Mujahid Denies Involvement in Madrid and Casablanca Jewish Terrorist Attacks!

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3/11: Interview with the Jihadist
EL MUNDO newspaper ^ | 25th May 2005 | Ali Lmrabet

Posted on March-21-07 5:53:41 PM by J Aguilar

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

Sun Tzu

Wednesday, May 25th 2005

“The Moroccan Services Had Information about 3/11”


KENITRA (MOROCCO) – From the Central Prison in Kenitra, the Moroccan Islamist Jihadist Salahedin Benyaich, also known as ‘Abu Mughen’ or ‘The One-Eyed’, has conceded an interview to EL MUNDO to tell his truth on 3/11, 9/11 and the Casablanca attacks.

One of the masterminds of this massacre, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for belonging to the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM). He has fought in Bosnia and in other war zones he does not want to mention.

Question: Your brother Abdelaziz Benyaich is being judged by the [Spanish] National High Court for belonging to the Al Qaeda cell in Spain.

Answer: It is surprising for me he is there. When he was arrested, Abdelaziz did not fulfill his quotidian religious obligations. He never was Muyahid. On the other hand, my brother Abdallah, yes. He went to Afganistan six months before 9/11 and it was there where he was killed by the Americans.

Q: And you?

A: I am a Muslim and, therefore, I am a muyahid, because the jihad is a religious duty. When the war in the Balkans began, I was living in the UK, and I moved to Bosnia in 1995. It was my obligation to defend the Muslims against Serbs and infidels. Today the jihad we carried out there is badly seen, but those days we were supported by the US and many western nations. I am not talking about the Arabs, like Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Persian Gulf, which were or main funding source.

Q: There you lost your right eye?

A: Right, during the battle of the Karama (dignity, in Arab), near Zavidovich. But when the Dayton Agreement was signed, we were kicked out of Bosnia, because the Europeans did not want to see jihadists in the center of the continent. I moved to Spain, where I was between 1996 and 1999.

Q: To carry out the Jihad?

A: To try to cure my eye. I was hospitalized in the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, where a poor and good doctor took care of me. She never knew that, under the name of David Charles Burgess was in fact a muyahid.

Q: You are accused of being linked with the arrested ones in the Datil Operation…

A: I am Muslim and I know many Muslims. When I was hospitalized, many brothers visited me, but also CESID [Spanish Intelligence] officers.

Q: Abu Dahdah, for instance?

A: Many people visited me, that’s all.

Q: Some of the arrested ones in the Datil Operation?

A: Yes, but I am not going to mention any name, because that trial is already a circus. Already in 2002, when I was living in England, CESID [Spanish Intelligence] officers visited me, accompanied by their colleagues of the MI5. They asked me to collaborate with them. They wanted information about Abu Dahdah and his friends, and I gave them the same answer that I give you now: Abu Dahdah was never in the jihad, neither him nor the ones that are in the dock.

In July 2004, when I was already sentenced to 18 years in prison, the secret police came to Kenitra to take me to the Maarif precinct in Casablanca. There it was a Spaniard with beard and other people. It was Judge Baltasar Garzón, but I did not recognize him until he showed me his passport. He asked me about Abu Dahdah, about my brother Abdelaziz and about others. He asked me about names and organizations to which I supposedly belong. I told him that we Muslims have to defend Islam and its people and I explained him that injustice is beating the Muslim world. I told him: “Look what happened on 9/11, it was a sign. The Western World has to revise their relations with the Muslim world, which already has nothing to loose. You don’t have to kill our brothers in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq and Palestine”.

Q: It is said that two months ago other visitors came…

A: Although they did not say it, they were CNI [formerly CESID, Spanish Intelligence] officers, a man and a woman. They came to ask me for some information about the organization Martyrs for Morocco. They told me they have arrested some members of that group in Almeria. But, what could I say? I know nothing.

Q: Why do so many people visit you then?

A: Because I am a muyahid, because I have fought in Bosnia, and it is said there are a lot of young people in Spain that wants to follow my example.

Q: Is not the true reason that you were a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM)?

A: I was convicted for “belonging to a criminal gang”: for the Moroccan Justice that is what GICM means. But I can assure you that it does not exist. It is like the famous Salafia Jihadia: they say it is a structured organization, but it does not exist. The GICM is like a nebula, it does have neither web page nor leader. It is said that there are five emirs in the GICM. This is not serious. An emir is replaced when he resigns, is ceased or dies. It cannot be more than one at the same time.

Q: And Mohamed Guerbuzi?

A: Guerbuzi lives in England, has British citizenship and has been investigated 20 times by the British authorities without result. Do you think that, if they had any evidence against him, the English had left him free?

Q: It is being talked also about other Moroccan, Nordine Nafia.

A: Nafia was kidnapped in Nuackchot’s (Mauritania) airport in November 2002, six months before the May 16th attacks [2003 in Casablanca]. If he were a leader of the GICM, how had he been able to organize the Casablanca and Madrid attacks? He was sentenced to 18 years in prison and was with me in Kenitra when he was kidnapped by night some days ago and was moved to an unknown place. When he was kidnapped in 2002, he was accompanied by his wife. In Temara [Secret Detention Center of the Moroccan Police] they threatened him to rape his wife before him, and finally, the poor woman got completely crazy. Later, she was sent to a center near the Royal Palace of Marrakech before being released without charges. I repeat, without charges. This is the policy of a country supported by many western governments that they called themselves democrats and civilized.

Q: If the GICM (Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group) was not behind the attacks in Casablanca and Madrid, who did it?

A: In the part that refers to Morocco, I don’t have any doubt that was the Moroccan secret services the ones that set up all the operation. They did it in order to bump the Islamist movements off. In 2003, the Moroccan Islamism was booming and the regime, involved in problems, was worried.

When the four sheiks – Mohamed Fizazi, Omar Hadduchi, Abdelwaheb Rafiki, Abu Hafs and Hassan Kettani – were being interrogated by the secret services, some police high rank officers told them what they were going to get. And that happened: 30 years [in prison] for the first three of them and 20 for the last.

In addition, explain me how the Moroccan regime has been able to rapidly arrest 8,000 Islamist around all the country, 8,000 people, not 200 or 500. How did they know where all that people were? During the trials, we had to answer yes or no to the questions of the judges; we had no right to reply anything else. The judges did not want to go deeper, and each time we complained about the tortures we had suffered, they interrupted us.

And an important element, who claimed responsibility for [the attacks on] May 16th? No one. In all the attacks in the US, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain… responsibility has been claimed. Who is the beneficiary of this operation? It is the Moroccan state, and not the Islamist movement. After May 16th any Muslim that disagrees with the policy of the regime is accused of being a terrorist. Look what they have done to the Party of Justice and Development [moderate Islamic]: they have silenced it completely.

Q: Some of you are involved in violent crimes.

A: Yes, but it is an extremely small minority. Yusef Fikri, who was arrested before the Casablanca attacks and has nothing to do with them, sent to the press a hand-written letter signed with the fingerprint of his thumb in which he recognized certain murders and he did not apologize. In addition, when the press [EL MUNDO, May 2nd 2005] published the news about our limited hunger strike, the prison of Kenitra was filled with prison civil servants, politic police officers and a detachment of the police auxiliary forces. Then came two or three state attorneys from Kenitra and Rabat, which interviewed the sheiks and they told them to stop making waves, that they know they were innocents and that they were going to be freed. If the King’s attorneys say that we are innocents, they have reasons to do it.

Q: And the Madrid attacks?

A: After the attacks, the secret police came for me and Mustafa Mimuni, the brother-in-law of Serhane Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, The Tunisian. We were interrogated in Temara during a week. They showed us pictures of Jamal Ahmidan, El Chino, and other suspected ones. I knew El Chino in Madrid, he was a hash dealer, a drug pusher; he was not Muyahid or anything else. I don’t know what he did to cross to the other side. Later, they brought us the video claiming the responsibility on 3/11 and they made us hear it completely.

The voice of the hooded person was not the one of a member of the Islamist movement. He committed a lot of mistakes when he recited the verses of the Koran. The Jihadist discourse was not present. When he pronounced the word “Madrid”, he did not do that with the accent of a Moroccan immigrant and his claiming speech was full of grammatical faults.

Q: That could be explained by the low level of instruction of the terrorists.

A: If the level was low, then they could not have organized such a big attack. The person that read the communiqué was not Moroccan, not even Arab. He probably is a Westerner that knows Arab. He made a mistake in an important verse of the Koran, when no muyahid would have done that.

Q: Some say that can El Chino or Allekema Lamari.

A: El Chino did not have the certificate of primary studies to read such text. I don’t know Lamari, and I repeat it was not the voice of an Arab.

Q: Some information link you in Valencia with Lamari.

A: I have never been in Valencia and I have never know Lamari.

Q: And Jamal Zougam?

A: He is my friend and a normal guy. I don’t think he has anything to do with the attacks because he supported financially his family. The mobile phones that accuse him might have been in his shop, but nothing else.

Q: Various witnesses assured that they saw him on the trains.

A: They may have seen a moor and confuse him with other. Moreover, I have a question to the Spanish authorities: how is it possible in a country with so high security due to ETA, that such amount of explosive could be transported from Asturias to Madrid so easily?

Q: Who do you think could have organized the attacks?

A: For me and for many muyahidin, a specific country that did not wanted the party of José María Aznar to remain in the government.

Q: That is a free and easy accusation.

A: What I know is who got profit of the defeat of the [right wing] PP. And I check that Morocco is now stronger than ever. The Western countries forgive it all and George W. Bush appointed it privileged ally of the NATO. Look what it does here with Human Rights without a condemnation. I personally do not like the party of Aznar, it has a reminiscence of a new empire, but I have to tell that no one could have expelled them from the government without any other pretext but the attacks, because corrupted they weren’t. I am waiting for the Congress report to know what really happened on 3/11.

Q: Some analysts assure that the Moroccan secret services could be linked to the attacks or, at least, have had information concerning them.

A: To have had information concerning them is an evidence that is difficult to deny. Some days ago I read in a National Spanish newspaper that, in the Aznar term, the CNI (Spanish Intelligence service) had had a lot of information about something organized by the Moroccans was being prepared against Spain. If the ones that were preparing it were Moroccans and the CNI knew that, I could swear that the Moroccan secret services knew that too. My brother Abdelaziz was arrested by the Spaniards in Algeciras [Gibraltar strait]. Who gave them the information about him being there? The Moroccan secret services, especially because he was in transit with a French passport.

Q: How are you linked with the family Benyaich?

A: Fadel Benyaich, the counsellor of king Mohamed VI and his sister, Karima Benyaich, secretary of the Averroes committee, are my cousins.


By J Aguilar,

Of course, we cannot trust the speech of this jihadist, an enemy, involved since at least 1995 in European Islamic networks; even though he seems to have a good geostrategic perception and quite a perspective of the matter after living (and fighting) in various countries.

Ali Lmrabet, EL MUNDO journalist, persecuted by the Moroccan regime as Reporters Without Borders informs here, does not ask him about the War in Iraq. I would have liked to read his opinion on the matter and how he would manage to fit it into his “freedom for Arabs” speech, after unleashing the same old stuff from Palestine, Chechnya and the like. Should Arabs be set free to just be slavered again by radical clerics and people like him? Who else but America fights for the freedom of Arabs? Weren’t they the ones that ended the suffering in Bosnia, where he fought? The tyrant named Saddam Hussein, did not he ended his days between heaven and earth at the end of a rope after being judged by his own people? Or maybe shia Arabs are not entitled to be free?

Is it a struggle for freedom, or just a struggle for power? – Lmrabet might have asked.

Well, beyond this classic Islamic speech, he gives some interesting data:

First of all, he talks about Abu Dahdah. He says he is not a jihadist, and that his trial was a circus. This claim might be supported by the fact, that the Spanish Supreme Court (here called “High Court”) acquitted him of conspiracy charges, as this news shows, and sentenced him just to 12 years in prison (from the initial 27) for belonging to a terrorist organization in the degree of leader.

Charges against other indicted ones were dropped when the trial began. A video which investigating judge Garzón argued that was an evidence proving that 9/11 was planned in Spain, turned out into just a tourist recording of New York highlights.

Then, Salahedin Benyaich declares that the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group and Salafia Jihadia are not structured groups, but autonomous cells faintly linked or not linked at all. Please check that, if true, this makes impossible to deny a fake claiming of responsibility and very difficult to fight back an accusation of pertaining to such groups: any Islamist or Islamic sympathizer in North western Africa or Western Europe could be indicted on charges of belonging to one of such self-sufficient cells.

After that, Benyaich enters in the most controversial part of the interview. He claims the Casablanca attacks on May 16th 2003 were perpetrated by the Moroccan secret services to quash the booming Islamic movement, nurtured by the desperation of its people. What a big claim! What we know about the Casablanca bombings:

From wikipedia (may change):

The 14 bombers, most between 20 and 24 years old, bombed several places on the night of May the 16th. In the deadliest attack, bombers wearing explosives knifed a guard at the “Casa de España” restaurant, a Spanish-owned eatery in the city. They blew themselves inside the building, killing 20 people, many of them dining and playing bingo.

The five-star Hotel Farah was bombed next, killing a guard and a porter. Another bomber killed three passersby as he attempted to bomb a Jewish cemetery. He was 150 yards away from the cemetery and likely lost, so he blew up by a fountain. Two additional bombers attacked a Jewish community center, but killed no one because the building was closed and empty. It would have been packed the next day.

Another bomber attacked a Jewish-owned Italian restaurant, and another blew up near the Belgian consulate which is located meters away from the restaurant, killing two police officers.

In all, 12 bombers died, along with 33 civilians. Two bombers were arrested before they could carry out attacks. More than 100 people were injured. Eight of the dead were Europeans (three Spaniards among them) and the rest were Moroccan. Many Moroccan blamed the American war against Iraq and ‘War On Terrorism’ as the cause of this attack

Some striking facts:

• The Casa de España, or House of Spain, suffered the hardest hit, with 20 killed there. Curiously, in the Hotel Farah the bombers could barely cross the door. Jews seemed to be the next intended target, but a (probably Zionist) fountain was stroke instead; a restaurant, two policemen, and… strikingly again, an empty building, were also minor objectives.

• By the way, where are the American targets? No one was bombed in the Casablanca attacks? Curious indeed.

• The Casablanca bombings were carried out nine days before the Spanish Regional and Local elections of May 25th 2003. Were they also the objective of the attack?

• 12 suicide bombers for six objectives is a pretty odd ratio.

• Gustavo de Aristegui, Spanish right wing politician specialized in foreign affairs, affirms in one of his books (La Yihad en España, published in 2005) that the explosives used in the Casablanca attacks were stolen from the Moroccan army.

• Why do Islamists in Morocco and Spain allegedly steal or buy the explosive for their attacks from sites or persons related to the security forces whilst Islamists in England or America have to synthesise or mix it by themselves? The entrepreneur spirit of the Anglosaxon societies, perhaps?

You know my motto: we report, you decide.

Finally, Benayich confirms what we already know on the 3/11 attacks. That Jamal Ahmidan, El Chino, was simply a drug dealer with no interest, and even no capacity, to such tasks, and he also argues on issues that could be easily investigated, that is, that on the video about the claiming of responsibility of 3/11, a recording that appeared in strange circumstances, where the hooded person that talks, speaks wrongly Arab, did mistakes reading a verse of the sacred Koran and has no Moroccan accent.

Were the Casablanca bombings carried out by Moroccan officials? I don’t know. And probably we won’t ever know because in Morocco the Rule of Law does not prevail. What I know is that the Casablanca bombings have a close resemblance with what happened in Spain ten months later, as informer Cartagena has declared before the judge; what I know is that the Islamism of many Moroccans involved in 3/11, according to the already Official Conspiracy Version, is certified by Moroccan authorities; what I know is that Moroccan Security Officials show on BBC along its Spanish counterparts underpinning a false version on what happened on 3/11; what I know is that Jorge Dezcallar, the director of the CNI (Spanish intelligence services) during 3/11 was formerly the ambassador of Spain in Morocco; and what I know is that there was no previous warning by Dezcallar’s CNI when Moroccan officials invaded the tiny island of Perejil, in the Gibraltar strait.

Saddam danced at the end of a rope, what do we Spaniards have to do to live in Freedom?


Just to illustrate you how serious the cover-up of 3/11 is going, I show you how my comments to an article underpinning the Official Conspiracy Version have been deleted without trace, and how Mr. Brisard, the writer of such piece of propaganda, rejects to discuss with me the details of the attack, and admits he has contributed to the building of that version, we know now from where it was inspired.

Suicide bombing in Morocco marks the anniversary of the Madrid bombings and signals growing terrorist threat.

I am afraid, Fascism has reached the Anglosphere.


More data on 3/11 here:
The Mystery of 3/11 – Part 1
The Mystery of 3/11 – Part 2
The Mystery of 3/11 – Part 3
3/11 Revisited – Part 1

More data on 3/11 in Spanish here:
Luis del Pino’s blog
Kickjor’s blog
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The trial of 3/11 is progressing rapidly. A final report on the explosives is expected in 10 days. Somebody is getting pretty nervous when propaganda writtings trying to underpin the Official Conspiracy Version are being inoculated into the Anglosphere.

If you want to know about 3/11, simply type it in the search box and click the button. Those are the facts.
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