspected In Killing Sudan`s Former Vice President

August 20, 2007 — Sudan report confirms previous report of Vice President’s assassination

publication date: Aug 19, 2007

August 20, 2007 — Sudan report confirms previous report of Vice President’s assassination

The Sudan newspaper Akhbar Alyoum, in an interview with Sudan’s Minister of State for the Interior Aleu Ayeni Aleu published on August 14, reveals evidence that former Sudanese First Vice President John Garang was assassinated.

Aleu states in the interview that Garang did not die in Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s personal helicopter but in military helicopter Garang boarded at Entebbe airport. Garang’s switch to the military chopper was reportedly made at the last minute. Garang’s widow, Rebecca Naradeng, has said she believes he husband was murdered.

Aleu was a member of an international team, including Americans, that investigated the crash. In a published report, the team ruled the crash an “accident.” Even Museveni has claimed he doubts Garang died in an accident. Moscow-based experts revealed the crashed helicopter’s specifications did not match those of Museveni’s private helicopter.

Aleu provided technical details to support his claim of an assassination and cover-up. He said the machine numbers of the downed chopper were not compatible with the presidential chopper number and that “number AF, 605 differs from the presidential number’s main rotor burp 8-1930-000821-5387.” Aleu also stated the pilot’s assistant, according to the air craft’s flight recorder, appeared unsure of the plane’s details. “Sometimes he said UK747 [instead of UK757]. The other plane was holding number ATCO-AF-605118:2. The plane that had crashed does not hold number 096112 (1997 Russian 02/07/05)”.

On August 1, 2005, WMR reported that the July 2005 helicopter crash that killed longtime Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) leader and newly-installed Sudanese Vice President John Garang was no accident but an assassination.

WMR reported, “Garang’s death in one of [Ugandan President Yoweri] Museveni’s helicopters may presage the fracture of Sudan and that will be a boon for U.S. oil companies and British and Israeli gold and diamond miners. The trend is unmistakable. War crimes are being committed in Africa every day and Washington, London, and Tel Aviv rake in abominable profits.

Garang’s helicopter crashed after it departed Museveni’s ranch at Rwakitura, about 200 miles southwest of Kampala, near the Rwandan border. Garang was on his way back to New Site, his base in southern Sudan, after meeting with Museveni. Abdel Wahed Mohammed Ahmed Nur, the leader of the Darfur-based Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, a group allied with Garang’s SPLM/A, said that Garang’s helicopter death ‘was the result of a big conspiracy against the Sudanese people… Personally, I don’t believe in an accident.'”

Garang’s death followed a stormy meeting between him, Museveni, and the American, British, and Dutch ambassadors over oil just prior to his return to Sudan and his helicopter crash en route. On September 16, 2005, WMR reported, “. . . the most dramatic revelation is that present at Garang’s meeting with Museveni were the ambassadors of the United States and the Netherlands and the British High Commissioner to Uganda. These three nations are involved, through Royal Dutch Shell and other oil companies, in exploration in the Great Lakes Region.

U.S. ambassador Jimmy Kolker, a graduate of Carleton College in Minnesota, has facilitated a close relationship between Museveni and Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman (who won his Senate seat largely as a result of the plane crash that killed Senator Paul Wellstone). Britain’s High Commissioner Francois Gordon is a former counselor in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Joke Brandt, the Dutch ambassador, is affiliated with the globalist Netherlands Institute for International Relations (“Clingendael”). There are reports that Garang argued with Museveni and the Western ambassadors over oil and mineral exploration rights in his southern Sudan area, as well as Sudan in general. Garang was no pushover for the Museveni and the American, British, and Dutch envoys. With a PhD in economics, Garang understood the worth of Sudan’s natural resources and what was a equitable for his people. And as a graduate of the Commander’s course at Fort Benning, Georgia, Garang was also familiar with the connections between U.S. and British covert and overt special forces in the region and the oil companies and mining firms. For Garang, having that kind of knowledge may have earned him a death sentence.”


From the field and in Africa (Joburg)
Add to that death toll by covert means two key advisors to Pres Joseph Kabila in th past weeks. His National Security Advisor Prof. Samba Kaputo, who had been hand picked by Washington, died suddenly of symptoms thought to have come from an intentional poisoning on Sunday July 29th. He died in South Africa after being flow by in the Presient’s plane to Johanesgurg awaiting kidney dialysis six hours after arrival. The top security personnel of the country are convinced that this was a “hostile act” by intersts who wish the removal of President Kabila. Another key advisor has since died and others are reported seriously ill. The NSA Samba Kaputo had recently turned toward a position where he openly questioned the intent of the US toward the DRC government in the wake of the US backed ex-VP Bemba’s failed coup attempt in late March 2007. The Bemba military camps (both in the city center and with barracks outside the captial)and Bemba’s political operations were financed by the US and their business allies in the mining field. A government investigation of mining leases began in May of 2007 with many high profile international companies standing to lose billion dollar properties and all of the investments that have gone into them.
Anonymous (Peoria)
Interesting that the mainstream media hasn’t picked this up at all. Still trying to get Russian Federation and China to divest from Darfur. With, in Hollywood’s case, the special help of George Clooney. If, as it has been said, Tony Blair is/was George Bush’s poodle, Clooney appears to be Madeleine Albright’s poodle. For anyone who has heard Albright speak in person or seen her speak, as she did, for example, “with” Vaclav Havel at Georgetown a few years ago, she’s not a good poodle lady.

What has at least come out, at least as of August 22, 2007, is that Israel, long a purported supporter of Darfur and recognition of the Darfur genocide, won’t let into Israel a bunch of Darfur refugees who showed up to see, I guess, if Israel was serious about being pro-Darfur. It’s one thing to talk a good game and another to be able to play one.

Anonymous (Peoria)
RE: the fellow’s having trained at Fort B., just remember that a lot of foreigners have done that. Remember, as well, that a lot of foreigners have been trained at San Diego’s elite Navy Seal outfit in Coronado, CA.

As for “knowing” special forces’ stuff, that is not too hard. Many from Viet Nam, after all, came back without their wits. Although they were supposed to keep secret what they did, many have not.

Many have “worked” AA, nar-anon programs et al and have opened up a bunch of cans of worms. Although supposedly trained, like CIA, not to even talk in their sleep about what they did and can do, that has not evidently always been the case.

And, if you don’t think that the Africans didn’t send some pro-Soviet Africans to US “elite” training schools, think again.

That’s right. Lots of “if you’re black, you’re black” as far as Africans training at Fort B. went. That’s what the Yankees thought. Didn’t check covers too well.

If you don’t think it wasn’t easy for the Eastern Block to get some of their own in that way, think again.

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